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Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by RKade8583, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Frelus

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    Yep, no more nonproficiency penalty.
  2. Hybelkanin

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    I really need to visit this thread more often. Welcome everyone joining the last oh three months. :)

    1. Yeah, many of the craft recipes need finding now. If this applies to fruitful stave I really don't remember.
    2. Indeed. No weapon skill builds are a fair bit more workable now. The only limitation is when trying to dualwield without the proper skill.
    3. Dualwield is very, very good. Note that if you dualwield staff+axe, you only get staff skill bonuses x1.
    4. Someone wiser than me shall have to answer this!
  3. Kazeto

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    Yes, blasting damage and stuff related to it were fixed.
  4. myranos

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    Hello, the name is Myranos. I'm fairly new to rouge-likes but I am quite seasoned with dungeon crawlers and RPG's of any format. I discovered DoD on steam a few months ago and for the low price I couldn't resist, it seemed like such an interesting game that I had to give it a try. I have to say that it is easily the best 5 bucks that I have ever spent. I have an absolute blast playing it and cannot wait for more content to be released. My favorite skills are probably burglary, promethean magic, big game hunter and clockwork knight just to name a few.
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    Hello! I'm a 30-year-old woman, I play PC master-race games, console games, and board games. I enjoy strategy, roguelikes, RPGs, and adventure games (like Myst).

    I have a goal of defeating as many roguelikes as possible.
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    'sup, cakepiecakepiepiecakepiecake
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    Hello! This is frandarre (feel free to add me on steam). I'm a 18 year old man who enjoys rpg games and sandbox games. I wanted to join to the DoD community because it's a game I really enjoy and I wanted to join a community, heh...

    Anyways, I hope we all have a great time in here, despite my bad grammar, cause I'm from Argentina, and my english is a bit rusty.

    See you later!
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    Meh, for as long as he's trying to create coherent posts, I doubt anyone would have any reason to get angry at him for that.​
    It's people who don't care about grammar and stuff "because it's not their language" whom everyone finds to be irritating.​
  9. Daynab

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    Did you really make a woman get in the kitchen joke?
  10. Thecakepie

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    WELP I was on this website for ONE DAY and that's all it took for some idiot to make that predictable joke.

    make me a sandwich.jpg
    I have to admit, you're a piece of work, and there's no way you'll ever get a woman to make you one, except maybe your mom. I mean, I bet she likes you enough to make your sandwiches but I certainly don't. Ask her, and I'm sure she'll change your diaper too. Can you do anything for yourself or does your mom play Dredmor for you too?​
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    I was going to say something about the kitchen joke thing, but I really couldn't figure out whether they were actually making that joke, or whether they were just going off the cake and pie and somehow completely missing the horrible connotation.
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    Aaaaaaaaanyway, nothing more to say, let's get back to the thread.
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    Yeah. I'm back. I wanted to wait until everything was released. It's a pain to be halfway through a game just to be smacked with a save-breaking patch.
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    Oh gee.
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    Um, you're channelling the banned ON there. Might want to rethink what you're saying.
  16. dbaumgart

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    Ok, that's done. Temp ban given and that's considerable restraint. I won't stand for this bloody stupid sandwich "joke" that marginalizes female players involvement in this community (and, like, life in general). It's precisely the opposite of the kind of environment we here at Gaslamp want to create.

    I'll leave it as a warning for now but shall nuke the string of comments from orbit if it comes up again; So, let's move along!

    Welcome, Thecakepie! Also other people! Everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

    And how does everyone feel about Diggles? Those crazy little guys.
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    As long as they leave me alone, I'm okay with them.
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    Hi there!
    I am Sitheral and I love Diggles.

    It's kinda one way love, but well, you can't have everything in life.
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  19. renatoakamur

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    Hi, my name is renato and i'm from São Paulo - Brasil. I'm 31 years old and i'm a fan of old school games. i've discovered DoD on Steam's Winter Sale but after get a lot of games i only played on last month and was a "insta-fan". After all those years (i'm playing video games since i was 8) i don't really have a favorite genre of games, actually it depends on my mood... Normally the only genre i dont like is fps but now i'm playing Borderlands and enjoying, maybe because the rpg elements..

    I'm also have a crap grammar, but i hope you all can understand me. ;)

    ps. @Thecakepie: is your nickname beacuse "The cake is a pie"? (bad joke, I know)
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    Welcome everyone!