The Introduction Thread

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  1. Vinculi

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    Hey everyone, I'm vin, and I've been lurking around here for a while, but only just registered, got DoD on release and have been loving it ever since, big fan of roguelikes but nethack just keeps kicking my arse. Been gaming ever since I can remember (freeware demo of OMF: 2097 is one of my earliest memories), big fan of playing around with interesting builds in RPGs, and I'm usually pretty quiet on forums, but i'll try to be chatty to y'all.
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  2. Moncole

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    I am Moncole and I love this game, it takes it takes skill to master it.
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  3. coldcandor

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    Thought I'd jump on the intro train since I've been posting pretty regularly lately.

    I'm Eric, 29, from Buffalo, NY. I grew up on games of all types, from the Castles of Dr. Creep and Legacy of the Ancients on the Commodore 64 to Doom, Scorched Earth, and Larn (My first roguelike!) on the 486 to Zelda and Metroid on the NES to Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger on the SNES to CyberStrike (my first MMO) over AOL online on the Insanely Fast Pentium 60 to Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve on the PS1/2 to more hours than I want to even think about lost in Gunbound, Diablo 2, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Total Annihilation. And that's a very tiny sample of my video gaming history. Throw into that sports (track and cross country mostly), lots of boardgames, and several D&D and World Tree table top RPG groups in college, and you'll wonder how I managed to eat and sleep, much less graduate college with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering from RIT. I now work for a Web development company doing Front End development (HTML/CSS, Javascript, and occasionally PHP).

    I've played a few Roguelikes in my day. Larn waaaaay back, a ton of Angband, a little Nethack, and now I'm throughly hooked on DoD. I've loved the game style, but it just takes so much effort to set up macros and memorize keybinds to play the "true" roguelikes, so it's awesome to see DoD come out with a simplified interface and nice classic graphics.

    I love all types of games (except FPS on a console, they can go to hell!), especially classic turn-based RPGs and games that care more about story and/or gameplay than looking good. That's one of the reasons I LOVE indie studios; they usually don't have the funds to even attempt to create crazy high-end graphics, so they instead spend their time on the silly details, like making a game you'd actually want to play. Awesome new ideas, great stories, game types you'd never expect to be reborn, and so much more.

    So yeah. Feel free to chat me up about your favorite old school games!
  4. TheKirkUnited

    TheKirkUnited Member

    Hello, I'm Kirk. I grew up on old Nintendo goodness. Crono Trigger is still my favorite RPG, but I play all sorts of stuff: Starcarft2 and Mass Effect are my latest obsessions lately aside from DoD. I've logged almost 200 hours playing DoD now, and I really have to give it up to the developers for making a very entertaining game. If he didn't have an army of diggles to dig the graves, Dredmor would be buried in the corpses of all the adventurers I've lost, but I keep coming back anyway. I may just be a glutton for punishment.
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  5. klaymen_sk

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    Just like coldcandor, I have finally decided to reveal myself a little more (not undress, though, because I don't want to cause you an emotional trauma :) ).

    I am Vladimir and I hail from a little hellhole called Slovakia. So far, I am level 26 human...uh...commoner?

    I've managed to infiltrate one German company near my town as a quality inspector (feel free to correct me, because I am not sure if I translated it right) and in one month, it will be my sixth year there.

    I have been gaming since I was 4 years old, everything started with Prince of Persia on my old 286. Then came some gems like Doom, Simcity, later the Warcrafts, Half-life, and so on. Now am enjoying oldschool, non-diablo-ish RPGs, RTS (Company of Heroes), or TBS (Heroes of M&M, except those made by Ubisoft). I also enjoy reading books, mostly about history, then Pratchett's Discworld and Warhammer 40.000 books, mainly the Horus Heresy series. Speaking of WH40k, I want to start playing it and now I am trying to earn how to properly paint the miniatures.

    If anyone wants to talk about anything, I'm all ears. Well, eyes, actually.
  6. Unicycles

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    Hey guys! Been lurking these forums quite a bit but decided to make an account so I could try out a bunch of the mods.

    I only started playing DoD since it came with a humble indie bundle. It took me by complete surprise, and 70 hours later I'm still addicted. I'm a huge RPG fan, but beforehand I had only played a single Rogue-like. Lookin' forward to chatting with you all in the future.
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  7. Mr_Strange

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    Apparently I've never posted in this thread...

    My name is Simon Strange - I've been a professional video game designer since 1998. My biggest titles include 3 Godzilla Games, 2 Prince of Persia games, and Tomb Raider: Underworld. I have a thrice-weekly blog about various game topics, including quite a few posts about Dungeons of Dredmor.
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  8. I joined a bit ago but I overlooked this thread. I'm LightningZombie and I joined to make suggestions and check out the mods. Btw love the game.
  9. Karock

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    Hey, why not. I'm Karock and I'm 25 living in California. I don't play roguelikes that much but I love DoD. My two passions are story and food, but since I've had a backdoor view into the publishing world, I figured I would rather cook for a living than be a writer and go hungry. =P I've been gaming all of my life and have sunk a depressing amount of time that can be recalled by typing /played in World of Warcraft alone.

    My favorite comedian is Albert Brooks, I hate when writers who should know better completely ignore the character's they've built to 'force something to happen' in their stories and my favorite type of food is the sandwich. This is starting to feel a little bit like a weird online dating profile so I'll stop there.
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  10. Marak

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    But... but... you didn't even get to the part about liking long walks on the beach!
  11. OmniaNigrum

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    What are you wearing? :p (I am kidding.)
  12. NaiDriftlin

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    Didn't realize there was an introduction thread. I've been here for a little over a week, but I guess its still worth introducing myself.

    I'm Nai. I am a writer, a developer, a designer, a problem solver, a husband, a father, an educator, a student, and, on rare occasions, a gamer. I've been writing since my teenage years, but have yet to have my book published. Most of my written work has been technical(think manuals), with some of my free-lance being along the lines of reviews and tutorials. I've been (mostly) designing games since '97, but got into the development side of things in the early '00s.

    I'm currently not in the Games industry and taking my sweet ol' time in a sever management and monitoring position in the IT department of a local bank. My hobbies include playing games(When I can), map designing/modding(When I can't play games, but can do that), and fiction writing.
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  13. JabberSnatch

    JabberSnatch Member

    Hello, I'm JabberSnatch. I'm just a lurker but I might make some silly posts from time to time.
  14. DragonDai

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    Longtime lurker in the forums, been playing WAY more Dredmor lately (not that I ever played a small amount of Dredmor...the addictive nature of the game is POWERFUL) because of anticipation of Diablo 3 (similar since I only ever played hardcore in Diablo 2) and even more since D3 gave me a bad taste in my mouth and horrible indigestion (what can I say, Dredmor is just a superior game in basically every way). So I thought I'd stop lurking, start chatting, and say "Hi" here.

    So Hi, I'm Dragondai. :D
  15. Erikan

    Erikan Member

    I refuse to introduce myself. As with every item, enemy, and skill in DoD, you should get to know me the hard way: by dying dozens of times performing continuous tests and observations late into the wee hours of the morning.

    Or you could just opt out and check the wiki. Not that you'll find me there. Your call.
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  16. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Why even post here if you refuse to use the thread for the very purpose it was made for?

    You may as well post that you refuse to post. Or even tell us that you hate DoD soooo much that you made an account to come say how much you hate it. :p

    It makes no sense to me. But that may be just what you were aiming for. Either way, welcome aboard this barge of the darned. :)
    (No, there is no language filter that I know of. It just sounds more unusual to say darned instead of damned.)
  17. Erikan

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    Heh heh heh... my brain doesn't work quite right. I do things...

    I like to use the word "expletive" whenever an actual expletive might be appropriate. :p

    Woah, smileys... :sagacity::melee_power::resist_existential::magic_power::eek:
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  18. OmniaNigrum

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  19. Catbread

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    Yo. I'm Catbread.
    I like games and writings.

    Now that making and sharing Dredmor mods is simpler than ever, I figured I would try my hand at it.
    Unfortunately I know nothing about anything. Fortunately, I don't let that stop me.

    I might post here and there, looking around at the mods and guides and other things.
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  20. Warlock

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    Hello. I'm Warlock, I got DoD a couple days ago and I'm having a blast with it.

    Huge levels, great skill tree selection, regular DLCs, cheap at the price (too cheap IMHO) - and it has good graphics.

    What more would a Roguelike enthusiast want?
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