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  1. Godwin

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    Hi everyone!

    Well, about myself: I like philosophy, spirituality, and nature. I love mountains and being on top of them especially.
    I have studied astrophysics, which was pretty interesting with quantum mechanics and relativity theory and such.

    My first encounter with roguelikes was Rogue, which according to this thread seems strangely uncommon. I had a friend on my school when I was about 13 years give me Rogue on a disc, so I installed it on my 286 or 386 (don't remember which one I had back then) and immediately loved it. Played it quite a lot and tried out nethack too, some years later.

    Later I never heard about such games anymore, until 3 or so years back I came across a graphical nethack, which I downloaded and played lots. After that came Dungeons of Dredmor, bought it immediately and been playing it since.

    My only real problem with the game is that it becomes too easy on lower levels (higher character levels), and I find myself starting random chars anew instead of loading up the more advanced chars that have gotten to floor 3. Right now I have resolved to finish the characters I have first before making a new one but it's hard since the thrill of trying to survive those first 2 levels (char levels) is awesome.
    My last random build I was sure to fail was a dualwielding crossbow mathemagician with psionics, magic training, leywalking and as dayjob archeologist.
    I had no bolts for a long long time but survived somehow until I now am pretty confident he can continue without too much trouble (finding that bolt vending machine was bliss).

    I love games in general, especially turn-based strategy games like Age of Wonders, space sims like X3: Terran Conflict and Mount and Blade Warband too.
    Some time back I started my very first FPS ever (okay, I guess I played Duke Nukem 3D) and created a clan for it which is fun. The game is APB (which Reloaded, luckily).

    Hmm what else? Well, I strive to improve myself and the world around me so that it can become a paradise. :)
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    Hello all! Jeff here. I'm a lifelong gamer of all kinds - everything from roleplaying games to boardgames to PC and console games. If it's a game I've likely tried it or it's on my ever growing list of games yet to try ;)
    I cut my teeth on things like OD&D, PanzerBlitz (shudder), Risk, Axis & Allies, the original Atari and the Commodore 64 (load your games on cassette tapes!). Since then I've owned every major computer system and console game system at one time or another. I've managed to prune that down to just a Dreamcast, Wii, PS2 & PS3.

    My friends and I used to get together every few days to for a round of something or another whether it be some hands of MTG, a networked Duke Match, an intense mech bashing session of Battletech or just roleplaying out an adventure in one of the myriad of pen & paper rpgs we regularly ran.

    Alas these days my age also happens to be the answer to life, the universe and well everything. I'm all grown up now with adult responsibilities and children and such. At least that's what they tell me. So now I tend to enjoy slower turn based games where I can strategize (or not!) and my roleplaying days are few and far between. I'm pretty much a sucker for obscure and indie games so my favorites include such weird games as Azure Dreams, Katamari Damacy (go clump spirit!), EGG Elemental Gimmick Gear, the Battle Isle series, Massive Assault series, anything remotely like X-com or Jagged Alliance, Galactic Civs, Plants vs Zombies, SPAZ Space Pirates and Zombies, Gratuitous Space Battles, Minecraft, and now Dungeons of Dredmore!

    I'll also occasionally play a mindless FPS though I'm utterly TERRIBLE at multiplayer. Watching me playing L4D or Black Ops is fairly painful or hilarious depending on your point of view and which side you are on. Actually my favorite shooters are the ones that reward creative thinking and/or sandbox playing so I absolutely love System Shock 2 and the Bioshock & Thief games. The Bethesda stuff is pretty fun too so of course I've logged hundreds of hours into Oblivion and Fallout 3/NV.

    I've beta tested all sorts of unusual things over the years from being an official Windows 95 beta tester (yep Microsoft even sent me a T-shirt, though I usually don't admit that in open company) to games like Incubation and Galactic Civilizations to game construction software like The War Engine and FPS Creator.

    In the "real world" I'm a production supervisor for an advertising agency which is just fancy-speak for "guy who has to make crappy Viagra and Phone Psychic ads all day long" ;) Actually it's not *that* bad. Close though. Most days are... really... interesting.

    At any rate it's easy for me to say that Dungeons of Dredmore is the least amount I have ever sent for SO MUCH incredible fun. It's definately a great game and I look forward to eventually beating that Lich into the ground (I STILL haven't made it to level 10 grrr.. if only my pride would allow me to play on Elvishly Easy ;)
  3. Jatopian

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    Hello everyone. I enjoy roguelikes and humor, but dislike YASDs and terrible (or lack of) GUI, so Dredmor looks right up my alley.
  4. Bushwhacker2k

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    I'd always intended to try an older roguelike but I never really ended up doing it, they aren't especially player-friendly; but I agree, this game is a reallllllyyyyy well-polished roguelike and player-friendly to boot! They definitely did a good job of this, and at 5$ it's cheap too :D

    Yeah, it's short but with 3 difficulties, lots of skill and loot possibilities and randomization the game has a lot of replayability :)

    The mini-map can actually be enlarged, if you were unaware of that, click the button to the left of the top-right button on the mini-map.

    I agree there is slightly less randomization as far as loot goes, I think they needed some level of simplicity so the player felt a measure of control over what they were doing. If you were playing on going rogue and you never got any useful items you'd have a hell of a time (before you simply died).


    OKAY, onto introduction! I've been playing roguelikes on and off for a few years. I'm not 100% on what my first roguelike was but I remember one of the most memorable (and player-friendly) that started me into it was Enchanted Cave on

    I spent a loong time on Elona (mostly trying to do anything profitably without getting slaughtered) and eventually after my singer character's horse drank well water, got pregnant and gave birth to an alien which impregnated everyone else then spawned more aliens which slaughtered us... I took a break from the game :D (that game was WEIRD, play at your own risk)

    -and less relevant to roguelikes, I am an avid gamer and I read fantasy novels (branching out into simply fiction novels these days), manga and watch anime, so covering a lot of nerd bases here.
  5. Vykk Draygo

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    I quit playing Elona after I got cursed by sleeping . . . right after removing a curse from an item I picked up. So much rage.

    Enchanted Cave is pretty good. Kinda short and easy, but enjoyable.
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  6. Hi all. Pleasure to be here.

    I've been playing roguelikes for a long time now... close to 20 years, horrifyingly enough. I started out with Rogue, and proceeded to Angband (and many of its variants) and Nethack, with a few detours into Crawl and a few others. I consider myself only a middling Nethacker, though I have managed to beat the game with six of the classes. (My proudest moment? Winning with a healer. Yeah, I'm that cool.)

    Anyway, I picked up DoD on a whim and have been enjoying it a lot. I dig the fact that it's a pretty casual game; I can pick it up, play for an hour or two, then set it aside until the next time I have time. Which, between a job and family, isn't all that often...

    I don't play a whole lot of games (see the last paragraph), but I will put in a plug for a fun, relatively casual browser-based MMO that I play, called Nexus Clash. It's in open beta, and is free (truly free, as in there is no way to gain advantage by spending money; and I won't get any benefit from you signing up, other than a wider player base.) It has a good community, and lots of neat ideas.

    My only complaint about DoD is all the graphics! I miss the glory days of roguelikes in glorious ASCIIvision... ;)
  7. Sev501

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    Heya everybody! Fairly new to the genre but loving it so far, been spending a lot of time into the game since I've got it a few days ago! Already 16h+ into it and only explored lvl 3, sadly tho I got beat by a monster zoo! But I keep coming back for more epicness :3 Heheh, just a question tho.

    In this screeny :[​IMG]

    it has an achievement button. How come mine does not? Am I playing on a different version <I have steam ver>.

    Thanks for the awesome game! Most played <even tho i have deus ex hr and others, but this game is the bomb!>
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    Bluh bluh. I never properly introduced myself even after registering quite a while ago. At least I think I didn't. I really love dredmor, and am certainly going to get the expansion for me and my friend who I bought the game for. Anyway... I drew this fanart of Femhero today, sort of a little like the title screen. I know it's pretty bad but it's the best I can do, especially since I'm still learning.


    E: Oh, and despite the fact I'm using that as my avatar, I am most certainly a dude.
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  9. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks


    I'm a SAHD that does SEO for a living, and plays games for life. I've burned through many a Rogue-like, and my wife (who does Internet research for a living) worked her magic to find "Ess' perfect game". After weeks of research, she came across DoD, and boy, howdy was she right. This game kicks so much butt I've stopped playing my other addiction (ElementsTG) almost entirely while I create dozens of 1st-level characters and delete them all once I get an idea of what to expect from all the skills.

    I'm on my first "real" character (i.e. I'm actually making a run for it instead of just toying with mechanics).

    "Fun" Gus D'Kika
    Fungus Lore
    Shield Mastery
    Man At Arms
    Berserker Rage

    I just cleared out my first Monster Zoo with the help of dozens of fungi, and determined that I'll never again build a character that has no use for Mana. There's just too many mana-generating items and not enough Lutefisk Cubes. :)
  10. Torzelan

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    I'm a Swedish gamer-for-life (no platform or genre bias; if it's fun it's fun!) since getting my hands on Super Mario Bros. (was too young to remember when exactly), music enthusiast since hearing Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" in '98 and Dungeons of Dredmor fan since two days ago! The combination of all three (and Halloween looming!) led to a cover of the "Dance of the Ghosts" track yesterday - zath's approval today made my whole week :) Covering video game music for fun is pretty much what I love doing in my spare time (aside from play the games, of course!).

    Almost surprised to see so much FPS (and Quake in particular!) love here, quite unusual on boards generally related to much different genres like this. Awesome! I used to play competitively a lot too - probably way too much - but it finally simmered down a couple of years ago when I realized I've peaked (likely as duelist due to time constraints; guaranteed as a teamplayer as no team will ever be the same) and to continue aiming for that level is too much effort and frustration; not really a "fun gaming experience".

    Fortunately there are still plenty of those though, both new and old games. The NES/SNES classics will never get old (Mega Man 2! Secret of Mana! The list is ridiculous!) and with indie games in particular, I find present day to be a fantastic time to be a gamer. So thank you. :)
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  11. Hello folks. I'm a 40+ year old Gamer who has put many hours into AngbandTK and dipped into a few of the other variants.
    I'm currently trying out DoD and TOME. I'm in central USA and a Railroad Conductor. One of the appealing aspects of DoD is its easy/quick play on the laptop during those overnight hotel stays.

    (I'm not looking for an ethics/legal discussion, I'm just saying... and this is intended to be a big compliment to Gaslamp Games)

    I will admit that when I saw DoD on Steam, I was quickly disinterested due to artwork (just not my thing, but nothing wrong with it) and the fact that I DID NOT notice that DoD is a Rogue-like game.

    Unfortunately, the Genre listed on Steam is "Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG".
    Steam Had the Genre also had Rogue-like, I would have looked into DoD much quicker.

    But, as things go with me, a few months later I noticed a current DoD torrent, read up on it and discovered it is a Rogue-like game. Being a die hard "try it before you buy it" and not finding a Demo, I tried it out 6 days ago. I thought it was fun and started lurked the forums.

    As of a few hours ago I deleted my DoD installation, bought "Dungeons of Dredmor Complete" via Steam and decided to become part of the community.

    I hope this doesn't put my on a sh*t-list for my admittance of demo'ing DoD. If so, I'll ask that one of the Mods/Devs delete/edit this post or PM me and I'll edit everything that isn't Kudos and Thank You specific. :)

    This post really is a KUDOS, Thank You for a fun game and another Kudos for a fine friendly forum community.

    Cheers. :)
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  12. mondomg

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    Hai guise.

    My name is Rafal and I live in Gdansk, Poland. I'm rather a casual gamer and not really a roguelike fan but this game caught my attention some time ago. I'm studying english philology (teaching speciality) and work as an audio engineer. If you desire, you can listen to some of my productions on my blog, link in the signature. However, I'm currently working on a proffessional website with more samples of the bands I've worked with. I play guitar, make music with samplers, synths, etc. I've also done a few soundtracks so I especially dig the DoD's one :)

    Looking forward to chat with you, folks.
  13. Kazeto

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    Oh well, seeing as this thread had just been excavated from its grave, I'll join the bandwagon (even though I've been here for about 2 weeks).

    Hello, my name is whatever you want to call me at the time, for as long as I know you're addressing me (I'm used to replying to many monikers and nicknames, and only one person in the world actually uses my name when talking to/about me; I can give my name if there's anyone who really wants to know, but personally I don't deem it important enough). I'm from Poland, which is a country that has its own share of weirdness, with many people here behaving as if it was a backwater province of hell-if-I-know-what, but there are quite a few smart people there if you know where to look.

    I'm an IT student (with some actual experience from paid projects), and a cashier at the market, though currently the second one takes priority as I need to earn money to graduate and I can't rely on my family for funding. When not busy working, studying for something university-related, spending quality time with my my girlfriend, or recuperating (aka. decreasing my sleep deficit), I'm doing various other things. Said things include, but are not limited to, learning 0ther languages, listening to music and occasionally creating it (though not using real instruments, as with those I can only play a piano and an accordion, and none on a decent enough level to actually record something), modding every game I can that I know the language used in, learning those programming languages I don't know that I can use to mod these games, reading books my friends recommend me, writing a short novel (which is currently about 40% done, but will undoubtedly be in development for a long time), writing a fiction related to this novel (which is more or less a comedic snippet series based on it), visiting the gym, or reading internet forums (which is what I do before going to sleep, and while waiting for my meals to warm up, as I prefer hot food), and many other minor things, most of which end up increasing my sleep deficit in the long run.

    When playing, I prefer games that can be done by steadily getting through them with thinking, but still present a challenge, so my favourite genres are dungeon crawlers, turn-based tactical and strategic games, puzzle games, and (weirdly) manic shooters as well as some "bullet hell" games (the Touhou series, to be exact), though I am not diverse to the idea of playing other games just for the heck of it. I also like it when games have RPG elements, whether it's a tech tree and simple veteran system for units, or skill tree unlocked through levelling up, as I prefer to see the changes I took in the game instead of the ones that are supposed to happen.
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  14. Wisse

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    I guess I'll take a shot too then: My name's Wisse, I'm 19 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I study what I think is called Computer Science in English (the Dutch word is "Informatica"), it's my first year (after screwing up two years of maths) so don't expect a lot of me (although I already have done some programming :)). My hobbies are (besides the pc of course) playing and watching football (soccer), and going out with friends. I think that'll do it ;).

    Edit: Well, maybe some more about my gaming habits?
    I'm a rather casual gamer. I never have the best characters and I never beat a game really fast. I just like to play slow paced and enjoy the ride. I like to play the game 'as it was meant to be played (by the developer)'. I don't know how I stumbled upon DoD anymore, but I knew I wanted it. Made an agreement with myself: If I'd pass all my exams in the first semester, I'd get the game. I think you know if I've passed them or not ;).
  15. Loerwyn

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    Hello! I'm Althea, a proud (lady) gaymer from the UK. I don't consider myself a particularly capable gamer (I watch it for the pl- Uh, I play for the story/art/characters/music), but I have thoroughly enjoyed my near-14 hours with Dredmor, which is also my first roguelike (but far from my first game). I'm currently unemployed with no real qualifications except a 2:1 in sheer bone-idleness.

    As for Dredmor itself - as I said above, 14hrs in and so on. I didn't think I'd like it, and I didn't actually get it until the Winter Sale after some encouragement from some people in the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Steam group, but I'm glad I did. I love the art style, I love the humour, the music is pretty good and it's a pleasure to play. Always learning new things about it, and hopefully I'll one day get to face Dredmor himself.

    Oh, and I love the way the lady character is a) non-traditionally attractive, b) a redhead, c) wearing actual clothing. <3 you guys at Gaslamp for that.
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  16. Orbulon

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    Hi all! I'm Orbulon. I received DoD as a Christmas gift, and even though I had never played (or heard of, for that matter) a rougelike game, I was hooked. I've already sunk in 50+ hours!

    About me: I live way down in the cold, cold depths of the frigid north, or "Canada". I'm currently employed as an editor of a local newspaper. Meh, it pays the bills. Other then gaming, my hobbies are reading, eating, using outdated slang, and complaining about how new Sonic the Hedgehog games aren't as good as old Sonic the Hedgehog games. I am also known to enjoy cooking.

    So, yeah. I'll be posting here from now on, I guess. Uh... :)
  17. Canada for President!! :D
  18. Hm, I never introduced myself.

    Hi! You can call me Meat. I like intricate mechanics, customizable games like D&D/DoD/SC2, and hoppy beer. I'm currently trying to get into Riot Games and am modding to pass the time while I wait for their emails to come back. I'm theoretically a freelance graphic artist, but I am way more interested in games than the websites & business cards I use to stay solvent.
  19. Aquaman

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    Without further equivocation, I give my salutations to the Gaslamp community! You may call me Aquaman, a name I've earned due to my passion for swimming. I swim competitively year round with a preference for sprinting free-style/crawl-stroke. If there was such a thing as a 150 meter race, I would, without a doubt, dominate at it. However, to merely state that all I do is swim would lead for a rather boring introduction.

    Aside from swimming I take part in a chaotic mess of other things. When I'm not doing schoolwork I spend my time playing games on both the PC and Ps3, which I find equally as entertaining as the X-Box 360; you wont find any hate or preference from me between the two systems aside that x-box has a Live fee and PlayStation does not. To name a few of my game preferences, I enjoy Battlefield 3, gave a whirl at Minecraft only to replace it with Terraria, Skyrim of course although Morrowind is arguably still better, the occasional Warcraft III, Elona, and need I even say it, Dungeons of Dredmor. When I'm not off in another realm slaying mystical creatures and gathering enchanted loot I spend my time making it, or trying to at least.

    Probably my most recent hobby is that of computer programming. My first experiences with any code was with Java; more specifically when Minecraft first was released I took interest in modding and creating my own games. Only after having dismembered the mess of code that is Minecraft and having created a mod to allow the creation of wooden armor did I decide game programming was not for me. It was an overwhelming and excruciating process to try and piece together a feasible mod and discern the nuance in the meaning of the varying code. However, I'm not the type to give up entirely; I did know for a fact that I was starting at the wrong place. So I took an intro to computer programming class, only to have the teacher tell me I no longer could take part in the class. Don't fret though, for things get better. I was told that I was quick to grasp the concepts and should move up to the AP version of the class as soon as possible. After a weeks struggle with counselors unwilling to move me into the class, eventually higher administration sided with me. Epic win, and since then I have and currently am, taking the class and improving my programming skills at a steady rate, rather enjoyably also. That future of being a game developer dosnt seem so far off anymore.

    Technology now put behind us, I also enjoy the art of literacy. While my drawn art is spiteful yet rather amusing, my real talent lies within language. Since letters first started forming into words and words into tangible sentences I have devoured literature. While I have yet to read a school required book that I enjoy, I can proudly say that I'm an avid reader of fantasy novels; my favorite author being R.A Salvatore, whom also of recent is aiding in the creation of the PC game Neverwinter. From my passion of reading, writing became a secondhand skill that upon occasion I try to put to use. Many times have I tried to write a book only to find I lack the time to effectively do so. However perhaps one day that too will become a reality.

    Although my introduction has come of late, I'm proud to be able to greet the community. Everyone at Gaslamp, both the employees and forum group are an interesting group of individuals. With an amazing game to hold the group together and a growing modding community I can easily see myself sticking around for a long time to come. Long enough I hope to play, discuss, and mod the ever so secret project Odin. Which despite a reoccurring belief of a Diggle simulator is clearly an mmorpg based on the ancient dwarven empires and their struggles with the gods. Which only overshadows the impeding war between the empires of magic and those of technology in the pursuit of world domination. Where YOU. The player. Must choose the side of the battle you wish to righteously fight for, while maintaining your own mighty empire or joining with that of your friends!
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    Well, after all you people decided to introduce yourselves, even those who were already in the community, I'm gonna do the same.

    As you can see my name is Kino5, I'm 25 years old and I'm an alcoh... uhm... from Spain. I'm almost finishing my Computer Science studies and I just LOVE programming.

    In my free time, when I'm not outside my cave enjoying social life, I like to play videogames, specially everything that has stats, turns, numbers, and lots of damage. I also like watching movies and tv series, reading books, and of course tinkering with source code, usually until something breaks.

    So, it's been a great time since I got here, and as Aquaman said, this company has great staff and a great community that keeps the flame burning. I hope this goes on for a long time and that everyone enjoys these forums as much as I do. Also, if you want to see a picture of me with my friends, you can check Community Spotlight #2 on the weblog ;)

    See ya in the forums!
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