The Introduction Thread

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  1. 1wolffan

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    It has been so long since I signed up, I wasn't sure if I had already done this or not. Hello. 1wolffan here. I've been a fan of Dredmor ever since PaulSoaresJr first featured it. This game is the reason I went out and got Steam in the first place. Nice to meet everyone.
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    Hi, I'm just snooping around for a forum where people talk about this game. Currently on floor 5 with a Smithing and Tinkering build. I'd just like to put it out there that I sometimes find the game very frustrating as I seem to occasionally lose half a floor of progress when I reload my game.
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    With no further info, I will say that I'd start with the Steam Cloud. This thing sometimes hates DoD saves with a passion.
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    Yet another introduction...

    My first Dredmor kill mightily abused the fact that he doesn't open doors, along with area-affect damage effects that went through said doors. I've been achievement-chasing the last couple of weeks, and the last two I've yet to accomplish both involve drinking, but I expect I'll only actually get one of them. I'm probably over-fond of using Egyptian/Leyline/Bloodmagic sandstorms as room-sweepers. I kind of want one of those diggle plushies ShouldBee used to sell, but their website's down.

    I just came across a rather entertaining bug, so made an account to report it. :)
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