The Introduction Thread

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  1. O hai there, I'm lurking on your forums, and I'm saying hi here, in case I get an urge to post something! I like Dredmor, though I haven't played it much lately (so many games!). I'm also looking forward to Clockwork Empires, so I'm hanging around for any tidbits or ideas from fellow pipe-fanciers.
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    Hey guys. I'm mentally retarded and suck ass at this game my best floor is 3 and um yeah so if you need help in the game just ask me and i'll tell you to use leichtanuer's switcheroo into an eely over water. it teleports you to floor 400
  3. Daynab

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    Hi, welcome to the forums, but don't do this. (in bold)
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  4. Kazeto

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    Well, as Daynab said. It generally doesn't matter for as long as you are trying [to be a good user], since people here tend to be nice and they aren't likely to treat you differently regardless of your condition.
  5. Dr. SKOL

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    Hi, I'm Tom. I've been lurking for a few weeks here, and I've decided to join you all. :)

    I live in California, I like cats, and I'm an aspiring stage actor.

    If you'd like to add me on Steam, my name is Archdiggle Tom, Thane of Dredmor.
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    Hello, everyone. My name is Sunspot. I like a lot of things--many of which I am not allowed to post on these forums.

    I joined so I could make the "Why Puffballs Are The Best" thread. I don't know if I'll stick around for other things, but here to that maybe, eh? :3
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    Greetings! I usually go by Monk or Monkooky, and tried to learn modding before realizing this forum was a thing.
    It was rather painful, but highly educational.
    Anyways I decided to introduce myself here before posting in the sneaky modding tricks thread.
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    I'm Shau. I bought this game a while ago but I am trying to get into roguelikes so I am playing it again. I plan to get good at this one, then maybe challenge something like Nethack. I am have beat it on DM and am trying to master that difficulty before going onto going rogue.
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  9. Hi, my name is Daniel, though some call me Syrix. I have little interest in Roguelikes, save for this one, but I do love Western RPGs, Shooters, 3D platformers, and difficult Sandbox games. Games with lots of fun but diverse playstyles are my thing.

    I've owned DoD for over two years.

    I still haven't beaten it.
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    Hey all, I'm Wrex. I very much enjoy strategy / roguelike games and DoD is an excellent one to boot so kudos there. I play games like X-COM, some ARPGs, several indies like FTL, Binding of Isaac, and much more. I also stream pretty regularly on and lately I picked up DoD so thats what I'll be playing there. Looking forward to talking to you all and if you want feel free to stop by my stream and say hi :)
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    Are you a krogan
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  12. Wrexorcist

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  13. 1MylesK

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    Hellu c:
    Name's Sebastian, 17 and I also like DoD (omg what a surprise!). I'm a huge fan of rogue-likes in general and also of RPG's and strategy games. I'm also a pokemon and wrestling fan and I hope to have fun over here!
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    Welcome! I would watch Snorlax wrestling. Seriously.
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    That sounds like the best thing ever LOL
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  16. folks

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    Howdy, I'm Folks, 19, and I basically made an account on this (dead?) forum because I felt like randomly posting a fanfic I wrote. If anyone is still out there, gimme a scream!
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    Not really dead, it's just that the devs' current project is currently in production and the forum was small to begin with, so compared to some larger forums it appears dead-ish.
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    ah I see, I thought since the most recent post I could find was from april 2014 it seemed a little empty
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    Ah, well, not everyone writes in the introduction thread. Most folks don't seem to be brave enough, or just don't particularly care about trying to become a more notable part of the community.

    But indeed, I can see how that could cause such an impression.
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    I am Viper Lawson and I am mostly a lurker! I live in Black Canyon City and Anthem AZ. There is a long story behind that! I do HVAC work and so I am often too hot and tired at the end of the day to play games, but I do enjoy them. I have just started Dungeons of Dredmor and have already died several times. I will try harder.