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    Welcome among the horror of XML regex parsing and other such abominations. (Forgive the intrusion of the image, it's the only one I could think of for XML and I was just passing Zalgo junk to the elections thread. But rather than link it in directly, I will parse the link to where I already posted it.)

    Really, it's nice to see more enthusiastic XML divers out there. Be happy and do not attempt to use regular expressions in XML. :D
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    Well the only horror for me in DoD modding is absolutely no save compatibility and DB update. A tiny change and you have to start over to see the results. :)
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    Greetings fellow Dredmorphiles. I've been playing DoD on and off since December of 2011. I've been occasionally lurking, and even less occasionally posting on the forums. Steam says that I have 90 hours played. I play mostly DMPD. I currently have a rogue scientist on floor 13, and I have a feeling this game will end in a rare victory.
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    Oh damn, I never posted in here.

    Hi, I'm Mashirafen. My main interests are cats, music, playing bass, pharmacology, excessive sarcasm, thinking too much and playing games on Steam.

    I live in a town in the north of England which is notable only for being where Team 17 (that's right, the guys who made Worms and Lemmings) are situated. The office is just round the corner from a sheep skin factory.

    I play through games very slowly. I got DoD on sale just before Christmas last year and still haven't gotten further than floor 5.

    I'm a nice person if you care to get past the constant joking insults, and I like to meet interesting new people and have long and interesting conversations with them. I also don't know how much detail I'm expected to give here so I don't know if I should keep typing or if I should have stopped several sentences ago.
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    Er? Welcome Mashirafen, I guess :)

    Btw floor 6 is cool, it's my favourite :)
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    I know where Mash lives ;)

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    Just remember that any and all attempts at his life are likely to be foiled by the nearby-stationed concrete donkey.
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    Ohai, I never introduced myself. I'm Rak, a huge fan of the modding community (not a modder myself, but I have a small knowledge of xml) in any games. I started playing DoD on release but got bored a short time after RotDG came out. Came back to it recently and just can't put it down.
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  9. Mashirafen

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    It ain't hard to work out, feel free to come say hi.
  10. The Schachter

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    Hello everyone! The Schachter here. I've been lurking around the forums for a while and playing the game for a much longer while, but given that a recent tragedy (Dredmor-related, of course!) is pushing me to ask a few questions on this forum, I figured I should at least introduce myself first!

    My two great passions are (classical) music and video games. I play the viola. I love thinking too much about things that don't require all that much thought. And thinking too much in general. I study music history and theory. I've recently become fascinated by roguelike games, thanks in part to Dungeons of Dredmor. And I am currently severely lacking sleep, which might be why I'm having trouble coming up with interesting things about myself.

    So, here's to lots of great DoD (and non-DoD) discussions! And fun! And puppies!
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    Hello Everyone, name's Wyrmcraft, call me Wyrm. I'm a fan of games involving resource management and picked this game up when it was on sale after being very interested from watching things like Totalbiscuit and a few others bumble through it. Needless to say I'm impressed and I'm looking forward to milking this game for all it's worth, and I already have most of the basics if I could just find a half-decent build, I'm overwhelmed because of all the expansions and I don't even want to look at mods yet X_X

    Anyway though, I dabble in a lot of stuff in my free time. I read, I write, I roleplay, I play games, I play the violin (badly but still), and I take kung-fu. Going to be heading off to college soon and economics and all that, should be fun stuff. Considering that I'm already sleepless, this game is pretty perfect to fill the wee hours of the night. I hope to get to know most of the regulars, become one myself, and find a damn build that manages to deal with every floor and not either bust on the first, the corruption, or Dreadmor himself; I guess it's just learning the game. I know most of the basics but there are a few odd interactions and the more complex strategy is not something that I have yet grasped. Then again, I am playing on I guess I have a long way to go. Fortunately, infinite replayability eh?
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    Soup bra.
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    Hello man :cool:

    Well believe me you'll get into mods if you are interested in crafting, because no matter how much you craft you always want MORE. :)
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  15. SkyMuffin

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  16. ZiZNaK

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    Hey everybody I'm Ziznak or Ziz for short. I'm a lifetime Roguephial and can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't playing some sort of roguelike. I've spent countless hours on all of the classics: Nethack, Slashem, Powder, and Dweller are my current favs although in recent months I've fallen in love with dredmor and FTL. I'm a weekly roguelike radio listener as well so when they talk about games I always have to try them out. Loved dredmor from the start tho and just today after finding numerous answers on these great forums decided I should stop being a little whore and join up.
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    Hey everyone,

    Just bought DoD the other day and have been absolutely loving it. Recently been getting into roguelike games. I've already found a ton of help browsing these forums and I'm hoping to be active within the community.
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  18. Hello everyone. I'm a long time fan of Dredmor with over 150 hours apparently clocked into it. I've been lurking the past couple of months after learning about CE. I've been following the development blog every Wednesday and look forward to more. Chances are that I'll stay lurking, but I wish to let Gaslamp know that they've done a fine job so far.
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    My turn. My name is Leot and I have had Dungeons of Dredmor since right before Diggle Gods came out.

    In real life I am a professional performer, traveling around the United States performing magic, juggling and acrobatics. Currently floating around Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

    I've loved video games with skill trees. I love customization, I love min maxing as well as character for flavor. I read a Let's play of ADoM which made rogelikes my new curiosity. A number of games of DCSS later and I found Dredmor, the game I have enjoyed the most.
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  20. Hey guys, I'm Professor Science. Unsurprisingly, I'm a big DoD fan (it's probably my favourite game right now). I love roguelikes and this is the best one I've seen. The skill tree concept is especially awesome, and fairly unique. I'm a relatively new player, currently on 55 hours of gameplay and I've beaten Dredmor once on Dwarvish Moderation. I am also a huge Homestuck fan, which is basically this awesome webcomic I would love to talk to you all about but I won't. Feel free to hit me up for a chat anytime, I'm happy to talk to anyone.
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