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  1. RKade8583

    RKade8583 Member

    Hiya. I've been playing ADOM for over a decade now and this game is better in almost every way. My only complaints are the following:

    Only 10 levels (though I love how massive the levels are)
    A lack of UI scaling and a spartan automap (bad eyes and a 1920x1080 monitor...)
    The missing randomness inherent in ADOM in regards to items, cursing, item stats, etc.

    All of these things are niggling little complaints (save the UI/automap problems, obviously) that should be relatively simple to fix.

    Enough gushing. I'm RKade and I love roguelikes that my eyes can fathom. I also love RPGs (especially Fallout at the moment,) turn-based strategy games (Civ 4,) retro games (especially my Atari 800xl games,) and fighting games. Feel free to add me on Steam.
  2. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Well if we're doing this... Hey guys, I'm Daynab and you probably know me from the IRC if you've been over there. I like to beta test games (was one of the early ones for DoD) and I also love roguelikes. Crawl and Elona are my favorites (other than DoD of course). Oh and I'm from Canada but sadly pretty east so I can't bug the devs daily in real life. :D

    @RKade, just so you know you can make the map bigger, just click one of the little squares in the corner.
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  3. LonePaladin

    LonePaladin Member

    Guess I'll take a turn.

    I turn up on the IRC channel from time to time. I've been playing roguelikes ever since the original Rogue. I've also been playing D&D since elves were a class (this was before "1st-edition" came around). I made a character-creator for 3rd-ed D&D called HeroForge, which has earned me my 15 minutes of fame in two-second increments.
  4. Psiweapon

    Psiweapon Member

    Hey people.

    I'm Psiweapon, and I'm a pixel artist. I enjoy roguelike games, although I do suck at them. My favourites are Dungeon Crawl, IVAN, and Zap'M, but I've played quite a bit more.

    I joined steam just to get this game, and now, for shameless self-promotion, go and visit, my pixel art blog.

    By the way, for those that play roguelikes (which I guess will be a lot around), there will be at least two releases featuring graphics by me in this year's Annual Roguelike Release Party.
  5. Derakon

    Derakon Member

    My roguelike pedigree is mostly limited to Moria and Angband, though Angband itself has dozens of variants. I've been playing roguelikes for, oh, about 20 years now? Hard to say.

    My background is in software; I've done some basic game development, but nothing that's seen release. I did a fair amount of procedural map generation for one project, though.
  6. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Hi, I'm Haldurson. I've also been playing rogue-likes on and off since I discovered Rogue on my University's mainframe over 30 years ago. I think my favorite rogue-like before DoD, was Nethack. I've also played or tried Hack, Moria, Larn, Crawl, and possibly others that don't immediately come to mind.

    I also love science (I'm an Engineer by training, Systems Analyst by practice), Science Fiction, books, board games, computer rpgs, turn-based strategy games, and MMOs. I went through a paper and pencil rpg phase on and off starting with the original D&D 1.0 boxed set, with some detours into TFT (The Fantasy Trip -- Steve Jackson's GURPS precursor), Ringworld, Paranoia, Gurps, etc. I'm mostly a Science Fiction guy, but Fantasy can also make compelling settings for game worlds. My favorite MMOs over the years have included EQ, City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa, Lotro, Fallen Earth, and Rift. When it comes to RPGs, open-world type games like Elder Scrolls games and the Fallout games are my favorites
  7. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Ahoy there!

    I'm David and I'm basically the Gaslamp art team. ... and content, balance, writing?, lots of gameplay, sometimes marketing and design, and a bunch of random other stuff guy. We all wear and share lots of hats.

    I'm a huge nerd about a lot of stuff (history! science! art! cooking! sf/f!) but you've probably picked that up from the descriptions for items and skills you find in Dredmor. And even if I am the artist, I've seriously actually really coded a bit back in the day! Nothing for Dredmor, but it's good to know for knowing what's impossible.

    My favourite games are probably strategy, though RPGs are good fun and I certainly used to be way into shooters back in the day. You're looking at the official Gaslamp Games Quake Champion. That's right, I just threw down that gauntlet. And into most game type things of a certain age, really. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

    Anyway, pre- and in-the-midst-of Gaslamp work I've done lots of freelance 2d art for video games including stuff like Starfarer. I've wanted to start a game company and make games pretty much since I was a little kid and now I'm doing it. Woo! It's pretty cool. Also, apparently, a ton of work. Who knew.

    I'll be around.
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  8. IanExMachina

    IanExMachina Member

    Hey, I'm Ian.

    DoD is my first Roguelike, mainly as can't concentrate on ASCII for love nor money, I saw it being released on Steam and thought 'Why not?'
    I have no regrets.

    My favourite games are RTS' with fond memories of Red Alert 2, although I do enjoy RPGs and FPSs on the side.

    Outside of games I like learning about people and cultures (Sociologist! With a Degree and everything) with a focus on sexuality. However I intend to train to become a counsellor.
  9. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    I'm Nicholas! How y'all doing. I'm the Gaslamp Lead Programmer Person. I'm probably responsible for about... 75%?... of our "gameplay code", and pretty much all of our more technology oriented code (which is for things that aren't, you know, Dredmor, but are for things In The Future.) I've been in the business for about 10 years, doing everything from the OpenGL renderer for the Unreal Engine (a modified version of which now powers the iOS version of Unreal, used - for instance - in Infinity Blade) to working on a number of games by Derek Smart. Pleased to be Gaslamping, though.

    I am also occasionally an academic, working in the areas of computer graphics, geometric mesh processing, and theoretical computer science (Kolmogorov complexity and occasionally auction theory.) My main hobby is repairing, rebuilding, and playing vintage keyboards from the 60's and 70's, of which I have a modest collection.

    In terms of roguelikes, I've actually played more of them than a lot of people give us credit for: Crawl, Nethack, SLASH'EM, Nethack TNG, Nethack+, Elona, Lost Labyrinth, ADOM, Angband, Zangband, Moria, Castle of the Winds, and of course Dwarf Fortress. I also like various strategy games and will occasionally play twitch-based first person shooters, although I'm pretty much rubbish at them. I'm also a huge fan of the Dragon Quest line of games. I really enjoyed numbers 8 and 9; not sure how I feel about a Dragon Quest MMO, though...
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  10. Marak

    Marak Member

    Marak here, the guy that whines about Melee builds on Floor 10.

    When I'm not griping about Melee builds on Floor 10, you can find me playing Dungeons of Dredmor (and dying as melee on Floor... ok, I'll stop) or Terraria, my other favorite Indie title that scratches the old-school itch that the current *ahem* "AAA" games industry is blind to these days.

    I'm an old school gamer in the extreme. I grew up on Intellivision, Colecovision, and the NES. If it looks 8 or 16-bit and it's 2D and it plays anything like CLASSIC Final Fantasy or Metroid or Dragon Warrior, I'll probably love it. I never knew about the true Roguelikes, alas, the closest I ever got was Fatal Labyrinth on the Genesis, and I loved that game to death at the time, despite its numerous flaws. I didn't realize there were better, deeper versions of that game (albeit sans graphics) for the PC. But hey, I'm making up for it now with Dredmor.

    I also dig me a good RTS for variety (StarCraft and its sequel, C&C: Red Alert, WarCrafts II and III) and I dabble in League of Legends now and then, although I'm not an elite player by any means. You can find me as "Marak" (various Forums, Steam) or "DarkkFate" (Blizzard games) or "Mallis" (League of Legends) if you wanna chat.

    Best game ever: Chrono Trigger
    Runners up: Final Fantasies III thru VI; Dragon Quests IV and VIII; Super Metroid; Castlevanias: Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow.

    Edit: Kudos to Nicholas, Dragon Quests VIII and IX were both amazing and I wish Square would wake up and realize Final Fantasy Corridors (XIII) is the antithesis of what an RPG is, or could be.
  11. RKade8583

    RKade8583 Member

    Wow, with all these detailed entries, I ought to flesh mine out a bit... Even the admins shot through, heh. Well, I'm RKade, like I said. I'm 28, disabled since (3 mo's early) birth. I'm so disabled that, in the state of California, I'm not allowed to work for liability's sake (which I hate) and my lungs are so weak that I can't go out in extreme temperatures (most of spring to some of fall) so I sit at home with my wife (we met on WoW back before Cataclysm ruined it) and play games. Even though I'm not actually allowed to do anything in the means of paying employment (not that that enrages me or anything... grr) I'm no slouch intellectually. My brain is always on and always looking to learn. My main focuses are history, sociology, and psychology (normies interest me because they are so different from me) but I have a deep love for martial arts, weaponry both old and new, and explosives though I'll admit to knowing much less about them. I suspect those loves help my history lust, hehe.

    My goals in life are simple and twofold: Find some way to contribute in society, disabilities be damned, and be the head of my independent family (me, the wife, and big dogs that I won't trip over). My dreams are to shoot guns (California...) spar in a real bout, own a house with a pool, and be healthy enough to go through a difficult cave (I went to one a few years ago with my friend and his mom and, even though we went through the safe tour, I had a blast).
  12. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    Hey guys!

    I'm Daniel (or Citizen Daniel, as I seem to be referred to). I'm the third arm of the Dungeons of Dredmor design/creation team: I wrote a chunk of the gameplay framework and skill database before having to stop designing in order to make Dredmor into a product that people could buy in a way that wouldn't cause us all to go to jail, which I think makes me the "Studio Director" right now.

    My first video game was "Catacombs" by id Software on a 386, and from there Commander Keen, battle chess, and Battletoads. My first real game as a "gamer" would probably be when I was 9 or 10, living in Norway, and because it was dark outside almost constantly during the winter, I stayed indoors and played Warcraft 2.

    I've played FPS games competitively, gotten horribly addicted to both Starcraft and WoW (though currently MMO free! which helps with gaslamp actually doing useful things so that's good), and more recently I've been stricken with the mental disorder where everywhere I go I contemplate how I would build a fortress for dwarves if the whole world were made of squares.

    I love Final Fantasy and Disgaea and Street Fighter 2 and 4, I have also competed in more "Magic: The Gathering" card tournaments than I can count (though now mostly retired), and I play a weekly game of the D&D 3.5 spin-off Pathfinder, in which I just got killed as a 3 foot tall halfling samurai cavalier riding a fully asian-armored wolf... and I have no idea what my next character will be: maybe a bard.

    I learned to write java and C when I was 12, and was teaching a class on HTML when I was 13. I just finished my BSc in physics and have been swayed away from a life as a "computational astrophysicist" because you guys have given us all an amazing opportunity to make games for you =)

    Lastly, I don't actually own the Russian military-issue woolen trench coat in the picture, but I'm in the market.
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  13. Daniel

    Daniel CEO Staff Member

    We are so going to make this happen.
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  14. Psiweapon

    Psiweapon Member

    Yeah, I feel stupid now too.

    I'm studying a philosophy major, and I'm interested in a lot of the games that have already been mentioned:

    Starcraft (NOT the sequel because I haven't good a computer good enough), Fallouts, Dwarf Fortress, Arcanum, Quake 3, Chrono Trigger, Metroidvanias, Red Alert 2, and I


    at graphic adventures. I really liked Simon the Sorcerer 2 and Inherit the Earth, but it's like "NNgah, can't-find-thingy 9_6, my brain hurts!! *goes to play something with stats*
    I couldn't even finish Touch Detectives :(

    I'm in ur track, ninjaing behind ur footstepz!

    Incidentally, I think you just sold me that Starfarer thing.

    P.S.: Now that I'm checking the StarFarer website (looks awesome) I remembered that I'm a big fan of Sword of the Stars. 4x game full of snazzy beams?! And Bee People?? Yes please!!
  15. RKade8583

    RKade8583 Member

    What I wouldn't give to play the real catacombs 3d trilogy... Ahh, memories.
  16. competentfake

    competentfake Member

    Hi, I'm Fake, and before three weeks ago I hadn't ever heard the term 'roguelike', although I had played a few. One in particular that I spent an inordinate amount of time on was Azure Dreams for the PSX, which I had acquired from a fellow gamer who described the game as 'too frustrating to play'. I absolutely loved it, minus the town part, which had too much of a Harvest Moon feel to it, without the mindless tedium. So, present day, a friend and I were discussing games, and Azure Dreams came up, which I hadn't thought about in years, so later that day I punched it up on Wikipedia, which described it as a 'graphical roguelike'.

    Roguelike? I liked the sound of it immediately. So I did some more hunting around and got a list of roguelikes in chronological order (noted some familiar titles like Shiren the Wanderer, Dark Cloud and Hellgate: London), and at the end of the list was Dungeons of Dredmor.

    Best five bucks I ever spent. In fact, I think I could even go so far as to say it's unfair that I've had this much fun for only five dollars. It's so rare to find a game that engages me with its sheer uniqueness. I can have as much fun drilling down through the levels with one character for hours on end as I can spending a half an hour doing randomized skills on GR/PD before bedtime.

    I'm an optimizer by nature, and it's always difficult for me to adapt to a game with a clunky UI after playing WoW for so long (yes, I play WoW, although it's not a career for me), but it's been surprisingly easy to overlook the nagging bits because the gameplay is so smooth and fun. I actually don't mind that you can't see the armor or weapons on the little guy. I'm looking forward to the modding aspect of the game; my Fallout 3 installation was so extensively modded it felt like a different game entirely, and I even wrote a few small mods for New Vegas.

    Wall of text crits for 1389011. Congratulations! You are dead!
  17. Vykk Draygo

    Vykk Draygo Member

    Hey, sup?

    I'm Vykk. Stole the name from some Star Wars EU book (an alias Han Solo used). Yeah, I used to read them all the time. I haven't read a Star Wars book in years (NJO blows), but I've been using this name as a handle for nearly half my life now. It's like a second skin, now.

    I studied computer science in school, but I don't really do any programming now. I feel very sad that I lost all of the coding work I did on mods back in the days of Half-Life. I also did quite a bit of modelling and texturing back then. I lost all of that work as well. I have recently made a pack for MineCraft. It's nothing spectacular, but it looks nicer than the standard pack. For one, I think the palette is more naturally aligned. Parts don't feel as disparate. Then again, I am color blind, so I could be full of it (link to a pic). :D

    The now me enjoys fragging, turn-based strategy games, RPGs of all sorts, space based 4x games, and lamenting the current state of online gaming society. Some of my favorite current TV shows are Adventure Time, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Bridezilla, What Not to Wear, Burn Notice, and a few other shows. I rarely watch TV though.

    I'm also very much into music. I like to play guitar, and compose. I'd say I do both somewhat poorly, though. I have been on a pop binge lately. Mostly folksy pop, acoustic pop, or piano driven pop. I love Colbie Caillat, Regina Spektor, Christina Courtin, Emma Wallace (actually jazz, but who cares), Jason Mraz, and no few others. My all time favorite artists are THE BACK HORN, and Relient K. I'll listen to pretty much anything, except for most rap, and R&B, and most pop-country. I like to think that Texas country is the pinnacle of country music aesthetics.

    My REAL name is Albert. That is my real face. The eye patch is, unfortunately, fake.
  18. deek

    deek Controller of Bits Staff Member

    Cheers everyone!

    I'm Derek. While my official(ish) title is Web Presence Developer I usually just go with Web & Server Guy. While I did a chunk of pre-beta testing, the majority of my responsibilities are to the setup and maintaince of our server and its applications. I setup the entire server which serves as our web server, code repository, e-mail a few years ago and with a few minor hiccups at launch it has been a big achievement. I'm also the one who took all of David's great art and created our custom theme for WordPress. Among my many fun improvements is this very community forum we are using which I wrote two very cool importers for WordPress and the old Vanilla Forums.

    I can't remember my truly first video game but I imagine it was on either the Atari 2600 or the Apple ][e and was either Missle Command or Oregon Trail (in marvelous terminal green). From there I remember dumping huge amounts of time into Mega Man, Battletoads, and many other NES games. Sometime after that I found my true love which was Final Fantasy III for the SNES (Final Fantasy VI).

    I played a lot of id Software FPSs as they came out, with a special amount of love for Quake where even as a youngster I tested and played a lot of the original Team Fortress. Around that time I did a lot of Counter Strike and went to a fair share of big LAN parties as well as a bunch small ones with friends. Daniel and I met back in high school and there was much lugging large desktops back and forth for all night gaming parties with games ranging from Tribes, Starcraft, Diablo 2 and many, many more. Pile on some Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40k and you have a decent idea of my nerdy youth.

    I went to university for a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and while I loved the subject matter I always had some sort of half-baked web site while I had my hands dipped into a different Linux distro every couple of months and I always had a love for it.

    These days I fill my time with System Admin and Web Development for Gaslamp as well figure out cool new ways to extend our community and provide some added value to our products. In my free time I play Ultimate Frisbee and can be found playing Starcraft 2 many days a week. I still have a love for video games but there simply isn't enough time in the day to play. If I'm not playing games or outside doing something fun I'll be drinking a pint or two from custom made four tap kegerator, affectionately named Four Tap Fryea.
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  19. deek

    deek Controller of Bits Staff Member

    I have yet to play so David can't even claim that title.
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  20. Patchumz

    Patchumz Member

    Hi, I'm Patch :p. Mm, I don't play many roguelikes, so this would be the first that I've done extensively (others I've only dabbled in here and there). I mostly play RPG-type games in all sorts of genres (my current poison would be ARPG's :p.. since I'm beta testing one), but I tend to play nearly all of them, given my mood at the time.

    I believe the first game I ever played was Oxyd, on a Macintosh Plus, or Classes (I can't remember.. it was a very long time ago and I was only a kid, early 90's fun though). Tis a great puzzle platformer... thing.

    I don't do anything at the moment but play games... I've got like 8? Or so that I'm playing... hard to keep track since I don't keep focus on a single game for long periods of time. (I like to keep it interesting and play more than one game a day :D)

    Idling in IRC all day long ^^.