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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by rydash, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Yep, this was one of the first things that I tried, and it did nothing to help. x.x After trying to restart the game 10 times, too, changing resolutions, alt-tabbing, restarting the CPU, etc... none of it helped.

    I didn't know it was possible to change your range of vision... is it? And I don't believe that would even be the problem, as I didn't touch any of the settings and it just popped up out of the blue.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but I don't know much about what makes Dredmor tick, I just play the game. XD It's annoying, 'cause with that bar there it's blocking pretty much a whole row of space that I could use to see monsters, items, etc. Any other ides or any more ways I could help find out what's wrong?
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    If you check your character stats page it has an icon that looks like this:
    Besides that there will be a number. If you start a new game and check that the number is the same, and the effect remains, try using one of the many items that change that stat. If you increase it and the effect does not go away or lessen, then I am wrong about my theory. (It has been a long time since I played. I do not recall what that number starts at.)
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  3. Nicholas

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    So there *used* to - way, back when - be code to actually blank the top of the screen, with the idea being that the ticker would display over top of it and not be annoying. At this stage of the game, I am not sure what the default behaviour is, and whether there should still be letterboxing up there or not. Regardless, this is almost certainly what it is and I will remove it when I get some time.
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    LOL Oh, that's what you meant! XD No, this had nothing to do with Sight Radius in terms of the stat, but thanks for bringing it up anyway; if that ws the case I would've felt realllll idiotic. x.x;

    Oh, awesome! Great to see a dev who actually listens to the players. XD I'll just be patient; 'til then, hello peripheral vision! It just confused me how it just came up out of the blue when it wasn't showing at any other time. XD Thanks for the help, everyone; Nice to see this game has an awesome fanbase. XD
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    Uh. There are devs who don't listen to their customers...?

    Anyhow, yeah. Right now all our programming energy is bundled into Clockwork Empires, otherwise I'd fix this and about 30 other annoyances... ah well. C'est la vie!
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    Aye, there is. I've had MULTIPLE games that I've had problems in and whatnot that went unheard, as well as a lotta people having the same problem and, you know, nothing. Either way! Thanks for helpin'! XD Can't wait to see more on Clockwork Empires, too. XD Either way since my problem's figured out, I'll not derail anymore than I have already!
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    Unsure if it's been posted haven't seen it but there seem to be ways to break tutorials such as the crossbow one by using the wooden crossbow and poison bolts already in the inventory before grabbing the iron crossbow since it is in the invent in every tutorial so yeah that might need a fix
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    Well, sort of has been. It's already known that the tutorials got broken by some update along the way and it was supposed to be fixed some time in the future, but thank you for repeating it so that it would not get forgotten.
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  9. Using mouse scroll wheel with empty skill hotbar crashes the game. (If there isn't a skill to change to, game freaks out)

    This happens on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.1) at least.
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  10. Kazeto

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    Not only there, and it's a well-known bug there.

    Still, thank you for writing about it.
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  11. Sloe

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    I for one doubt i will recommend people buy anymore games from gaslamp, as you guys do not seem to care you have a broken game in dredmor. In fact i will go out of my way to point out how broken you guys left dredmor, and casually called the bugs "annoyances". The game is pretty broken, more bugs than i've seen in ANY beta game i played even, and you guys haqve ignored the bugs for almost 2 years. Same bugs have been in existence nearly from the start and you guys basically gave up after grabbing the money and running. The game cannot be played from start to end without a crash, and that is SEVERAL crashes. A level up can crash you, a floor change, many of the spells. Then there is the fact that a lot of spells do not even work as intended, there is for example a simple sleep spell that basically works one out of 3 times. I couldn't get a payed expansion to work with the pocket dimension until i bought a SECOND expansion, and i could go on and on. But i see you guys do not care and put all your eggs into the next game's basket. Frankly i find this an insult, to even have a bug section or to put a sticky on steam telling people to post here, as you guys frankly already stopped caring nearly 2 yrs ago, on a broken game. I for one will not support Gaslamps games and will make sure people look into how you guys take care of support before buying a game from you.

    Dredmor is a BETA game for all intents and purposes, but being sold as a fully functional game. It is FAR from working. Simple, unavoidable things crash the game. Simple fixes to avoid us being pissed playing are not implemented, like how are things still spawning on top of each other, making it sometimes impossible to flip a switch or pick up the item. Scrolling messages being several minutes behind sometimes, so they are basically useless. Sudden lag spikes that get you killed instantly, the game slows to a crawl, but still accepts inputs, so you walk and die... Randomly getting stuck moving in a cardinal direction after trying to take one step, instead winding up walking till you hit a wall, making the acid or any debuff u have on ya basically destroy u.

    I cannot count the number of times, on permadeath, i go to take one step, and wind up dead. Or i change level, crash and corrupt game. No game worth it's salt crashes on EVERY playthrough, SEVERAL times, especially when we're dealing with only 10 or 15 floors lmao.

    These are not annoyances as the devs like to note... Regularly breaks the game. I for one am insulted you guys ask us to even bother posting bugs, it's like you are humouring us. If the game worked, it coulda actually been something, as i love the mechanics, as it stands i cannot recommend anything you guys make; this is how you treat the game that put you guys on the map...

    The sticky on steam asking to post bugs, was put up in aug 2013... But i am seeing bugs that have been reported in 2012 still ingame, and admittedly you guys are not putting any energy into fixing dredmor.... So why bother with the sticky?
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    Wow, the guy with one single post will not recommend Gaslamp Games to anyone. What a shame.

    Do you know how many employees they have? I think the current number is seven. And they are currently working full time making Clockwork Empires. They have promised to see about fixing up the remaining bugs when they are done with that.

    And you know, half of what you are ranting about like a spoiled brat is simply your misunderstanding of how the game works. Stop "Clicking" where you want to walk, and use the wsad or arrow keys to move. There. Was that so hard?

    Oh, and just in case I am not being enough of an ass, "u" is not a word. It is a letter. We will expect better from "you" when "you" graduate elementary school. Thank "you" for your time. Have a nice day. :D
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    Talk about a fanboy lol.
    Ps, i do use the keys to play, NOT the mouse, making assumptions like that makes "u" look like the douche "u" are. To take it personal like this shows how irrational you are. Spoiled is expecting something you payed for to work? lol

    Truth is, most people will just walk away frustrated and not post, the ones who post are humoured... The ones who have the patience to post are either patted on the back and told it'll get better one day, after they finish their new game, or get attacked by fanboys who do not even have a basic knowledge of how to keep on topic or relevant, and just attack.

    Yes, shorthand is a sign of being a child ofc.. I guess "lol" and many other internet lingos are retarded too, cause you are so above... Try keepin on the topic. Making a new game is not a reason to abandon a broken previous one, and is in fact the main reason i'm upset. The number of posts i have means nothing, i have been watching the dates, and many bugs reported as far back as 2012 have not been addressed, and my number of posts has no relation to it. I finally posted because i am upset i keep seeing devs and people talk about HUGE bugs as if they were annoyances only. You cannot get through one playthrough without a crash. I have played countless games, as far back as beta testing expansions for the original quake... I have never witnessed as many bugs in my life.

    A sign that as customers we aren't forgotten once they have your money would be nice, and fanboys like you make mediocrity allowable, making excuses for it. In fact, mediocrity would mean the average, which this game's bugs are WAY above average... Mechanics are great and i have logged 704 hrs on steam on this game, so i'm not some idiot who just popped in after 2 mins of playing. I'm just a frustrated customer, because out of those 700 or so hrs, probably a hundred or two were wasted from a bug death. Being on floor 12-13 on permadeath and dying from lag or some crash, losing your save, etc....

    I can think of games in BETA atm that do not crash nearly as much, and if this is how a company's flagship game is treated...
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    Yep. I must be. The guy who made an account to whine says so, and thus it must be. How sad it is that I have mastered basic English and played the game start to finish on permadeath without a single crash. The game must be coded to hate people without common sense. Nothing else can explain it. :)

    *Edit* Your insane pseudo-English is what I blame for my typos.
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    It's hilarious watching someone fail terribly and do it smugly like you lol. I do not think you are even aware how you sound to someone who doesn't profess to be intelligent, and put people down like you. I had a complaint, and it was warranted.

    If you played it from start to end without a crash, you probably skipped floors, didn't make use of most of the mechanics, or just a plain lie. You think i went out of my way, makin things up, making an account, just for that? Just how disconnected are you, you do not even realize when you are up against someone who makes you look ridiculous; you actually act smug lol.

    "*Edit* Your insane pseudo-English is what I blame for my typos."
    You are silly as all hell, that spelling mistakes matter at all to you is ridiculous. I bet it never even crossed your mind maybe it wasn't a person's first language, nor would it matter as long as you understand what the person is saying. You are petty, petty.

    Didn't actually address any of it, just attacked me, again.

    To anyone with half a wit, YOU are the one coming across as not having mastered English btw, and being smug about it too lol. You do not win an argument by frustrating the other, or insulting them. You do it with intelligent, thought out, irrefutable statements. Do i need to explain that sentence to you? Is this going to be just another attack on my person from someone who has no intellectual ammunition to just discuss?

    Try actually doing something productive with your post, not just venting and fanboydom.

    Can't even wrap my head around how arrogant some people can be, without even the slightest reason to be; yet they attack you when you speak up for a valid reason.... definition of a fanboy. They can't even see how thoroughly they've been smacked down their pedastal... You my friend, are the ideal customer lol. Too bad they don't make many of yas.
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    How nice to see that you now accuse me of directly lying. I guess all these people in this thread were lying too.
    Yes, we ran into bugs. Yes, it aborted the playthrough, but the game was stable when vanilla.
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  17. Kazeto

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    Both of you, do stop this now.

    Omni, do not bait him, he does have a reason to be annoyed and while I don't necessarily agree with the extent to which he goes it still does not change the fact that he does have the right to complain. Do not taunt him unnecessarily, it will not bring you the results you want.

    And Sloe. Well, I do see your point, and while I don't agree with everything you said I do agree with at least some of it (that is, with some things in your complaint, your battle with Omni is something I do not agree with at all), though that was never any secret before so there's that.
    But I will tell you this: do not call people "fanboys" when you know nothing about them. Yes, Omni's post was more caustic than necessary, but there is nothing in it that would serve as a proof of him being one. And if you want people to actually think about what you said instead of dismissing you as an irate moron they shouldn't care about, you don't want to make mistakes of this sort. So if you feel like waging a war against Omni, just make yourself some tea and calm down, because you have nothing to win here and much to lose.

    Also, this:
    And I can think of games which cost a few times what this game does and work much worse. But that's just going off on a tangent when it is not necessary.

    One thing to remember is that it is also their first game, so not everything being perfect is to be expected; it is merely a reason to give them some slack in regard to the time they need to fix the bus and not a legitimate excuse, however, and in that regard I do agree with your viewpoint.

    Honestly, the whole situation is weird.
    On one hand, those bugs really don't affect everyone; though I play the game mostly outside of Steam so you won't see my time logged in, I played it for enough time to notice that some bugs which people said happened often did not happen to me. Is it because of my computer or my OS or anything else, I have no idea, but that serves as some basic excuse for them—many bugs which are only being discovered after some time are bugs neither of those who play this game for long enough and are active enough on the forum to report them do experience.
    And on the other hand, the decision to focus on Clockwork Empires ... well, it is controversial, I'll give you that. They do need money and with only one game out it's pretty much time-critical, but leaving this game as-is until they finish CE in order to have enough money to live is still bound to leave distaste in some people's mouths (and rightly so, one could argue).

    Now, that being said, no, this game is not abandoned, merely on hold. Yes, they could have fixed the bugs before going off to work on CE. Yes, it is unfortunate that the game right now—for at least some players—is not exactly playable. But I do remember there being a situation when someone convinced them to make a fix for something by proving it to be just this bad, so there is that ...
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  18. Sloe

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    SO, a thread with a few people saying they didn't crash.... This is proof... Wow... i'm wasting time talking to ya, i can see that, you just do not even get it.

    I apologize this gets out of hand, but in real life, this is how people goad you into a fist fight. It's ridiculous, even tho a fast search on dredmor and bugs in google will yield ya all the same bugs i've been having, and they are posted often in 2012... Yet i'm treated like i'm insane...

    Thank you Kazeto for showing at least there are some sane people around. My point is not "screw them", but i wanted to have someone admit that it was kinda screwed up that their first game, which was a decent hit, was abandoned in THIS state...

    I love the game mechanics, and would just like to play it without worry every time i change floor or level up that i lost another 15 mins of game play, or maybe my entire save, and if i just saw a little effort on it it would put my fear aside that they are a fly by night company on their next game. Hard to base yourself on one game, that is broken... Maybe even a small patch, a couple weeks on one of their small staff to just put people at ease, i mean they DID already pay for it. And the games you mention with more bugs.... generally they do not make it and can completely bring a company down, if not, there is an upheaval and it gets generally fixed for the most part.

    I am willing to be patient, my only point was that from what i gather, it's been years already... I doubt they would care 2 yrs from now... So...
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  19. Kazeto

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    Once again Sloe, do stop this. Arguing with Omni will not make you win anything here. You said what you wanted to say, and arguing about things of this sort will not make anyone sympathetic towards you.

    And Omni, if you taunt him again, I will start reporting posts. Not that I have anything against you and you know that, but we don't need people being irate because you happened to be too blunt and I see this discussion going to that exact place.
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  20. Sloe

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    The fanboy deal was cause he basically didn't address anythin i said, and insulted my english instead, as if that negated what i said. I've been on forums before, and i've seen this reaction and in any other forum, that's what you'd call him for being that aggressive without reason and NOT addressing ANYTHING i said, in fact outright calling me a lier for what i said.... Even tho it's verifiable and well known.

    He may be your friend perhaps, but he def acted like few i ever saw to the degree he came across as ignorant. Insulting even my english, when clearly i have a pretty decent mastery of it.

    I'm done arguing, i made my point, i just don't like being insulted repeatedly and lettin it slide. He made it personal, it was clear. I'm done with him tho, i know full well arguing with people like that gets ya nowhere.

    Kazeto, blunt i can deal with, that wasn't blunt, that was plain insults and ignorance.
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