The Compleat Essential Skills

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  1. Mac 10.9.4, Dredmor was downloaded the 6th of january which means I need to update it. Will update and see if that clears things up, may take a bit though as my Dad has it set up that all new applications require admin approval.
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  2. I've got a feeling you might be suffering from this bug. I have Mac OSX too and I don't think I've had problems with the bug since the most recent Dredmor version came out (though I might be wrong, I haven't been playing a whole lot lately so maybe I just didn't notice.)
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    As a workaround, rather than cloning your character, you might find it easier to edit the Skills XML to add 2 sight to one of your existing passives.
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    not to necro an old thread, but I made an invincible ranged melee build using this mod:
    drunken boxing
    qi gong
    kung fu
    dual wielding

    polearms: has a ranged attack, and a defensive stance which gives 10 counter chance/20 block chance. Additionally has a lot of knockback effects, and enemy dodge reduction which boosts the poison damage from poisoneer. also warrior skill so more burliness.

    drunken boxing: gives hefty dodge and counter bonuses plus some good utility abilities. 2nd level boosts your health regen when you drink so you get 1per turn. also extra mobility from staggerstep which can get you out of melee range so you can use your ranged abilities

    qi gong: ki blasts, burliness, damage buffs, and resistances. also a good debuff remover. This is the core ability.

    ninjitsu: free throwing weapons, and escape abilities. helps you stay at a distance, and use the free invisibility procs to reposition/refresh cooldowns

    kung fu: depends on what you need. stances for magic resist, healing, bonus nimbleness, and more. gives good defensive or offensive buffs as needed. This is also your anti-trap skill too because the level 1 skill can destroy anything besides walls including traps.

    poisoneer: since so many of your defensive buffs reduce melee damage a bit, this evens out the damage. also adds a decent activated heal, and the nasty pools are murder on large groups in combo with the high ranged damage you deal.

    dual wielding: boosts your damage, and investing in it gives you a decent amount of bonus counter chance which you already have a lot of. 15 total once you have all of the abilties in the tree, plus gives bonus blocking power. Also note that you only need 1 polearm to use polearm abilities, so if you find something more powerful you can equip that into the 2nd weapon slot.

    most of these abilities have offensive or defensive stances and choices so you can play around with the exact balance you want to strike between the 2, and most of them can be activated or dropped in a single turn so you can adjust to changing situations quickly. I like to keep the permanent drunk boxing effect activated though for the free dodge/counter. The only downside is that drunk boxing, swiss defense from polearms, and 1 of the kung fu abilities reduce your melee damage. I use the non-scaling damage buffs from poisoneer and qi gong to counter this until my burl outscales the debuffs.
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    Wild magic is an amazing skill, but around floor 4-5 It eventually causes CTD. I'm not sure why.

    The most recent time has occurred when I'm fighting a monster zoo. The only mods I use are Compleat Essential skill and ESCRII because mods made by Essence are awesome and fun, and tend to be the most stable.
  6. Essence

    Essence Will Mod for Digglebucks's been a long time, but I know I've played dozens of long runs with Wild Magic without a crash. If it happens again, fill me in on the build you were using. It might be a weird interaction between 2 different skills.

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