The Best (and Worst) Krong enchants.

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  1. Daynab

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    This is... very strange. Can you upload a save where this happens?
  2. Olimar789

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    Got a wood sword with thaumites
  3. Ed Nakamura

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    hey Daynab, I uploaded a save file that I was playing in which happened like quite a few times... Just in case, I saved a snapshot of one of my items (don't recall which one, been playing with another char since yesterday, as you can see I saved right before Lord Dredmor), and will try to play a couple of more times with that saved char just to check on the ghost negative status that haunts me....

    not sure if this is checkable via code or something, but most of my equipped gear I had to randomize the stats due to those once + skills becoming negative buffs...

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  4. Nicholas

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    I'll look into this.
  5. I Kronged an Interdimensional Axe and it gained some gold text that says "It blasts everything away, in front of you" It added some AOE effect with knockback that proc's pretty often (20%ish) and it breaks walls if you attack monsters close by breakable walls, it knocks back EVERYTHING too, so not just monsters, if I hit a diggle while I am next to some traps and a fountain + Bookshelf, all that stuff goes flying, its pretty entertaining.

    EDIT: Pretty entertaining EXCEPT that chest I never got to open since it flew off into a wall or something, but it was gone
  6. SkyMuffin

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    hmm? do you mean the sword started spawning thaumites on enemies? Because that would be completely awesome.
  7. kino5

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    Yeah, I think he means that, I got a weapon with Thaumite spamming too once :D
  8. Jag216

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    I got Thaumite spawn on a crossbow from Krong once - hands down the best thing I've gotten. Dead bodies bursting into Thaumite hives in what, 2 turns? Awesome. Although push-back bonuses are cool too. I had a staff blessed with a random push-back and it was very handy for dealing with tight quarters coming down stairs.
  9. Lorrelian

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    Once had a thaumite spawning crossbow and an acid burn chainaxe. What was really funny is those effects both worked all the time, so I could spawn thaumites in melee and acide burns at range. I still got eaten on DL 10 though.
  10. SkyMuffin

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    Necro because i missed this thread.

    and also, today I saved up all of my money to buy a Clockwork Power Limb on the first floor. Then I went to enchant it...

    -1 :resist_slashing: , -2 :trap_level:

    tried it again


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  11. coldcandor

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    OK, so I'm trying to figure out how enough Anvils existed to get either of those hats... were you getting like +4 or 5 stats per attempt?? In an average game, I see 1-2 anvils per level on non-NTTG, not even remotely enough to get either hat, much less the second that claims to be from NTTG.

    In other news, I posted a thread with my worst Krong chain - 6 negs in a row with no positives to start:

    I think my best individual Kronging gave acid splash, +2 damage of some sort, and +1 acid resist.
  12. FaxCelestis

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    I took archaeology and went back to hit every anvil again once I got krongian ritual.
  13. coldcandor

    coldcandor Member

    Well yes, that's understood (how else could you have a fedora?), but that's still no where near enough anvils. You must have gotten a TON more than I've ever seen in a single run through, or you were not only incredibly lucky with the positive enchants, but their extent. Unless I'm putting it on a 10 star item, and I'm on DL 8 or so to boot, I'm lucky to get 3 positive stats on a single chant.
  14. Wayfinder

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    My worst one was -3:sight: for my favourite axe, that had +18:dmg_blast: and many others upgrades.
    My best one was giving a possibilty to infect enemies with theumits on hit
  15. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I generally find three anvils a floor. Heavy room mods (like ID or RR) may decrease the odds of anvil chambers.
  16. coldcandor

    coldcandor Member

    Either you are really lucky, or I'm really not then. I've never used a mod, so that's not the issue. I plan to try out a few once I figure out how, though.
  17. Kazeto

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    Let me guess, No Time To Grind mode?
  18. coldcandor

    coldcandor Member

    I believe I specifically stated about that I was not using that mode :p I used it once, decided it was far too random whether I got rooms I've come to count on (like shops) and that gear is MUCH more important than XP, and never tried it again.
  19. Marak

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    Truly, Krong is a fickle god.

    My worst enchants are typically the ones that, Murphy's Law-style, will nuke whatever resistance you need most for the floor the anvil is on.
  20. Kazeto

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    Then you really are unlucky. On normal mode, you should be getting 2~3 (with the more common one being 3) Krong anvils per floor.