Windows Vista/7 64-bit Teleport Bug

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by fiddler, Dec 22, 2011.

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    No, your 10 hours haven't been wasted, you will be able to play this character again. Please read through the entire thread before posting (see below).

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    Doesn't matter. I started a second character. Saved the progress. Noticed on the Load game screen both characters were there. Spent a bit of time playing on the new character and when I returned to the load screen, the previous save was gone.

    Edit: What the heck? The save file for the character I made a few hours ago just insta-crashes the game. Now, I currently have 0 characters...

    I'll probably wait a few weeks to give the devs some time to fix the worst bugs/glitches before playing again.

    Edit #2: All saved files crash the game.
  3. Richard

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    Same problem here: monster zoo missing the last monster, and then (upon returning to lvl 4 from lvl 5) repeatedly teleported into the middle evil chest of an express post room. Running win7 x64 steam with DLC. Looking forward to the hotfix!
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    same issue here:
    cleared lvl 5; saved before going to the next level to not fuck up uberchests; after reloading porting between Dwarven Express Post and various other seemingly random rooms...

    this bug is game breaking and annoying as hell. Just sayin'.

    edit: Playing with Rotg
  5. I went to go up one level and I randomly teleport. I am only like lvl 4. I have the beserker max and second skill of dodging one. No debuffs.
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