Swashbucklers Mod: More stuff for pirates!

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  1. Ruigi

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    Swashbucklers mod version 1.0
    Avast ye landlubbers! This be the Swashbucklers mod. This mod be for rogues, pirates, swordsmen, and pirates. This mod is of particular interest to swashbuckling roguish types and people who like to hunt for hidden treasures.

    TALK LIKE A PIRATE: New pirate-themed insults, phonemes, statues and words. We keel-haul the Queen's English.
    ITEM SETS: Special series of items (referred to as item sets) will grant bonus abilities to the player if he/she wears any combination of these set items together.
    NEW FENCING SWORDS: Grant a small bonus to counterattack, for players with a swashbuckling focused character.
    FLINTLOCK GUNS: A pirate's favorite weapon! these come in the form of pistols, which are used the same way as magic wands.
    GUN WEAPONS: Special melee weapons scripted to shoot at your enemies (they must be reloaded afterwards, as they are single shot muzzle loaders)
    PIRATE LOOT: special booty items just for loading up and selling off to brax, or alternatively you can melt them down into ingots-- whichever one is more important.
    PERILOUS TREASURE TROVES: Deadly ghost pirates and Savage Cannibals guard thier secret hoards. These enemies add more challenge and reward to the dungeon.
    WEIRD CRAFT RESOURCES AND CUSTOM ENCRUSTS: Use human skulls for strange and beautiful crafts.
    66 NEW CRAFTING RECIPES! Many of them are hidden!
    NEW "WANDS": Adds three new "wand" wands, including the fabled "wand of wishing."
    MILK IN BAGS: Yes, you can get milk in a bag.
    NUMEROUS OTHER CUSTOM-SCRIPTED ITEMS AND EFFECTS: I really can't list them all without ruining the suprise.

    WARNING: This mod makes it possible for the player to commit gratuitous acts of cruelty against birds and small frogs. If you love these creatures please do not hurt them in the game.



    This mod requires RotDG, YHTNTEP, and Conquest of the Wizardlands.



    9/21/2012: I fixed a captialization error in the spelldb. hopefully this should solve the crash the some people have been getting with item set items.

    - Primary authors

    FaxCelestis - weapon sprites
    Shaxarock - item descriptions
    Moomanibe - animating the ghost pirate sprite
    Shaken - Item set coding
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  2. Essence

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    I am SO THERE.
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  3. Kazeto

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    Yay, fun-time swords and other piratey appendages.

    Man the cannons, gentlemen.
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  4. OmniaNigrum

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    You inspire us crazy landlubbers who like to pretend we were not afraid of the sea. Nice mod. (Like all of yours.) :)
  5. Werediggler

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    I demand a glove slot item that's a hook for a hand. :) This is great!
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  6. Aegho

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    Any peglegs in there? Also: (From 7:55)
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  7. r_b_bergstrom

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    OMG, I was working on the same thing as one of the sub-mods to ID2.0! I'd specifically left items to be finished last because they require art, but I have a huge Text.xml file full of piratical words and insults.

    Perhaps we should put our two mods together?

    If that's not of interest to you I could release just my text.xml file as a separate "Talk Like A Pirate" mod to compliment.
  8. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    Bergstrom, I would love to join our works together in a collab mod. Send me your files/brainstorms via PM and we can do a release on steam workshop.
  9. lccorp2

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    Definitely downloading this once it's ready to go.
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  10. Daynab

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    Same here.
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  11. Essence

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  12. Ruigi

    Ruigi Will Mod for Digglebucks

    I'm working on this project together with Bergstrom, and we've produced significantly more content since I've started.


    As you can see, there will be many more items, some of them are heavily scripted to produce complex effects, like firearm weapons that fire a wildly inaccurate but highly damaging projectile when you use them in melee. Each time you fire a shot, you must stand still for 5 rounds before you can fire again (muzzleloaders, you see...).

    This is the sprite for the ghost pirate, a powerful adversary who will be guarding secret pirate treasure troves planted throughout the dungeon. This enemy will be very powerful and will have the feel of a boss fight.
  13. Daynab

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    Yay for more item diversity!
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  14. Kazeto

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    Yay for a parrot equip.
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  15. Ruigi

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    Swashbucklers mod will have functioning item sets. These items will give you bonus benefits based on the number of items in the set that you have equipped. This screenshot shows the rainmaker set.

    With Rainmaker's Raiments equipped, you have a small chance to produce a small stationary rainstorm that heals you for 1hp each turn.

    With both Rainmaker's Raiments and Rainmaker's Quetzal Headdress equipped, get The Stormbringer buff, and you have a chance to produce a mobile storm that follows you as you move.

    With all three set items equipped, you have a chance to randomly hit up to three enemies per turn with lightning bolts during a storm.
  16. Ryvian

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    Love the set item idea! Reminds me of good old Diablo 2. Seconding the Peg Leg (feet) equipment and Captain's Hook (glove) equipment :D
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  17. Aegho

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    So... any chance you're getting close to releasing the goodies? The v1 release is quite just a teaser really.
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  18. r_b_bergstrom

    r_b_bergstrom Will Mod for Digglebucks

    We are indeed very close to release. The final version is significantly larger and more elaborate than what you've seen. Around 80 items, last time I counted them, about 30 rooms, plus new monsters, recipes, etc. Alas, we also have at least 1 bug, which we're trying to track down and fix. I'd been hoping the bug was related to something that would be fixed in the recent maingame patch, but the patch didn't magically solve the problem so we've got a bit more debugging work in our immediate future.

    We're close, but because of the bug we don't yet have a concrete release date.
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  19. Rawk Hawk

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    There better be a new armor called "Fine Leather Jacket"

    Or a skull helmet named Murray
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  20. Aegho

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    Well, I'll be sorely disappointed if it turns out to lack references to Yellowbeard, and to Captain Harlock.
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