Sun Stones - the least condescending puzzle game you'll ever play

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Mr_Strange, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. blob

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    I see what you mean, are you planning to release on something else than IOS ? Would love to test it.
    I'll ask around see if I can find tips for you on the matter of exposure.
  2. Mr_Strange

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    It's also available for Android devices. It's on the android market:

    It's also available through Amazon (for Android devices, including the Kindle Fire)

    I've considered making a facebook version as well, but that's just speculative at this point.
  3. blob

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    Yeah I dont have any recent technology phone. Update me if you get a facebook version :)
  4. Essence

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    Played it. It's fun, and the difficulty ramps up from "my three-year-old solved it without a mistake" to "I couldn't get the silver star (the middle of the three tiers of success) on this level" in about 8 puzzles. Haven't beaten it yet. It's probably not worth buying an iPod for, but if you have one already, it's definitely worth slaughtering an afternoon for. :)