Stopping Farm Production?

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    I have a colony of around 30 colonists, bumping along nicely in the name of Queen and Country. I have five farms to keep my people in food and booze.

    Then, tragically, a huge influx of cult activity causes me to purge my streets and deliver frontier justice to 7 of them. A badly timed fishperson attack causes me to lose many more. Within a few days, I'm down to just 14 colonists.

    While building my population back up with immigrants, my people do nothing but farm. Sure, they are assigned to workshops. But how can one refine ore or make planks if the plebs are too busy tilling the soil to go back rocks or chop trees? It's an impressive food production engine, for sure, but it gets a little boring waiting for enough people to show up to start being able to do other things again.

    TLDR; Please give me a way to destroy farms, or set them as fallow, or something.
  2. Nicholas

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    I consider this an improvement over "everybody stops working forever", though.
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    Oh definitely! I whinge because I'm enjoying myself.
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    OC-1807 ! And I think we have infrastructure to do this cleanly and properly now and I've just been looking for my ticket with the syntax to do so...
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