Stop trying to hard sell RotDG in CoTW

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    I already have Realms of the Diggle Gods, why won't Conquest of the Wizardlands let me use arcane addresses that I picked up while the extra levels turned on during runs with the extra levels turned off. It's very annoying to try and find one that's usable.
  2. Dude, EVERYTHING affects the creation of a graffito. Even the mods you're using. A key that you get with option A on won't work with it off.
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    It's clearly loaded all the assets and resources from RotDG. The only difference is that the lower levels are turned off (And I'm not using a graffito from those levels). What could it possibly need that it doesn't have?
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    It's probably not about any specific feature, but about the sum of all active elements being used to calculate the valid key space for address generation. Enable, disable, modify, add or remove anything and the result is a different hash.
  5. Did you miss the part where I said EVERYTHING?
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    (It's a side effect of how the graffiti is implemented. The graffiti is a combination of a random number seed and a checksum, basically; the problem is that the behaviour you get from plugging the random number seed into the level generator will change depending on what's in there and what mods you have. There's unfortunately no good solution.)
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    And therein lies the crux of the thing.

    I've played the same keys more than once with different mods loaded and the differences, while definitely there and visible, have never been significant; never enough to unbalance them for the level in question; never actually relevant in any way. (Like, in my experience it usually even gives the same layout of rooms, just with different loot and room names)

    The good solution is to remove the artificial restriction and let the wizardland load with different loot and room names.

    Speaking of mods, why the heck is it that modded monsters won't spawn in Wizardlands unless I save and quit the game in there and then reload it? And don't say you can't make them because they definitely can and do if, as I said, I save and quit then reload the game.

    That's absolutely not true. I change what mods I'm using all the time and I've never once had a key I got with one setup fail to generate a stable map under another setup.

    Just double checked this. Confirmed. Cleared wkeys_all.dat, changed my loadout of mods, made a new character and loaded up a entered in a wizardkey that I know I had just used with a different character that used different mods. The game had no problem with this; it didn't crash, it didn't glitch, it didn't fail to generate a map, it didn't do anything strange or unpleasant. It worked just fine.
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  8. So maybe it's just mods that add rooms. I know I've been unable to use keys from the big graffiti list before, and the mod I'm... "working on"? ...has extra rooms.