1.0D Still walking all over and dropping items here and there

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by mrbunnyban, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. mrbunnyban

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    Hey there. This issue of dropping off items all over the place instead of in the stockpile is much less serious now, but it's still driving me nuts.

    I mined the nodes around the map in order to get iron earlier. Sounds good right? nope. This has left iron ore and coal littered all over the map. When I ask my smith to smelt iron, he dumps one bit of coal in the burner, then runs around the whole map for iron ore, then it's his break time so he dumps his STACK of iron ore in some corner of the map then takes his break. Once his work shift comes in again, he repeats the same process all over again.

    Couple of suggestions to work around this. DON'T stop working for break time if currently producing a good. NEVER drop items anywhere but in the stockpile.

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  2. Nicholas

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    The thing is that they shouldn't - breaks don't trigger an abort of their current job, so something else is interrupting him. I'm going to take a look at this save game (I presume it's the same as the other one)
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  3. mrbunnyban

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    Yes it is. I've uploaded more detail and another save to help clarify the issue in the other thread.
  4. Naffarin

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    But the problem seems to have increased from 1.0c to 1.0d . In my current game with about 115 colonists the bar supply jobs are interrupted quite often (the console shows [Job Cancellations] Job Collect Brew for Pub (3x) cancelled! [Unable to find a good path.] quite often) due to collisions with other colonists (?!?) . So this happens in the mid of the colony with source and target about 40-50 tiles apart in regard to walk distance.
    But this is also a modified game with VALUE_STORE[ "MaximumPathfindingRetries" ] = 20 in gameinit.lua (doesn't help in any way compared to the value of 4)
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  5. Sathra

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    I wonder if its doors only allowing one person at a time through. I did notice that trader haulers got stuck in the doors a ton, so added an extra door and it happens alot less often.
  6. Nicholas

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    Did you restore an old game after modifying gameinit.lua or did you start a new one? Changes to that file don't take effect until a new game is started.

    EDIT: yes, these get triggered due to collisions with other colonists. So... hmm, yeah, this could be a huge mess in a large colony. I'm going to try to figure out how to set this up so that running into a colonist doesn't cause the interruption counter to go up.
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  7. mrbunnyban

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    Ah. Okay, will start a new playthrough with the edit to the gameinit.lua file. Hopefully this playthrough will be a little less messy