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    Hi guys,
    I am really thrilled about an upcoming game.
    I have no ETA yet, but they seem to be steadily working on it.
    The game is Starbound.
    It looks quite like Terraria, but is set in a Sci-Fi environment where you are in a space station and visit planets to get ressources from them and terraform them.
    It looks really good, weapons (and afaik monsters) will be randomly generated, as will the planets be.
    You go to planets using coordinates (think Minecraft seeding), and can even share these coordinates to play together with other players.
    Claiming a homeworld will be possible, too, making it more customizeable, and allowing things like disabling explosions for making griefing a thing of the past.
    The best part?
    It will have Diggles! (Click Ctrl+F and type in Diggle).
    So, really looking forward to this and hoping it will come out soon!
    Hope I hooked you, too :)

    Also, you can support their development by buying Wanderlust: Rebirth on Steam
  2. I don't see that diggles are confirmed only creepers but the game does look interesting. I really like the randomly generated part even if it's mostly cosmetic though I wonder how it will play out eventually gameplay wise.
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    Thanks for the info, it looks interesting!
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    Any relation to the Starbound series from Catfish Software/Psiscape a decade ago?
  5. Average Joe

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    Loving this already! Thanks for sharing.
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    This game will most likely be awesome.
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    As a huge fan of Terraria I have high hopes for this game.
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    I can't wait for this game either! I am in the process of freezing myself. So far, the legs are done.
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    But if you freeze yourself, you cannot play DoD either :eek:
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    I cast necronomiconomics on this thread! Er, yeah. I figured since there hasn't been an update on this for a while (and since i just got my pre-order in), I'd plug the game with new infos and things. The links aren't showing up well for me, but everything pre-colon below links to the Chucklefish site.

    Interactive development roadmap: Shows what the developers are working on, with links to all the elements and screenshot (or mockup) previews. Very cool.
    Collected content announcements: From the devs, about intended gameplay elements. It's not 100% guaranteed, but should give a good idea of the overall game goals.
    New Monster Every Friday: A long list of outputs of the random monster generator. Good for a laugh.
    Pre-order page: Pre-order the game and get extra stuff! etc.

    As I mentioned, I pre-ordered. The lowest tier is $15 and grants access to the game on release (including Steam key), access to the beta, whenever that is, and the soundtrack. Personally, I think the soundtrack is worth most of that on its own. I've certainly paid more for junk albums that I've listened to less. If you're curious, the soundtrack is viewable on Youtube. My favorites are Desert, Forest, and Crystal themes.
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    Oh we had a thread about this, huh? Cool. Yeah I'm extremely looking forward to this game. The new daily updates are awesome and I preordered a while ago.