Windows XP Spell Hotbar Broken

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by FurryMIG, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. FurryMIG

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    A message to everyone who helped me out: Thank you all for your incredible input and support and help. All of you were correct. I was the one who was wrong.

    As it turns out I never took time time to re-read what had happened to my absolute favorite skill: "Lucky Pick", the first spell I learn whenever I start a new game.

    As it turns out, It no longer is a spell you can activate to generate three lockpicks, And with the latest update it became a passive ability, which DO NOT APPEAR IN YOUR HOTBAR.

    When I could no longer use "Lucky Pick" I thought my game was bugging out.

    So as it turns out: A bug that eludes all programs was merely user error.

    I hope I don't get banned for being so stupid >.<

    And I'm sorry for wasting your time.

    At the same time how am I supposed to make more lockpicks now!? >.o
  2. OmniaNigrum

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    Lol. Do not be sorry. I for one am glad this is the case. I could tell you some stories that would make you have to really fight calling me a capital IDIOT. :D

    You will *NOT* get banned. I can promise that much. (At least for this issue. You intended no harm, so none is due to you.)

    Lucky Pick will have to be balanced over the next patch or two. It currently has a few minor problems. Chief among them is the fact that it only works on Doors, and has zero effect on Chests. But that is being discussed elsewhere in a half-dozen or more threads.

    There are a few mods that allow you to craft lockpicks from Iron Ingots and such. I'll find one and link it in here for you to use until the Lucky Pick skill gets a fix of some sort.
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  3. OmniaNigrum

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    If you can avoid abusing the absolute cheat features of it, this one works perfectly and has zero conflicts I have been able to find.

    Oh, please edit your above post where you put your username. It is a petty risk, but your Windows username is privileged information, and I would hate to hear you got hacked and no other leads could be found. Just omit it or even delete that post. I promise we will not mind if it goes poof. :)

    *Edit* Here is another that has it. Your call which to use. You could even use both at the same time. But then it would be hard to tell which you liked more and the cheat parts of them would still be problematic.
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  4. Nikolai

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    No problem at all! It's not like any of us were inconvenienced by a brief spot of PEBKAC on your part. We all do it, anyway.

    Here, have a hug! :3

    The NikolaiLev hugs you! ( :dmg_aphyxiative: 1 asphyxiative, :dmg_existential: 1 existential )

    Also, when I said "manually adding spells to hotbar" I did mean the plus sign.
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  5. FurryMIG

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    Yay, I feel better now! ^.^

    Also I'm trying a few mods that CLAIM to have a "make lockpicks from iron ingots" that don;t seem to work. Maybe I need to find the recipe in a bookshelf somewhere. But thanks for all your help!
  6. OmniaNigrum

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    No. You use the crafting tools. They are in there, unhidden in the first one I linked in. And here is another "Cheat Mod" that I know has them. This one also has an ability in the skill itself that makes lockpicks just like how it used to work with Luck Pick.

    *Edit* In Crafters Helper it is this code. It makes a Lockpick Mold that is a wand that does the same as Lucky Pick used to.

      <output skill="0" name="Lockpick Mold" amount="1" />
      <tool tag="ingot"/>
      <input name="Iron Ingot" />
    Followed by:
    <item name="Lockpick Mold" iconFile="items/lockpick_mold.png" level="1" >
        <description text="Break to get tools of entry." />
        <potion spell="Lucky Pick" />
        <price amount="60" />
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  7. FurryMIG

    FurryMIG Member

    Can I not use Downloaded forum mods with subscribed workshop mods? the one I downloaded and copied into my DoD directory prevents me from selecting the subscribed workshop mod I have. Maybe I'm not doing it right :p
  8. Kazeto

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    You can just download some mods via the workshop and change the archives' extensions from ".dat" to ".zip" to make them normal archives. From there, you can treat them like normal (downloaded via this forum) mods.
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  9. OmniaNigrum

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    I am not sure what you are really asking. But this will answer everything about how to use mods. I suggest only using forum mods and never using Steam Workshop for anything. The reasons are complex, but suffice it to say that Steam is my very first suspect for any problem with DoD and any mods.

    In general, if you open Windows Explorer, and browse to your documents directory, there is a Gaslamp Games subdirectory. In that is the Dungeons of Dredmor subdirectory, and inside that is the Mods subdirectory where you will put your mods.
    For example, if your username is "Name" in Windows, you should put mods in "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\Mods\" and enable them in the loader.

    If you use Steam workshop, you will absolutely have trouble, but I and others can walk you through how to get it working. It is just easier to do it manually. (Sad but true.) Steam Workshop can and will work alongside the mods you get and install manually here, but it is much less work and you never have to open something called 00546465841464646.dat as a zip file and read the XML to find what mod it actually is like with Steam.

    In general, Steam is the cause of every other problem I have heard of regarding mods. But take your pick. Some mods are probably only available on Steam Workshop. That is the authors choice. But I can assure you all the good ones have a home here too. And we actively support the mods here. (I never made any real mods, just a tweak to the difficulty that 99% of people would never dream of using, but I and many other non-modders try to help out as best we can.)

    Ouch. This wall of text is getting horrible. Forgive my blabbing. Decide what you want to do and we will help you along. :D

    *Edit* I spent 12 minutes typing that up?!?! Ninja'ed is not the right term. Asleep seems more appropriate.
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  10. Nikolai

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    Did you remember to restore your config.xml from what I suggested? You may have left "EnableWorkshop" off.
  11. FurryMIG

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    I never even found a "config.xml", but the odd thing is, despite the one STEAM mod I am subscribed to is still in effect despite it not appearing in the mod manager in the DoD Launcher...
  12. FurryMIG

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    I installed the mod wrong... I copied all of the files in the zip file into my DoD Directory! As opposed to placeing the Zip into the mods folder... Reinstalling ^.^;;;
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  13. FurryMIG

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    Okay, now that I have the zip file "Advanced Craft'n'Smelt 1.3" in the "mod" folder, It does not appear in the launcher mod manager, but my STEAM mod does. Unsubscribing from the STEAM mod has no effect, leaving the mod manager blank.
  14. FurryMIG

    FurryMIG Member

    Just now noticed your post.
    How do I do that?
  15. OmniaNigrum

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    Delete the entire "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\" directory. This includes all subdirectories and files. The game has to be closed to do this. When you start the game again, it will remake them and you can again add the mod you want to the mods subdirectory. (You may have to open and close it more than once for it to get everything not only generated, but also to notice it exists so it can use it.)
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  16. OmniaNigrum

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    To change filename.dat to is simple. Click the file once, but do not open it or try to open it. Press F2 or right click it and select rename. Then press the End key on your keyboard and type .zip and hit enter. If you have file extensions hidden you will have to make them shown via Windows Explorer settings.
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  17. Kazeto

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    Using keyboard?

    But seriously, there is a setting in folder settings that makes it possible to see (and change) file extensions. Just set this one and rename the file. Alternatively, you might use 7zip's or Total Commander's renaming command as they show you the whole filename (with the extension) regardless of your system's settings.
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  18. FurryMIG

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    Maybe I should have been more specific. I know fully how to rename files and give them different extensions :p

    1: How do I download mods Via the STEAM workshop? Are they placed somewhere on my computer when I subscribe to them? Because downloading them and using them like a non-STEAM mod would be much easier than trying to wrestle with both mod sources.

    2: When I reinstall DoD, there is no "mods" folder in the game directory. Creating a "mods" folder in the correct directory and placing the .zip file of the mod I want to use does not work, the mod does not appear in my mod manager in the game launcher.
  19. Kazeto

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    Yes, they are. I don't know where exactly are there placed (never cared to download a Steam-only mod), but it's possible to find them, I can assure you of that.

    Not every mod is packed in a way that allows them to be read straight from archives. The ones on Steam are, but here it's just a chance. And there's also the chance that it's just the wrong folder (somehow, it happens).
    Anyway, you can try posting the folder location in which you are placing said mod's ".zip" file, just to be on the safe side.
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  20. OmniaNigrum

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    Steam mods are placed in a location like this example.
    "C:\Users\Name\Documents\Gaslamp Games\Dungeons of Dredmor\steam_workshop\subscribed\"
    They will have insane names that make zero sense though. So you have to rename them and open them to read the ext of the /mod/mod.xml file inside. That will tell you the name of the mod. Then you just rename.
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