Special Weapon Enchantments from an Anvil of Krong on a crossbow will work with melee attacks

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Skafsgaard, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I'm assuming this is a bug, though not one I mind in my current playthrough. I have a Blinding Flash enchantment ("Blinds everyone around you with burning light") on my crossbow from an Anvil of Krong. The enchantment activates even on my regular melee attacks.
  2. I don't think this is a bug, I believe this has been the case for Krong enchantment effects for a long time.
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    Yes, it is not a bug. It's just the way on-hit effects work.
  4. TheKirkUnited

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    Think of it as a 'feature'.
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  5. yeah, whenever i play smithing centric plays (where you typically need to keep your gear un-kronged so you can upgrade it), i've mass kronged my crossbows to still get some mileage from them. If i don't get something i like (or a streak of bad luck - happens), i just dump the crossbow for another (doesn't really matter which one, considering i'm not really using said crossbow). If i am going for a tinkering/smithing play (which is to say, a CK centric play), i do tend to be a bit more careful with what i krong, but crossbows are still my go to items because of how easy they are to mass past level 5 (unless the RNG is really, REALLY not rolling for you).

    Ahum, point being, i wouldn't even call it a feature, i'd call it a core mechanic in any playstyle.
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    I've actually never gotten a special effect from kronging, but I've had this happen with special effects added by encrusting.
  7. As far as i can tell, you can only get a special effect from the FIRST kronging of a normal item. All subsequent krongings will just add stats, not special effects. Bear in mind, that's mostly based on my own experience (which is substantial, considering i run around kronging every damned last crossbow i own).
  8. Daynab

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    I don't believe this is the case. The only special thing about the first Krong enchant that I know of is it will always be positive.
  9. I know for certain that it doesn't have to be the first kronging of an item. I got a special effect on my crossbow on its second kronging, iirc.
  10. I suppose krong must really hate me them. He has never EVER given me a special effect on the second kronging. Quick, blame the RNG. XD.

    Jokes aside, thanks for the heads up. I really did not know that about the first Kronging, and that greatly raises the value of kronging crossbows for non-crossbow users.
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    And explanations not aside, this only applies to the first kronging ever on any playthrough, not to the first kronging of any item.
  12. Shows you can clock over 300 hours on one game, dabble with modding and STILL not know everything there is to know.
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    You can also krong ammo. If you add to the ammo pile, the newly added ammo gets the enchants as well. Shenanigans.
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