Some doubts from a new player

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    Hello everyone! o/

    Have right now 17 hours in DoD, and I'm finding it VERY fun to play!
    Just have a few doubts, if you guys could help me it would be great! hehehe

    1 - When I use axe skill and dual wield, when I equip two axes shouldn't I get double stats? Let's say two times +2 slash damage, +1 crit and +1 dodge reduce on axe skill 1? I simply don't get the bonuses besides +1(?) slash.

    2 - For a non-CK using CK skill just for fun (no tinker or smith), is rocket jump useless, right? I just hit myself for a huge damage and do almost nothing to the mobs.

    3 - Basically the *pros* of alchemy skill is to craft tons of healing, mana and invisibility potions? Most of the time I never use the other ones or am always saving them.

    4 - Last one! Can anyone help me with a build? Something using Axe, Dual Wield, Master and Viking. Not sure what to get next that will work. PS that I do hate pets. :)


    EDIT: I also would love to use some dual wield shield build, but all the ones I saw were entirely melee. Would it work?
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  2. It used to work that way, but it was way too broken. Dual Wield has been nerfed so it gives only half the stats on the second weapon (rounded down).

    It's still usable in emergencies imo, as long as your health isn't too low. Plus, even if you aren't using Tinkering and Smithing you'll probably get some of that clockwork armour eventually, which will make it much more useful.

    Yeah, those are the most useful ones. Most people don't bother with the other potions.

    Maybe something to help Viking Wizardry, to keep your mana up and raise your magic power? Leylines or Blood Magic could be good choices. Also, Smithing is always useful to get good equipment early.

    I don't know at all what you're asking here. Could you rephrase the question?
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    Bahhh, so the wiki is wrong... And the half bonuses for hold two weapons of the same time are calculated in total or by each level? Lets say weapon skill gives +1 crit on level 1 and +1 crit on level 2. Will I get the +1 crit when reach level 2 or they will be calculated separately ( 1/2 of +1, round down = 0 - 1/2 of +1, round down = 0 ) and, because is round down, end up giving me +0 crit? Like a crazy talk... Sorry for the mess! hehehe

    About the dual shield. Most of the build I saw where relying on just punching things to death, no magic at all (one could always use ranged weapons, sure). My question is if such build is viable to beat the game. I feel kind weird leaving my mana untouched...

    I know I'll probably die a lot until I beat the game (just try to steal from Brax, rocket jumping out of the shop, just for him spawn some red dudes that one shot me), but still would be nice have a decent build, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the reply!!!
  4. I think it's in total, but I'm not 100% sure. You might want to test that yourself ;)
    Regardless, Dual Wield is a great skill for any character using melee, just because you can use 2 weapons rather than 1. It's plenty powerful enough even without the stats.

    It's definitely possible, you just have to make sure that you use shields that don't reduce your magic power. Remember that everything that's not a weapon and is in the hand slot counts as a shield- Orbs and Tomes are the main ones.
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    The kind of build I was talking about. I'm just using one someone posted here:

    Master of Arms

    Right now I'm level 8 (character). The vamp will drain lots of health, which will make the character pretty resilient, but damn... this build is slow as hell to do damage... :p

    Edit: took me nothing less then 32 minutes to clean the Monster Zoo of DL 3... Kicking one by one... lol

    Edit 2: The pocket dimension codes can be used one single time the entire game, then never more? So entering codes would eventually "run me out" of possible codes? Or after I use a code I still can find it again and use it again?

    And I read some people get items from the fountains. How this happens? Sometimes I encounter two fountain and a lever in the center "make a wish", but after I pull some blue dust appears on the floor and nothing happens...
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  6. Loerwyn

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    If you're playing melée you will almost certainly want Berserker Rage or whatever it is. The combat boosts it gives you are useful, especially at the start. I think one of the skills heals you - it's been a while since I loaded up Dredmor, let alone looked at the skills.

    As for your latest questions:
    1. Wizardlands codes can be used, I believe, an infinite number of times across playthroughs (so if you die, you can play a new character and use them again) *but* I don't know what happens if you try to access the same land twice on the same character - I assume it just takes you back without doing anything new to it. I could be wrong, and am willing to be corrected.
    2. Fountains? It's all on chance. You're more likely to get nothing, a mild boost, a minor nerf or some money than you are to get an item. As for the 'Make A Wish' thing? I don't know if it does anything but drop the blue dust/shards (which actually restore your mana), but I would think it's a low probability thing if indeed it does anything.

    I'd recommend, even 17hrs in, playing a simpler, more traditional build to allow you to get to grips with the game first. I think a tank build (I usually go something like Mace/Shield/Berserker/Arms/Burglary (for the jump skill)/Smithing/Perception) is a good way to progress. Yes, it's kinda dull, but you'll get further quicker and easier, and it allows you to learn the game in a safer environment.

    Oh, and there's two Dredmor wikis that I'm aware of. I think this is the one I use. But neither has been particularly quick to update, from what I remember.
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    If you try to use the same wizardland code a second time...
    1. If you never completed that wizardland (ie. exited through the normal exit portal) then the code will work.
    2. If you HAVE completed that wizardland, then nothing will happen when you try to use the code. You will get a message stating that you cannot use that code again.
  8. Kurohito

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    Good I'm not using the fountains in a wrong way (like clicking it wrongly)... hahahaha Never gained a single item though.

    I was too thinking going with a pure melee build, but then I gave another try to Promethean. My first playthrough with the spell was boring, just hiding behind the dragon. Now I just decide to Go Rogue, Permadeath (always), and the game suddenly changed... It's way better!!! I'm paying more attention and being more cautions on doing stuff. My build is:

    Math (really dislike the first 4 spells, but the teleport is sweet)
    Blood Magic
    Lay Walker (probably Magic Training was better for the late game, but this is awesome for the start)
    Alchemy (always like it)
    Archeology (kind out of option)

    I use the two wikis. hehehe For skills, this one you posted is better. Though this wiki is incomplete in some parts, like Leyline Siphoning also give some mana back at the beginning of the cast (not mentioned). Good stuff!


    But the game will give me codes right, or I'll eventually not be able to enter on a wizardland at all?

    Hope the last doubt: the fish dude gives any good item? I mean, REALLY worth grinding all the stuff? Think I'll just ignore it completely, not needing to get trash items, converting...
  9. Loerwyn

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    Yes. I assume you know how to find them, so I'll just say you just need to keep your eyes open. And you can't exactly miss them anyway.

    Not so much now we've got some more expansions/patches, but you still get useful items - it just requires a few hundred lutefisk (I think the 'top tier' is 500 lutefisk)
  10. Haldurson

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    There are enough codes in the game that you should probably never run out within your lifetime. Furthermore, you can use codes that OTHER people have found, but the same limitation applies (that you only use them once). Just keep in mind that the level of the wizardland will correspond to the level that the code was originally found on (so if you are using a code from a previous game, or from someone else, make a note of what level it was from. There's actually a way of telling the level based on a few letters in the code -- I'll leave it to you to figure out how that works.
  11. Kurohito

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    So I'll just skip the fish... The frenetic clicking fells like I'm not playing the game. :)

    Good to know I'll never run out of codes! Will probably use one in this run and see how it goes.

    It's a bug or I can really have TWO wyrmlings at the same time? I'm just looking two of them right now. I'm using no mods whatsoever.

    EDIT: nevermind, it was a bug. Imagining so I started kicking one of them to kill it, when the thing counter, almost killing me... xD
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  12. Mr. Smiley

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    In all honesty, lay walker and blood magic (and alchemy!!) is massive overkill.

    Blood magic is based on your magic ability. If you can get it high enough you can get down right ridiculous amounts of mana per kill. The build I posted in the "builds that one" thread was getting me a lot more mana per kill than I ever used.

    Plus getting maximum mana regen isn't that hard - especially if you use mathematics little buff spell.

    Just noticed your build looks a lot like mine...hehe. I highly recommend giving wand crafting a try instead of lay walking.

    Oh yeah, save your piles of lutefisk. At later levels (say 8+) the lutefisk statues start giving out fairly impressive items that you can at least convert to decent exp. Since you have perception you should have PLENTY of lutefisk on demand (I would create bolts out of ingots I didn't need). I think I managed to use 500 lutefisk on every statue after 8.

    LAST EDIT I SWEAR!!: Also a quick and easy way (if a little cheap, but hey, it's a rogue so take what you can) method of beating the first 4 floors is let the dragon enter a room and close the door or walk out of seeing distance and slamming space bar till the screams of pain end. If the dragon dies just recast it again and walk away. Combat goes really quick when it's done off-screen.

    ps...I lied :p
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  13. LionsDen

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    If you want to reuse wizardland codes which is only once forever unless you do the cheat, do the following. You must not be running Dungeons of Dredmor when you do this.

    1. Go into your Dungeons of Dredmor save directory.

    2. Find the file wkeys_all.dat and delete it.

    You can now reuse any wizard land code that you want. :)
  14. Kurohito

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    Yup, right now I realized what you just said... Just got max mana regen and... Lay Walking is completely useless! :(
    The only good thing I can see on this is that I can sacrifice some of my equipment with +regen if I get better stats.

    Though it really helped me at the beginning (not like to think that I got a skill just for this).

    Wand crafting, hã? Why? Besides the stone one, I think I never used a single wand on this run. HAHAHAHA But the +magic resist is great!
    If I could turn back I would probably pick Master of Arms instead of Lay. Make the character less squished, plus the fact that suit up would be on all the time, being used only on emergencies. ARGH! Right now I'm on DL 7 or 8, not wanting to restart...

    The dragon... hahahaha
    Such a worthy friend! :p He carried me on the first floors, though not sure if there's a need to shut the door. Since he has a perfect agro when the enemies are at his side, I just helped him with the killing, bashing mobs on the head.

    As for the fish... Damn!!! It's so boring... Not sure if I'll ever use a drink (the ones that regen mana), most of the food and the low bolts... So I can give a try.

    Edit: @LionsDen

    Oh, good to know! Will use them without fear then! :D

    Edit 2: do you guys clean completely a floor?
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  15. Mr. Smiley

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    Wandcrafting is useful for 5 reasons.

    1. The 3 free wands you get. On Going rogue this is huge, since that and your basic spells/attacks will get you to 3rd level for the dragon.
    2. It's nice to be able to make sonic wands for dredmor, vlad, and and any other spell caster you really really want to silence.
    3. As you mentioned, stone wands.
    4. The stats are nice
    5. And finally, the ENCRUSTS are amazing for wizards. I had 150+ magic, 90+ haywire, and over 100 magic resist because of the encrusts.

    and for my comment on the dragon. I was saying that it made it quicker. Since off-screen combat goes as fast as you can slam your space bar.
  16. LionsDen

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    Yeah, I search every nook and cranny I can find. I am probably a bit OCD even though I have never been diagnosed. Of course I have never been to a doctor to be diagnosed for it. :p Wand crafting does give you another Wizard skill which helps if you are using a wizard type character and want to do more damage with spells and such and have a larger mana pool.
  17. Kurohito

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    @Mr. Smiley

    Couldn't find on the internet a full list of the encrusts, but right now I have two very nice ones. One to use on a shield (and orb), and one very good to use on helms.

    And yeah, the first two levels were nightmare. I was just stabbing mobs with the starting knife and hoping not to die... Hard stuff! xD


    I once read somewhere that a way to fight against OCD (imagining that you want to do it), one could, when a urge comes, on purpose ignore it. This is, of course, just to just to have some fun. Like when you like a candy and you, on purpose, don't eat it just for fun... xD But hey, I'm no doctor either! :p

    I never use a watch, but I guess I'm taking kind an hour per floor... Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's the way it should be. hehehe
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  18. Haldurson

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    The thing about OCD (well, real OCD -- not saying that that's what LionsDen is describing) is that you can't control it with mere thought or willpower. It's like telling someone who hasn't eaten a bite in 3 days to not eat the meal in front of him -- at best, he'd ignore you, at worst, it would be like torture until he finally, inevitably started eating anyway.
  19. Kurohito

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    Indeed! But LionsDen could try this on DoD and see how unbearable it would be not searching every single corner. A DoD Diagnosis... hehehehe

    I think I read it but can't find now:

    I - how can I turn autosave off? It stutters every time it procs...

    II - There's a way I could kick a wall rather then throwing the lock picks on the ground, kick, and get it back? No burglary of course...
  20. LionsDen

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    I can ignore my OCD when I really want to but by searching the entire floor I find everything and get a little more experience by killing the monsters. :) I do have something with the number 5 though. But I can break that when I want to but most of the time I don't bother.