So, why IS there a once-per-install limit to each of the Wizardlands?

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  1. What's the problem with writing?
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    Actually, if you spent a few hours trying to learn how to remember codes, you would be able to. They aren't "random strings of random characters", but rather "words" built out of five phonemes each. And there are only so many phonemes, so after you learn how to see individual phonemes instead of whole words, it will be just a matter of remembering five numbers/characters/whatever you chose to represent the individual phonemes with. Of course it will still be unlikely for most people to remember more than, let's say, a dozen codes at once, but that is because of untrained memory and inherent brain limitations.

    But I'm digressing. The point is, it is possible to remember the codes for long enough to be able to input them without having to write them down, for as long as you know how to do that. And if you want to use the codes you found on another character, you'd write them down regardless, which is more convenient to do with a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil than it is with tabbing out to another program.

    Though the game shan't be crashing on you - that is something to fix.