So, why IS there a once-per-install limit to each of the Wizardlands?

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    Codes are pretty much seeds for generating the wizardlands. Every copy of DoD uses the same algorithm for generating wizardlands with those seeds, and it defaults to Diggle Hell when the seed is not a valid one, so yes, whatever code was generated for anyone is valid for everyone.
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    Please elaborate. Do you know what to change?
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    In your documents/Gaslamp Games/ theres a file w_keys.dat or similar, if you delete that everything works again
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  5. Ugh, this seems like a really irritating mechanic to me.
    See, I'm the kind of person who stockpiles resources, "just in case". I don't throw around ingots, or chug potions just when things are slightly dicey, or use up my wands right away - I tend to hold on to things until I "really need them". And of course this isn't the best strategy, but it's the mentality with which I approach Dredmor. So the problem becomes that the wizardlands are now a resource that carries over between games. I love that if you die in dredmor, you can just start again fresh with no repercussions on your next build. But if I go into three or four really nice wizardlands on a build and then get killed by a monster zoo on DL3, it feels bad because those are three wizardlands I won't be able to use on my next run. And so I'll just end up stockpiling the 'resource' of wizardlands "until I really need them" and never go into them, on any build.
    I mean, I don't know how to fix this without restricting wizardlands to being used in the dungeon they're found, which defeats the purpose of sharing codes, but it just makes me want to never actually go into a wizardland. :/
    ((sorry this got really long winded...))
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    I do the same thing and think the same way. If I need an awesome weapon on my wizard or a :mana_regen: ring on my warrior I just feel bad. And I have to spend so much time writing things down. I thinking I'll just ignore the wizardlands for the time being.
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    I follow this guy's advice:

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    delete wkeys_all.dat in your gaslamp games folder in My Documents. Use honor system to never go back into explored wizardlands if playing a different character. Everyone wins.
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    Yay thankyou for telling me how to get some wizardlands back. I used up all the ones round here and then pulled a lever >< Thaaaaaaaaats a dead character. And alla dem wizard levels wasted ><. Now I get them back! YAY! Sure, NOW I could exploit the system to get infinite artifacts. But where is the fun in that?

    Also, do not pull the lever. Never pull the lever.
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    You can't carry any of your equipment over from another character. I don't see why the wizardland codes should be any different, but to each their own I suppose.
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    They are meant to be traded. Wizardlands are either very similar or the same each time. So you get a cool level 3 wizardland and you post it for your friends who does it. However, if you could do them every time it would take a lot of randomness out of the game. Every game you would go into that level 3 wizardland with a 10 star item at the end.
  12. Honestly, yeah, I'd prefer if you could only go into wizardlands whose codes you found with that character, but since the devs want them to be tradable, they have to be useable on multiple saves.
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    Actually, not really. It is just the way you see it, but for things to be tradeable, they don't have to be reusable for people who already used them. You know, like one-time special offers, where you can bring other people so that they'll benefit from it too but that won't give you any more.
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  14. Sorry, should have been clearer. When I said "usable on multiple saves" I meant "not tied to the character who found them". My bad.
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    I do know you meant that, and this was my answer to your words which I interpreted in the way you wanted me to.

    My point is, with how many wizardlands we have, making them reusable for players (not for characters) would still be enough to make them too abusable, because most people would start making lists of "good wizardlands" to visit with every one of their characters.
    It would be great if there were ways to get random wizardlands without having to go to the trouble of gathering them from your friends, though, so that you'd be able to explore more of them without prior knowledge of what is inside - that I do agree with.
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    Well... how many codes are possible?
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    I personally have only been using my own codes -- ones that I've personally found. And I'm not deleting the data file to revive the old codes, nor am I annotating what I've found in each wizardland.
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    A hundred thousands, if not more.
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    The problem, in my humble opinion, is, you shouldn't consider wizardlands found on a character, to be a resource for another of your character. At least, since I kind of have the same mindset as you, that's what I decided to do to avoid losing on this new feature.

    In short : I will only use on a character, the wizardlands that character has stumbled upon (or codes a fallen previous adventurer never got the time to use).

    I usually wait until the end of a level to use the codes I found on it and I decided that, unless the character I'm using really need some sort of help equipment/xp wise at that moment, I wouldn't use other people's codes. And if I do use these codes, I won't check the loot beforehand to keep a certain randomness factor. Besides I wouldn't be able to decide if that character is worth that awesome ring, armor, etc. and should he die 2 minutes later, I know I'll feel like I wasted that item on him.

    Having said that, I find the sharing thing to be a great idea, so you can expect me to share my discoveries here.

    There's a partial solution to that problem : a character that discovers a graffiti is the only one that can use it. Otherwise no limitation. If you take someone else's code, since none of your character actually discovered it, any of them is free to use it. That would prevent the stockpiling of wizardlands, promote sharing more and would also prevent any low-DL codes farming (ie create a character that starts really strong just to search for graffitis) if such a thing has any usefulness.
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    (Sorry for the semi-necro) My big issue with the wizardlands is that I have to manually write the codes down (not able to tab out or the game crashes on me).

    If the game had something like a list of the codes you find on your character, maybe a drop-down menu, I'd visit the wizardlands a lot more. Sure, leaving the input box would be needed as well, since you'd want to use codes from friends, or to go to the Diggle Hell, but the way it is now, it's just so much time consuming for a character that may very well die 5 minutes later because of permadeath.

    Here's an example code I got: Crokiimagmaglech .. There was nothing worth it whatsoever in that wizardland for me (I don't know if mods change what items are spawned, so YMMV if it's affected) other than exp. But there was no way I could remember the code without writing it down, and that's a fairly simple one, too..