So, why IS there a once-per-install limit to each of the Wizardlands?

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    I can understand once-per-character; it'd make it rather easy to grind up infinite awesomesauce from rooms that are guaranteed to drop unusually broad stringed instruments. But these rooms are rare enough that allowing entry to any given Wizardland once per character wouldn't greatly impact play (given that it's already possible, once per install, to open up one of these awesomesauce rooms to give a fresh level 1 character a full set of DL15 gear).

    The once-per-install thing is particularly irksome considering that the codes we're being given in-game don't seem to work half the time; several codes have sent people to Diggle Hell, and one memorable code (Bangunfuumnggorunfuum) is too long for the code entry form. Yes I know it's just been released, it's still annoying.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    It's intended to prevent things like, say, finding an easy wizardland with amazing artifacts and then just using that at the start of every run for super easy wins.

    Admittedly there's nothing stopping anyone from messing with the files that govern the limit, but the idea is that these are more random fun things for you to explore and share with friends, rather than something to be used repeatedly and exploitatively.

    ..and let's be honest, roguelikes are all about randomness.
  3. Is it possible to run out of Wizardlands?
  4. Kazeto

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    Yes. But you won't be alive for long enough to do it on your own.
  5. Frandarre

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    I think so, but they will add more at one point
  6. J-Factor

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    They're about as finite as the grains of sand on a beach.

    I wouldn't worry about it.
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  7. That's a good kind of finite then and I think it's more interesting with this restriction.
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    This is somewhat disappointing, as I was hoping to build a stable of favorite wizard lands. Not to exploit. I just imagined myself needing something specific, and knowing I could risk going to X wizard land to get it. Not a big deal really, as this is a cool new feature as it is.
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    So wait, are codes a one-time appearance and/or unique to your player?
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    Nope, there's a list of codes that can be shared with other players. You can only use a code once.
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    Oh, okay, so basically you can gather all the codes, enter them all at once and they, uh, stay active, I guess?
    That's what was advertized before release, but the, uh, posts here were a little confusing in that respect.

    Yeah I figured you'd run out of codes when you find them all, but you can find them several times (at least until you use them) if I'm not still confused?
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    You find them once, and you can use them once. But you won't run out. Trust me.
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    I don't really like the system though. It takes such a long time to write down, type in, find out there was a mistake, go over the code again. Just for a crappy artifact. I kinda want them to remember each code I find in my game.
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    I have a question about them -- how does the level scale? Does it scale to the dlvl that the code was found on, or does it scale to the furthest level you've explored? Or what?
  16. Null

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    It scales to the level the code was found on. In fact you can look at the second-to-last phoneme to see what floor it is from. E.g. gor is floor one, mag is two, kii is three or four, see is zero (just telling you because you can't use it)
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    Good to know. Thanks.
  18. Borodin

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    So can anyone confirm that if you apply a code found by somebody else to open a Wizardlands gate, you won't end up with a red gate going to Diggle Hell?
  19. Megaron

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    I can confirm that. You'll only go to Diggle Hell if you mistype a password or if you button mash and don't stumble upon a pass in the process.
  20. Haldurson

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    You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that will happen if you type in a non-legitimate code. I've been very careful so far with my own codes, and haven't tried anyone else's yet so I've yet to see Diggle Hell. I may try to go there on purpose one of these days, when I have a character that I don't mind killing off (sometimes if I'm not enjoying a particular build, I've quit the game early in the past -- usually because I've made a big mistake, or the build was random to begin with). But now that character can at least serve a purpose..