So whats the point of Communism?

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  1. So why not just replace the item and recipe with a high cooldown skill which, on use, simulates throwing one? That way there is no worry about farming them or being unable to get more. Although the Magical Law capstone may still be a concern, at the very least you would need to be using the skill as you throw them (instead of getting a ton in advance) so it reduces the rate of fire (one every two turns) and puts a mana constraint on it. (Unless cooldown reset immunity can also be added somehow)
  2. Kazeto

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    Well, it's not really difficult to make it impossible for it to be used for a certain number of turns even if we account the possibility of Magical Law's capstone being used. It's just a little fun with buffs/debuffs and triggers, after all.
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  3. Warlock

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    In Soviet Russia, Stubbornness scales to The Bomb!
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  4. Nikolai

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    I'm sure that a flag can be created to disable compatibility with Magical Law's capstone.
  5. Essence

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    Like Kazeto said, there's no need for a special flag. Just a debuff that The Bomb checks for and fails under.
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  6. Nacho

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    Aren't there skills that remove debuffs?
  7. Essence

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    Only if they're marked as debuffs. debuffs that aren't marked as such (like the Haematic Phylactery one) can't be removed.)
  8. Nacho

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    Alright, though I'd be worried about camping if it was on a timer. It's not that big of a deal to skip a few thousand turns if it means getting a dozen bombs.
  9. Wolg

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    "I CAN WALK!"
    (debuff, brittle, 100 hits, can't be cleansed, prevents launching the Bomb)

    (edit: not exactly wizard or high-defense friendly to make something recharge by requiring you take damage, admittedly...)
  10. Psylence

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    I think the capstone should be buffed. As it stands now, it's worth 3 :resist_transmutative: and a third of a zoo (plus a bit more if you have wand crafting and luck finding Orbs of Nothing). You can't even nuke Dredmor, he can resist most of it except for the small amount of :dmg_aethereal: the radiation deals.

    Perhaps instead of giving a bomb, the capstone could give you a buff like Vanguard Party that gives you some stats in exchange for the possibility of it randomly melting down in combat in a small nuclear explosion (you could call the buff "Thaumanuclear Power"). Then you could weaponize it by building a lot of :armor_asorb: and some more :resist_transmutative: in addition to a few complimentary exotic resistances to help resist the radiation, but you'd potentially kill yourself if you didn't.

    Although, now that I think about it. I would be totally fine with Iron Curtain being the capstone and since most skills have 5 or 6 levels and communism has 7, you're not really missing out on anything.
  11. Kaidelong

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    The Bomb is terribly weak. That said, it is fine as it is and doesn't need fixed. A cooldown AoE skill might be neat, but really.
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  12. Avathacis

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    I think the point of Communism was to give a defensive skill that isn't just "apply all your shit and go fight, it'll work.". Communism is sort of a gimmicky defensive skill - Guerilla Strike gives a brief invis and stun(?), Socialised Healthcare gives +1hp/turn, Vanguard Party gives a nice boost to stats, General Winter is an aoe damage effect when struck. And it has a lot of Stubborness (General Winter scales with that shit,yo). The Bomb might be a bit out of place, but I think zoo's could counter Communism (lots of mobs, so, possibly, lots of Communist Party Debuffs, you might get stuck in General Winter and Socialised Healthcare doesn't have such a big effect against larger packs.) and maybe the Trans res is against mages?
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  13. Essence

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    Pretty sure the :resist_transmutative: is to help you survive if you get caught on the edge of the Bomb. It does :dmg_transmutative: damage, yes?
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  14. Kazeto

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    Yup, it's transmutative damage.
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  15. Avathacis

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    @Essence and Kazeto, well yeah. But it's not like having extra resistances would ever hurt :D. I guess my point still stands.
  16. Vitellozzo

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    Confusion, not stun.
    And lots of coolness, it's one of my preferite skills right now.