So how do the wizardlands work?

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    I don't really understand where people are getting these codes
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    I'l try and explain what little knowledge I have about this.

    Every now and then on each dungeon floor, you might find a "Mystical Chalk" on a wall as you do in Dungeons of Dredmor, when you find little tid bits and references in the game.

    However, unlike the other things, the Mystical Chalk is interactive, so when you interact with this chalk, you will be given a sort of code, whcih you can then use in the machine in the Pocket Dimension to create a portal which will allow you to enter the many Wizard Dimensions.

    However, the code can only be used once and once only, thus preventing any exploits of any Wizard dimensions which are absolute treasure troves.
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    Entering an invalid code into the machine (anything that isn't found from exploring or just gibberish) will dump you instead in Diggle Hell. YOU NO WANT.

    If you want to reuse your wizardland codes on another character simply delete wkeys_all.dat in your Gaslamp Games folder, in My Documents (where your save folders are stored.)
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    thank you, I'll keep an eye out for it

    Noted, and thank you.
  5. Also if you enter an invalid code the portal will be red instead of black.

    And if when in the wizardlands you see a small room with a lever in the bottom center of it and no other significant features, be careful of pulling it, it'll spawn to Evil Clones which are late game level monsters.
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    They can still be killed at a lower level if you have pumped such skills as Promethean magic or Battle Geology/Rogue Scientist. Just kite them and don't use acid.
  7. Anything with knockback or stun will help, yeah. They're beatable (and worth ~180xp) but not so much if they catch you by surprise :p

    Unlike diggle hell. Do not go there at level one I got one-hitted by a rogue diggle scientist the first time I went there >.<
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    I'm not dumb enough to hit Diggle Hell without endgame equipment and all skills maxed out. I'm too successful on this crafting build to die now. Perception is overpowered as poo poo with a crafter build. Infinite Throwables! Infinite Bolts! Infinite Traps! etc.