So do the male and female characters get married and stuff?

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  1. Ruigi

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    Could you tell us how far you fleshed out ideas about how male and female colonists will develop love interests and get married and stuff?

    For example will there be weddings?
    if some commoners get married, does anybody care?
    If nobles/aristocrats get married will they expect you to pay for it and give everyone on your colony the day off so they can drink free booze?
    Will there be love triangles? jealousy? adultery?
    Children? Illegitimate children? Fathers on the hook for child support?

    And a question about gender equality-- the more I think about how gender inequality and socialization was part of Victorian England. will Clockwork capture this in some way while still allowing gender equality in every profession?
  2. jhffmn

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    Well, gender equality is already out the window. Given the sample artwork the game has already gone down the dangerous path of pixulated sexual dimorphism. Unless male and female characters are visually indistinguishable, all discussion of equality is pointless. Until female soldiers go back to being flat chested and bearded, there can be no justice.
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  3. OmniaNigrum

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    I think you can safely bet on jealousy, adultery, and illegitimate children. As for the rest, I have no idea how Cthulhu thinks.
  4. HenrySpock

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    He has a hotline you know.

    But he primarily will swallow your soul.
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  5. Megaron

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    ...wait, wait, wait.
    What if a person under the influence of the Deep Ones can have a Lovecraftian child, but love it anyway?
    So the choices are execute the kid and make the villagers unhappy, or let it grow into a monster, hoping you can handle it?
    Oh my god.
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  6. Nikolai

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    Hey! Why can't the male and male characters get married too? And female and female?

    I mean, without accepting other pairs besides male and female, how are we supposed to allow the marriage of the deer and the squid?
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  7. Kazeto

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    It's obvious, male and female character are twins.
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  8. Nikolai

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    So, what, Clockwork Empries is going to be a game about rampant homosexuality and/or incest?



    I mean, that's cool, if you're into that, and stuff... different strokes for different boats, I guess... you know, whatever floats your folks...
  9. Loerwyn

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    Maybe it'll be like The Settlers 6 where the only way to meet someone is to go to a big piss-up and dance-off in the town square.
  10. Nikolai

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    You've heard it here first, GLG. The People want deep and nuanced dating mechanics! Forget about tactical combat and complex procedural AI behaviors.

    We want to make our citizens fall in luuuuuurve!

  11. OmniaNigrum

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    Excuse me while I vomit repeatedly.
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  12. Nikolai

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    Awwww, Omni's a little loveshy. Quick, group cuddle pile on Omni!
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  14. Kazeto

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    I suggest piling fluffy cats on him as the means of breaking his love trauma.
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    My current cat would object badly to that Kazeto.

    Here, it is high time I spammed one of his videos again. :D

    Yes, that horrible mess of a room is mine, and I am the guy with the gold bracelet on my left hand. My brother runs a ministry and was careful to edit out the parts of the clips where it was evident that I was walking around in nothing more than boxer shorts and socks at the time.

    Believe it or not, my room looks worse than that now. Much worse. If I had a book of matches I could easily clean it, but there is a burn ban in most parts of Texas right now....
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    That's a cute cat. You have a strange way of petting him, though. I usually use my fingers more than my palm.

    Not that Kazeto would know anything about that...
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    Yeah, cats aren't all that fond of me (though they aren't trying to kill me on sight either). It's dogs that treat me like some sort of god and are always friendly regardless of their behaviour towards others, even though I'm more of a cat person and I couldn't care less about dogs (and yes, my avatar is a "dog" and not a cat, if that's what you are talking about now).

    But the few times I petted cats, I did use my fingers too instead of using the whole palm. It's like trying to tickle them, really.

    PS. I think we should get back onto the topic. The last 6 or 7 posts are pretty much unrelated to it, and I don't want to force Daynab to finally take a life.
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    I'm not sure cats can ever be off-topic on the internet, but yes. Back to the homosexuality and incest.

    Given that there will presumably be steampunk-style cyborgs of some kind, will they also be allowed to love?

    Edit: Also, will there be cats which can breed excessively and can be used for food/nuclear weaponry?
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  19. Nikolai

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    Well, I would think a relationship system could expand on the current plan for association. You know, bad thing happens and a person's around, they might dislike the person a little more. Opposite could happen, too. So if something really great happens around someone[thing] they may fall in love.

    Maybe some of the research things would involve romance, be it the acceleration of it or the neutralization of it.

    Just think - you could create a mega-aphrodisiac and put it in the water supply to make your colony into a giant sexual commune! Orgies everywhere!

  20. MasterShizzle

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    Can you imagine how bad that'd be for the town, though? Great for tourism, I imagine, but productivity takes a big hit. You don't want your factory workers canoodling on the assembly lines, after all... ;)
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