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    A bit late—I fell asleep so that's where the few hours of delay come from—but here is the code ... thing that I said I will write:

    <spell name="Beat 1" type="self" wand="0">
    <buff useTimer="1" time="2" allowstacking="0" removable="1" bad="0" icon="skills/buzzing64.png" smallicon="skills/buzzing32.png" >
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="5"/>
    <spell name="Beat 2" type="self" wand="0">
    <buff useTimer="1" time="1" allowstacking="0" removable="1" bad="0" icon="skills/aikido64.png" smallicon="skills/aikido32.png" >
    <secondarybuff id="8" amount="20"/>
    <spell name="Beat 3" type="self" wand="0">
    <buff useTimer="1" time="1" allowstacking="0" removable="1" bad="0" icon="skills/spells/unconscious_precognition64.png" smallicon="skills/spells/unconscious_precognition32.png" >
    <secondarybuff id="4" amount="20"/>
    <spell name="Beat smash" type="template" templateID="88" anchored="0" wand="1">
    <effect type="damage" blasting="5" blastingF="1.5" primaryScale="2" />
    <effect type="movecurses" />
    <effect type="removebuffbyname" name="Beat 1"/>
    <effect type="removebuffbyname" name="Beat 2"/>
    <effect type="removebuffbyname" name="Beat 3"/>
    <effect type="knock" />
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/blastA/blastA" frames="4" firstframe="0" framerate="25" sfx="blast" centerEffect="1"/>
      <description text="Beat to the beat of my staff!."/>
    <spell name="Beat trigger 3" type="self" wand="0">
    <effect type="trigger" spell="Beat 1"/>
    <spell name="Beat trigger 2" type="self" wand="0">
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffonnottrigger="1" requirebuffonnottriggername="Beat 1" spell="Beat trigger 3"/>
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffontrigger="1" requirebuffontriggername="Beat 1" amount="1" spell="Beat 2"/>
    <spell name="Beat trigger 1" type="self" wand="0">
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffonnottrigger="1" requirebuffonnottriggername="Beat 2" spell="Beat trigger 2"/>
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffontrigger="1" requirebuffontriggername="Beat 2" amount="1" spell="Beat 3"/>
    <spell name="Beat" type="self" wand="1">
    <effect type="damage" blasting="4" blastingF="1" secondaryScale="10" />
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffonnottrigger="1" requirebuffonnottriggername="Beat 3" spell="Beat trigger 1"/>
    <effect type="trigger" requirebuffontrigger="1" requirebuffontriggername="Beat 3" spell="Beat smash"/>
    Do note that uncommenting the commented-out part will make it work every fourth hit, whereas with them commented out it will work on the fourth hit and then every two hits.

    Also, I haven't really done anything about the effects it is supposed to be doing, merely about the trigger ... things, so if it does anything weird not related to that then the fault is not in what I did.

    And now I'm going back to sleep ...
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