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    Hello Gaslamp's Dungeons of Dredmor fans and enthusiasts! My name is Lance but you can call me Hexavolt. I ,too, stumbled upon this great game and the possibility of mods! I've tried most of them and everyone's work was so good and inspiring I thought that I would take a shot at it. This class is a all around support skill based tree. Geared at giving you blanketed stat bonuses, allowing one to craft ANYTHING without taking any crafting classes, coveted access to unlimited lockpicks, and a teleport! Of course! I will note a few things before you move on,​
    1. This is a spur of the moment project done by a first time DoD modder.​
    2. This project on this date (1/18/2012 9pm EST) was completed in 1 sitting (4hrs).​
    3. There was no real planning or balancing done​
    4. I did no artwork. They are all borrowed from the game itself.​
    5.I had planned on a pet spell too, but couldn't get it to make a "Deth" pet without crashing.​
    6. I didn't make this for ANYONE other than myself and my mate, but I figured that I'd share.​
    7. Accepting constructive critisism... not trollin and rants.​
    8. The idea was to rip the feeling of necessity of a few skills in Going Rouge,​
    so that we could try different combinations and survive.​
    "You've conquered dungeons in your sleep! Dredmor doesn't stand a chance!"
    Burliness +2, Sagacity+2, Nimbleness+2, Caddishness+2, Savvy+2, Stubbornness+2
    "Tradeskills? Pfft, I MADE skills!"
    Tinkering+5, Smithing+5, Alchemy+5, Wandlore+5, Sight Radius+5​
    "Vorpal Locksmith"
    "No lock can escape time and space."
    SUMMON 25 lockpicks // COOLDOWN 25 Turns
    "Come at me bro! I'm right here bro!"
    Armor+2, Magic Resist+2
    "Psycharmor Charge"
    "You talk a mean game and for a short time, you can back it up."
    5hit shield // COOLDOWN 20 Turns
    Armor+3, Magic Resist+3​
    Crushing+2, Slashing+2, Blasting+2, Piercing+2, Conflagratory+2,​
    Hyperboren+2, Voltaic+2, Toxic+2, Righteous+2, Necromantic+2,​
    Acidic+2, Putrefying+2, Transmutative+2, Aethereal+2,​
    Asphyxiative+2, Existential+2​
    "The girlies, they love it! The boys just call me a hax0r."​
    Block+3, Dodge+3, Counter+3, EDR+3, HP Regen+3, MANA Regen+3, Magic Reflect+12​
    "Desolation has become a way of life... or death... whatever."​
    Critical+3, Haywire+3, Spell Power+3, Melee Power+3​
    : DMG BONUSES :​
    Crushing+1, Slashing+1, Blasting+1, Piercing+1​
    "Flash Step"​
    "Master of the Desolate Arts, you have learned to move at such speeds, as if you walk on air."​
    Teleport in straight sight // COOLDOWN 3 Turns​
    "You've seen all his movies and know all the tricks. Please god, don't let there be snakes."​
    Sneak+12, Trap Level+5, Trap Sight+5​
    33% chance for "Plunder" on hit​
    "What do ya think it's worth Doc?"​
    Sacrifice artifact for XP // COOLDOWN 0 Turns​
    "All that time spent closer to the bowels of hell has garnered you some benefits!​
    HP+15, MANA+15​
    End-Tree Bonus Totals
    Burliness +2
    Sight Radius+5

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    This skill clearly and undeniably breaks the game.
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  4. Loren

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    See bullet point #6.
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    *sigh* In this case, I was being short-sighted.
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    Yep... I've only seen it on a few shields and from what I can tell its essentially just a magic dodge. I figured even if you have 2 books you should have some chance of jumping out of the way of a fireball... it only seems logical.
  8. Essence

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    Sigh. I hate it when I have to explain my jokes.

    See this: "..." -- this means "dead silence. No idea how to reply."

    Then this:":reflection:!!" -- this means "Oh, I have an idea about what to say: I can use this man's own commentary, but aim it at him, because, well, it's true!"

    Then, you know, the giant banner. Because I'm honestly not sure if you're stupid or trolling. Points #3 and #7 in the OP seem to indicate that you're trolling, because they're quite mutually exclusive. If you didn't make any effort at balancing the mod, why ask for constructive criticism? Because you can pretty much guess without any effort that the constructive criticism in question is going to be "BALANCE THE MOD!".

    But who knows?
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    On the off chance that you are not the trolling one, hexavolt,
    This is pretty much spot-on. Your skill is easily worth 2-3 skill lines with all those bonuses.
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    Just because the world has to be so flaw oriented... no i didn't balance the mod... that bullet was to assist in the quelling of people posting with "its not balanced". Constructive criticism could have been something encouraging... if a product sells 10,000 and it allows mods... even if 500 ACTUALLY make one, its still a fraction of the playerbase... so i thought ya'll would be more supportive but pfft... forget it.

    maybe you could use it for fun or to try out combinations that would otherwise fail.... Its a MOD. No one said it has to adhere to a specific standard. Its been given certain creative rights to organize it into something I crafted with my own hands. And such I did. I shared it out of hope that someone would like the idea and not be the type of person to code their own mod.
  11. Essence

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    Don't get me wrong. I'm supportive of anyone who wants to make a balanced and fun mod. I'll help you out in any way I can if you tell me that's your goal. But posting a mod that obviously overpowered, immediately accusing the first person who told you so of being stupid and/or trolling, and then waving it off with a bad attitude when a few people tell you that your shit does indeed stink...well, that bring us right back to your own demotivator.

    If you want us to help you make a mod that will be fun, rather than blatantly gamebreaking, we will. But you have to actually say that.
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    Well to be fair, either you want criticism or you don't. If you like the skill as it is then you can say "it's done and enjoy even if it's unbalanced" if you don't intend to change it to make it better. Then don't say "open to constructive criticism" and accuse people of trolling.
  13. An "impossible to kill" skill with ridic bonuses to all defensive stats could be useful for testing game mechanics, other mods, or seeing how long it takes to kill monsters using ((other skill)). I've thought about using one from time to time, though I always end up deciding that I enjoy the game enough to run tests "the hard way". Not sure what a bunch of bonuses to killing power could help you test, but at least this mod exists if I ever want to trivialize the game while testing out room layouts or something. Thanks!
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  14. Essence

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    Right. Daynab brings up a good point. If you just tell everyone that it's supposed to be massively overpowered, that's actually totally cool, too. It's when you expect to be taken seriously about it that we start to wonder. :)
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    there was nothing constructive about "it breaks the game" ... not even a "maybe if you put all the stats to +1, it could be viable for "legit-play" or "oh i like this mod...but maybe you could make it so there are 2 empty skills points you have to spend until you start the tree" I mean the class is called DUNGEON MASTER, so its a little overpowered. Give CONSTRUCTIVE critisism not "SUCK!" and "LAME!" style "just statement" comments.
  16. Samupo

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    I won't complain that it's unbalanced because it's intended to be like that, no negative feelings in that part. But bullet point 3 seems prepotent to me.

    As of constructive critisism I'll recommend you not to post big images like that, make them smaller because scrolling for not getting new information isn't fun. Try to make your posts smaller, compress the information. Use smaller characters, if you want to emphasize something you can underline it or make it bold. As it is a "presentation" post, try not to give readers irrelevant information.

    Have fun.
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  17. Essence

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    That's because we're all still (well maybe I'm slow and it's just me, IDK) honestly not sure whether you intend the skill to be overpowered or not. We have to figure out what your intent is before we can figure out how to respond.

    Let's make this really clear and simple:


    P.S. Samupo, I haven't learned a new word in about two years. Thank you for "prepotent". ;)
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    Also, just letting you know, your icon images are broken for me in the post, not sure if it's a dropbox problem or whatnot.
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    either or... why does it have to be one or the other. If any changes are made, regardless, would constitute another version. And why couldn't a project fork in two directions?
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    Well, I prefer mods that I can use in good conscience that don't clearly make the game extremely easy, so it's not my cup of tea. But best of luck on this project. ;)