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    I've had this idea in my head since the second time I played this game. Now, a year later and a free weekend gone, I've managed to get the coding down and figure out what I wanted to create. I have the .xml files created, but I haven't validated them or created icons yet. Those should come in a week or two, but in the meantime I'd like to see everyone's thoughts on my first mod.

    Mechanically, its skills roughly follow the outline of the weapon trees, but without the focus on mundane damages. Flavor-wise, I've traced a general history of philosophy and what I think would be the closest approximations to their effects. The basic premise of the Philosopher skill is: why let wizards have all the fun using their heads to their advantage?

    Philosopher: Sophie inspired you to turn inwards to solve your external problems of navigating a monster-infested dungeon. Description: Merely thinking about life gives you powers to mentally spar with the best of them. All while bashing their heads.

    Level 0: I know nothing! As Socrates once said, only an idiot deals in absolutes. Gives you an edge over those know-it-all magic users.
    +1 :stubborness:, +1 :magic_resist:, +1 :resist_existential:

    Level 1: Aristotle and the Fifth Element Strike with the classical four, plus the fifth element, Aether! Brought to you by the guy who thought his underwear was made out of fire.
    +1 :sagacity:, Granted ability: Fifth Element
    Fifth Element: Behold! The five elements! (Sorry, no Milla Jovovich included.); 20% chance to proc on a hit, 7 turn cooldown. Causes 1 :dmg_putrefying:, 1 :dmg_hyperborean:, 1 :dmg_aphyxiative:, 1 :dmg_conflagratory:, 1 :dmg_aethereal:

    Level 2: Cogito Ergo Sum When under distress, separate your mind from your body to calm yourself. Chance to increase mental attributes when hit. Can stack up to 3 times.
    +2 :resist_existential:, Granted ability: Cartesian Dualist
    Cartesian Dualist: Believe in myself who believes in me! Increases Sagacity and Stubborness as well as granting some Magic Reflect briefly. 20 % chance to proc on being hit, 5 turn duration, stacks up to 3 times. Grants +1 :sagacity:, +2 :stubborness:, +5% :reflection:.

    Level 3: Locke. It. Down. Everyone begins with a blank slate, meaning that you can change yourself!. If only you didn't realize this until mid-way through your dungeon crawl! Otherwise, you could have yourself into literally anything!
    +2 :sagacity:, +4 :stubborness:, +2 :resist_transmutative:

    Level 4: You Kant do that! Question the morality the actions of surrounding enemies. Laugh heartily as they wrestle with what is right or wrong while you hack them down, already having satisfied the angels and demons on your own shoulder. Allows you to perform and area attack.
    Granted ability: Use your head!
    Use your head!: Ask if what they think they're doing is really the right path. Does an area-effect attack which paralyzes enemies. 12 turn cooldown, 1 :dmg_righteous:, paralyzes surrounding enemies for 2 turns.

    Level 5: The Third Option It's not easy to take beatings in pursuit of the greater good for those on the surface. You alone define why trudging through these depths are worth it. And you are sure of it.
    +3 :caddishness:, +2 :stubborness:, -2 :resist_righteous:

    Level 6: Dread Solipsist Your mind alone exists. All else is in your head. If you ever escape this horrid dungeon, then perhaps you could even become an Ubermensch such that Nietzsche would be proud.
    +2 :stubborness:, +2 :dmg_existential:, +2 :dmg_righteous:, +2 :resist_transmutative:, +2 :resist_existential:

    My thoughts: lower levels might be a little overpowered. The level 4 ability seems too similar to the staff skill's area attack, but I'm not sure I have any other good ideas for flavor.

    Bonus: "stubbornness" is misspelled. "stubborness" is only accepted if you want it to be turned into an icon. Similarly, "asphyxiative" is spelled "aphyxiative", although this is more forgivable since it's a made-up word.
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    +1 just for Dungeons and Discourse reference. This looks tight in idea and in execution. :)
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    I think this could be a lot of fun. My only concern is that while skill 6 is very solid (4 points of damage is nothing to sneeze at, plus there are other benefits), a tree ending in passives is not super exciting. But the levels are really well thought out and I love the skill/ability names. Made me lol.