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    Because ponies are awesome. This tree offers a wide variety of generally-useful stat buffs and proc-on-hit effects, for the discerning melee-based Rogue.
    Equestrian Expatriate
    You draw power from harmonic memories of your homeland -- which you left for mysterious, inadequately explained reasons. You can take the adventurer out of Equestria, but you can't take the Equestria out of the adventurer.

    Power of Generosity
    You have a flair for the dramatic and a knack for finding all sorts of shiny, shiny treasure. Also, grievous injuries. You oh-so-generously 'donate' the latter to the dungeon's residents whenever possible.
    :savvy:1 :edr:2; 15% on-hit to Generously Donate an extra few points of damage and cause internal bleeding.

    Power of Honesty
    In truth, you find strength. In unrelated news, food falls from the sky when you kick trees.
    :burliness:1 :stubborness:1; 25% on-hit and 35% on-kill to Applebuck a vegetable, causing some extra damage and dropping one (or more!) apple-related items.

    Power of Laughter
    When confronted by scary monsters, you can't help but giggle at the ghostie. Turns out that the scary monsters -- especially undead -- really, really hate that.
    :caddishness:1; 25% on-hit and 35% on-kill to Giggle at an undead monster, gaining a handful of resistances and stat boosts for a few turns, though it's hard to sneak around while laughing. Also, there's a 15% chance when hit by any monster to start Giggling, and the on-undead-kill Giggle gives a small amount of XP.

    Power of Kindness
    Apparently, the way into a creature's heart is to swing back and forth between extremes of apologetic timidity and alpha-(fe)male dominance. Who knew?
    15% on-hit and when-hit to Stare at the offender, inflicting a short defense debuff and possibly scaring it away. Once every 50 turns, you can declare that a monster is going to love you -- and it shall be so. Well, for 25 turns, at least.

    Power of Loyalty
    You've partied with ponies, and you're seeing rainbooms. In practical terms, your physically-impossible bursts of speed let you love and tolerate everything in sight, for varying definitions of 'love' and 'tolerate.' It takes a lot out of you, though ...
    :nimbleness:1; Once every 50 turns you can invoke a Sonic Rainboom, loving your way into the very midst of your enemies and tolerating them for (up to) 35+0.75:magic_power: damage, spread across 7 damage types. All that love and tolerance makes you shed :life:35 and :mana:20, however.

    Power of Magic
    You've completed your treatise on the magic of friendship -- and its practical applications. Which, yes, there are still practical applications for friendship when you're trapped, alone, in a dungeon where everything is trying to kill you.
    :sagacity:1 :stubborness:1 :life_regen:1 :mana_regen:1; Once every 100 turns you can greatly buff your primary stats for as long as your rapidly-depleting Mana holds out, but doing so also greatly slows your regeneration.

    Elemental Harmony
    You've been blessed by the touch of Faust, which you can in turn share with others. It makes you feel about 20% cooler. And warmer, and voltaic-er, and ...
    :resist_acidic::resist_aethereal::resist_aphyxiative::resist_conflagratory::resist_existential::resist_hyperborean::resist_nercomatic::resist_putrefying::resist_righteous::resist_toxic::resist_transmutative::resist_voltaic:2, which incidentally cuts out a third of Rainboom's self-damage. For obvious reasons, the touch of Lauren Faust gives you 30% on-hit to inflict Midas.

    I've tested things enough that they should be functional, though I would like some input as to whether things are too weak/strong/whatever.

    0.5: Initial release.
    0.6: Bugfixes:
    - Fixed the Power of Honesty crash-on-proc bug. In related news, Granny Smith's revolutionary möbius-strip pie tin has been outlawed and destroyed. The ensuing stock price drop has forced Sweet Apple Acres' dungeon-outlet store to end its perpetual "Buy One, Get One" sale.
    - Fixed Power of Laughter. Pinkie Pie has agreed to calm the heck down once in a while, though she reserves the right to giggle five times simultaneously. Whatever that means.
    - Nerfed Power of Kindness by removing two-thirds of the proc-on-hit and proc-when-hit effects. Fluttershy will be more assertive in the future, so the other third actually does something now, making this a net buff. If, um, that's okay.
    0.7: Rebalancing:
    - Modified Power of Generosity's Generous Donation and Power of Honesty's Applebucking to be a little weaker early-game, but a little stronger late-game. This also makes them less suspiciously-but-entirely-coincidentally similar to Swordplay's Liechtenauer's Overhau and Killer Vegan's Green Harvest, respectively. For best (and most catastrophic) results, use with Essence's Essential Core Skills Rebalance.
    - Rejiggered Power of Kindness' Stare Master to have the effect it was supposed to have in v.0.5. Fluttershy's assertiveness lessons have apparently paid off.
    - Swapped the order of Power of Loyalty and Power of Magic.
    - Nerfed Power of Loyalty's Sonic Rainboom by making it actually function as advertised.
    - Power of Magic now allows you to vent Mana directly into your primary stats, at the cost of your HP and MP regeneration.

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  2. Loren

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    I'll get around to trying this once I'm done with my self-inflicted icon drawing hell.
  3. Daynab

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    I updated the mod index but didn't add this yet since nobody's commented on it yet, but let me know when you consider it ready.
  4. Mr. J

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    I found a few bugs when playing around with this one, The Stare debuff and giggle at the ghostly buff lasts infinitely and the "apple-buck" thing causes the game to crash sometimes (though this could be a coincidence, i'll have to test it more) another thing with the Stare thingy is that it has no effect on monsters (as far as i could see) the name would pop up over a monster and nothing would happen.
    Hope this helped you out a bit :)
  5. Werediggler

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    The applebuck crash has happened to me too.
  6. Lunix Vandal

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    That's just as well then. ;)

    Uploaded a new version with fixes for the issues Mr. J pointed out. Or at least for the most probable causes of said issues.
  7. AlabasterRae

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    I'll have more to say when I'm done testing this but I like it on paper.
  8. My instant gripe is that the Power of Magic isn't the level 6 power. After all, magic makes it all complete. :V Maybe tone down the one and beef up the other to go with the changed order?
  9. Lunix Vandal

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    Dear Princess Celestia,
    I knew I was forgetting something. New version uploaded.
    Your loyal brony,
    Lunix Vandal
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    Just wanted to say I love your work here. The flavor is lovely.

    Though your decisions in putting in a vegetable-specific buff, an undead-specific buff, and SO much randomly applied on-hit extra damage and buffs/debuffs are odd and I question the balance here. Not sure how happy I am with the capstone of "minor resist vs everything" as well.
  11. Kazuhiro

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    More thoughts upon playing around with this.

    Sonic Rainboom can be used for some pretty sick shenanigans. It drains your mana instead of costing mana, so it can drive your mana into the negatives.

    Complete Harmony doesn't impress me. +3 to all stats and it wipes out my awesome health regen? Clearly you mean to make it so that you can't walk around with it on all the time like you can with some buffs, so you should make it appropriately massive to match.

    As suspected, the final level's Midas trick isn't thaaaat valuable, certainly not worthy of how deep down the list it is. This skill has more levels in it than most skills, so the final levels should be huge.