[Skill] Blood Knight

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by lccorp2, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Loving the icons! I look forward to the new version when the patch hits :)
  2. kino5

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    Wow, it really looks amazing. I'll try to finish my current game with Blood Knight so I can compare when the new one comes out!
  3. vash

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    As you probably so sick and tired of hearing, Blood Price is way to strong even in v0.51. Maybe having the user lose health every so many rounds might balance it.

    Also Crimson Flurry seems to kill everything even in going rouge. its a good skill but seems if it were a tier 6 or 7 skill. That’s just my opinion at least.
  4. lccorp2

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    Scaling issues should be resolved with 1.0.10 when I can get things to scale to :melee_power: and not :magic_power:, which warriors get absolutely none of, leading to BP being to strong at the start and too weak later on.
  5. lccorp2

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    New version updated to fit 1.0.10.
  6. lccorp2

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    Ugh, Blood Price balancing is hard.

    Scaling to :life: is still a tad OPed, but looks better - expect an update later today.
  7. Kaidelong

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    Why not make Blood Price rank 2 and put something else in rank 1?

    A nice thing to have on rank 1 might be a stacking on kill buff of :life:, to offset the -:life: when you're taking blood from monsters
  8. I can't say I like the idea of a stacking HP kill buff at rank 1, but I also agree with the general proposition that Blood Price shouldn't be rank 1.
    I've played around with this tree a lot lately, and my observations were that you could just get the tree for blood price, then forget about it alltogether until you had points to spare. I think Blood Price is fine as it is, but getting it at rank 1 allows you to power through DL1 and 2 too easily just by popping your first two levels into something like Master of Arms. Making blood price rank 2 or 3 (i prefer 3, tbh), means that you still get to have the cool ability, but you have to forego 2 levels elsewhere to get it. Personally, I'd reshuffle the skills around - Make Rank 2>1, Rank 3>2, and Rank 1>3
  9. lccorp2

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    Good idea. I'll do that when I get around to reworking the skill.
  10. karl hunter

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    luv the mod m8 works a treat....apart from one problem i have, when i use the boring speech i always get a crash saying missing PNG or something keep 4getting to write down exactly wot it says, checked the files and the boring speech file is there along with the image for it but it refuses to work.....any ideas cheers buddy.....RED
  11. lccorp2

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    Fixed for the next version.