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    So I had the idea of a skill that somewhat turns you into a banshee but I'm not sure about how to make it.
    More exactly, what would make sense ? You're somewhat aetherial of course, meaning less physical damage in both way, a scream to scare things and maybe damage people but what else ?
    It's of course wizard oriented. I guess to be exact it's defensive / utility wizard oriented.

    Presentation :
    This is a tanky - sneaky oriented wizard skill. Intended to work best with warlockery.

    Total stats :
    bonus to sneak, dodge, armour reduction, some physical resists, magic, haywire
    malus to health, health regen, melee combat in general, magic resist, and maybe to crafting ?

    Starting item : Ghostly Gibus

    Capstone :
    Desc : You've mastered the dark arts of being a ghost ! and are now completely ethereal or something
    Effect : You can levitate, woohoo ! Also no more food or drinks.

    Spell : Boo!
    Desc: You like to scare people out of their pants, don't you ?
    Effect: Single targert / AoE spell that has a chance to scare / paralyse, maybe with a knockback.

    Spell : Intangible form
    Effect: become invisible + levitation for a few turns

    <!-- version 0.2.1 -->


    Maybe a frost related spell.
    Obviously a scream spell.
    And an escape spell

    <skill name="Bansheeaboo" id="130590" type="wizard" description="Banshee !">
    <art icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png"/>
    <loadout type="armour" subtype="Cracked Orb" always="1" amount="1"/> <!-- TODO: replace by something more ghostlicious -->
    <!--polymorphedOnly="1" polymorphTag="[Batty Form]"/--> <!--TODO: remove after use-->

    <ability startSkill="1" name="Bansheeaboo" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" >
    <description text="You're not a ghost you know ? A ghost ? I'd like to be a ghost !"/>

    <ability name="Apprentice ghost" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="0">
    <description text="You're a bit hard to touch but that's it."/>
    <primarybuff id="0" amount="-3"/> <!--Burliness-->
    <primarybuff id="1" amount="2"/> <!--Sagacity-->
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="3" /> <!--Nimbleness-->
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="-2" /> <!--Caddishness-->
    <primarybuff id="5" amount="2" /> <!--Savvy-->
    <secondarybuff id="0" amount="0"/><!--Health-->
    <secondarybuff id="2" amount="0"/><!--Melee power-->
    <secondarybuff id="6" amount="0"/><!--Dodge-->
    <secondarybuff id="10" amount="0"/><!--Armour-->
    <secondarybuff id="12" amount="0"/><!--Sneak-->
    <damagebuff hyperborean="1"/>
    <resistbuff hyperborean="1" aethereal="-1" toxic="1" asphyxiative="1"/>


    <ability name="Ghostlier" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="1">
    <description text="You now are 20% cooler. Literally."/>


    <ability name="Ghostlierest" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="2">
    <description text="You want to touch me ?"/>
    <spell name="Batty Form" /> <!--TODO: change for some real shit-->

    <ability name="Flaberghostly" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="3">
    <description text="More ghostlyness"/>

    <ability name="Almost ghost" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="4">
    <description text="People don't pay attention to you anymore. Sometimes you might just scream (through it won't help a lot)."/>
    <!-- learn the scream spell -->

    <!-- Supposed capstone -->
    <ability name="Real Ghost" icon="skills/skill_placeholder64.png" skill="130590" level="5">
    <description text="Congratulation, you now are a real intangible ghost though it comes to the cost of food and drinks"/>

  2. For damage mitigation, Armour absorb wouldn't really fit the theme, so maybe resists? I don't know whether it would fit the theme well. Perhaps a huge dodge bonus as an activated ability to simulate being intangible.
    A scream dealing existential damage and a scare effect sounds good, maybe a paralysis effect too. I think making it a single target spell would be great, to distinguish it from Unholy Warcry.
    What about a knockback effect? I know that's technically poltergeists, but it works with the ghostly theme, and it helps defensively too. Maybe with a 2 or 3 square radius, centered on the player? Not sure.
    Invisibility and a teleport would also fit well, although you probably don't want to make it too much like Burglary.
  3. Kawauso

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    Actually armour absord makes sense since you don't have a warm body anymore but it will be coupled with resists. The biggest question being what numbers exactly.

    I would rather add the dodge bonus has a passive stat bonus since it goes well with the idea of a sneaky ghost wizard.
    Making it an active buff would be problematic at this point since it's really something that need to be balanced and right now there isn't much to balance to begin with.

    I don't think the scream needs to be very different. I guess a simple template change could do the trick if needed. Not making a scream AoE is a bit weird.

    No idea about the knockback but I'm starting to think it could add well to the scream : first it knocks back and then everyone gets scared.

    e: Btw I have a problem with the icons not showing up ingames, the validator telling me that there's different possible elements for my icons. Totally solved itself while solving another issue.

    e2: Apparently I can have only 1 damage buff and damage resist per level, that's annoying.
    e3: But I can put different buff resist per line !

    e4: I would love to make it BFF with warlockery and possibly make it work fine with vampirism / bloodmage. Barrier Maiden and Funmonguer are welcome too (but as it is Funmonguer is not balanced at all).

    e5: huh what the hell is DTD ?

    e6: I added that to the game but it seems to make the game crash ...
    <!--Version 0.1.3 -->
    <item name="Pants of the shinobi" iconFile="items/pants_parachute.png" >
    <price amount="4000" />
    <armour level="10" type="legs" />
    <artifact quality="4"/>
    <secondarybuff id="6" amount="10"/> <!-- dodge -->
    <secondarybuff id="10" amount="3"/> <!--Armour-->
    <secondarybuff id="12" amount="5"/> <!--Sneak-->
    <description text="Joe Musashi wore these. Although maybe not exactly those one." />

    <item name="Haunted amulet" iconFile="items/amulet_sapphire0.png">
    <price amount="100" />
    <armour level="1" type="neck" />
    <secondarybuff id="6" amount="1"/> <!-- dodge -->
    <secondarybuff id="10" amount="1"/> <!--Armour-->
    <secondarybuff id="12" amount="1"/> <!--Sneak-->
    <description text="You can almost hear it cry." />
    <playerHitEffectBuff percentage="01" name="Ninja Vanish"/>