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Which new skill should be added?

  1. Moon Shoes (+dodge and some sort of stacking buff or teleport)

  2. Saved by the Bell (+speed and an AoE daze)

  3. By Your Powers Combined (+elemental damage and a random effect/spell AoE on hit or being hit (earth,

  4. Something else (leave a comment)

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  1. seriouslysean

    seriouslysean Member

    Dungeons of Dredmor: 90's Kid Skill Tree

    Are you a kid of the 90's? Do you remember Saturday mornings? Those were they days. By harnessing the power of Saturday morning cartoons, you lay the smack down on your enemies. Gnarly! This mod adds a new skill tree using Saturday morning cartoons as inspiration along with a few new items.

    Level One: 2 Cool 4 School
    You never saw the point in going to school... It didn't help that you locked yourself in the refridgerator to learn the arts of staying cool.
    • +2 hyperborean damage
    • +2 hyperborean resistance
    Level Two: Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Staying up late has given you some power over the darkness, an affinity for fire and the ability to bore your enemies to sleep through bad storytelling.
    • +1 necromantic resistance
    • +1 aethereal resistance
    • +1 trap sense radius
    • +1 sight radius
    • 10% chance to cast "Afraid of the Dark" on hit (+2 conflagratory damage, 100% chance to cause blind, 18% chance to cause sleep)
    Level Three: Pogs? Pogs!
    Pogs! Pogs! Pogs! The wonderful collectables that are fun for all! Sadly they are now worthless but at least they hurt if you throw them at people hard enough.
    • Summon a Tube of Pogs on a 27 turn cooldown (100% chance for 3 Pogs, 20% chance for 1 Pog Slammer)
    • Pogs are a throwing weapon that cause 2 crushing damage
    • Pog Slammers are a throwing weapon that cause 3 crushing and 2 asphyxiative damage
    • +1 critical hit
    Level Four: Goosebumps
    There's something strange in the neighborhood... thanks to your super sensitive skin, you're acutely aware of it!
    • 21% chance on being hit to cast "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts" for 20 turns that stacks up to 3 times.
    • Each stack of "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts" provides +1 toxic, necromantic, acidic, putrefying, aethereal and existential resistance.
    Level Five: By Your Powers Combined!
    Crushing! Conflagratory! Voltaic! Hyperborean! Heart! By your powers combined, I am Captain Diggle! ...Wait, what?
    • 21% chance on being hit to cast "By Your Powers Combined!"
    • By Your Powers Combined! will cast one of 5 spells randomly:
      • By Your Powers Combined! (Crushing): +5 crushing damage
      • By Your Powers Combined! (Conflagratory): +5 conflagratory damage
      • By Your Powers Combined! (Voltaic): +5 voltaic damage
      • By Your Powers Combined! (Hyperborean): +5 hyperborean damage
      • By Your Powers Combined! (Heart): +10 heal
    • +2 health
    • +1 health regen
    Level Six: Hero in a Half Shell
    Your mother always told you not to slouch while watching cartoons and for whatever reason, you actually listened. Due to your incredibly good posture, your back muscles have been meticulously trained and are as hard as a rock providing you with extra protection! It's almost as if you have your own personal turtle shell... Turtle power!
    • 21% chance on being hit to cast "Turtle Power!"
    • Turtle Power! provides the following
      • +5 stubborness
      • -5 nimblness
      • +5 armor
      • +5 hp regen
    • +5 stubborness
    • +10 armor
    • +5 piercing resistance
    This mod adds a new skill tree using Saturday morning cartoons as inspiration along with a few new items.

    If you'd like to check out the source, feel free to do so at https://github.com/seriouslysean/DoD_90sKid.

    This has been released on Steam Workshop but I've attached the initial version here as a .zip, also. Any feedback would be super appreciated (especially any kind of skill suggestions/spells/items). I want to make sure this is balanced enough to be fun! Shout out to Daynab and Kazeto for helping me sort out a minor problem earlier.

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  2. seriouslysean

    seriouslysean Member

    Updated the mod to 0.2.1. It adds a new skill, a new item and some better sprites. I also fixed a crash that was happening due to the way I was calling an animation.
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  3. seriouslysean

    seriouslysean Member

    Updated the mod to 0.3.0 and added the final Skill (and snuck in a tweak).

    • Skill: Added Hero in a Half Shell as the 6th level skill (+5 to stubborness, +10 to armor, +5 resistance to piercing, 21% chance to proc Turtle Power! when being hit)
    • Skill: Hero in a Half Shell Proc: Turtle Power! (+5 stubborness, -5 nimbleness, +5 armor, +5 hp regen)
    • Skill: Goosebumps now has a 100% chance to proc I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts!
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  4. Dratai

    Dratai Member

    I love the hell out of this skill tree by the way.
    I've been trying to squeeze it into every build this week.

    I think it could do with another skill level though.
    A lot of skills out there are six levels and sort-of stunt the character towards the end of the game. Not saying it's anything drastic though.

    A suggestion would be like, something involving those obnoxious boy/girl bands that appeared en-masse during the 90s.
    Like backstreet boys and spice girls. xD

    All in all a really fun skill tree, at least. Mechanically and otherwise.
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  5. seriouslysean

    seriouslysean Member

    Hey man! Thanks for the input -- I really appreciate the kind words! I actually just put in the final skill, Hero in a Half Shell. I posted the patch notes above. If you're not subcribed through steam, you should totally download the zip from GitHub, https://github.com/seriouslysean/DoD_90sKid/archive/master.zip.

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  6. Dratai

    Dratai Member

    No I got it through steam so I have the hero in a half shell, just haven't lived long enough to try it xD
  7. Mochan

    Mochan Member

    Gonna try this with my "slacker build" later. There was another toon mod but it screwed up items bad with a +7 dodge added to a ton of items, so I got rid of it. This could pick up the slack.