Seriously Serious, Gaslamp?

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    I'm sorry but it makes me sick to hear that... I mean, Terraria is 10 bucks and I have played it as much as skyrim. Its a bloody brilliant game... If the developper was so greedy he would not have made 1.1 a free update. He just like, double the game's content ! For Free!
    Yes, I see he hasnt added all the things he promised, but it doesnt mean he is greedy is it? Maybe it shows he talked too much, that he's too ambitious and then loses motivation. Its not that rare. Yeah that sucks, but its hard to completely envision a whole project from the beginning.
    He knew he could make much more money by doing DLCs, he certainly didnt left because it dried up but more because he was tired of the project.

    I mean come on, its a great game, and its cheap. You cant spit at people's face like that, developping a game is an insane amount of work... Even if the dev is not a good communicator, the game is worth way more than its price. : /
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    I used the same example with the car and stereo system when explaining what happened to a friend, lol. Like Nick said, being a dev is hard work, which is especially if you're new to it and end up in such a high pressure situation as Red. He said that he messed up and that he didn't anticipate what happened. I know how he feels. I've come up with many projects for things that I make a lot of promises about that never come through. It's easily excusable in my case because one could understand that my projects were never high budget. It's harder for people to understand that a dev can actually be stumped by some of the code that he works on, regardless of their experience (though in this case, his lack of experience really showed). I've had silly little issues using TConfig that took hours to find and fix. His experience with this will hopefully better his abilities for the future.

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    I have to admit I'm a bit sad about us not getting to work on terraria. I would have loved to do some spritework for it.
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    Love the Avatar, by the way. <3

    I wish Terraria had bigger sprites. The customisation feels largely pointless as you can't bloody see half of it :|
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    Reduce the in game resolution, you'll have bigger sprites.
    I personally like to play with a not too high resolution in Terraria for that reason.
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    I guess I meant "bigger and more detailed" :p
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    Wow. I wasn't aware of all of this.
    I don't know the future of Terraria, but it would have been better if Red did hand it over to you.
    Since he has yet to release the reigns on it, I don't know what will really happen.

    Still, I do like the game, it was worth my 10 dollars. Just like Dungeons of Dredmor is worth about $15. :)

    What happens with Terraria is anyone's guess.
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    I wish he'd handed it off to Gaslamp, but in the end, it's his game. I'm not quite as big a fan of it as some (my reasons for wanting Gaslamp to take over development was to see where they took it, not in seeing yet MOAR SUPERBOSSES), but it doesn't really matter at this point. I've played twice as much DoD as Terraria, and with no further updates coming, that's not likely to change. ;)

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    haha, thanks! Have you seen the animated version? [​IMG]

    Well, for what it's worth, that simplistic / low-res thing is part why they can have so much customization. Generally the more complex a sprite, the more work you have to do to add new variants.
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    /perv moment
    She has chunky thighs. Me gusta.
    /end perv moment

    Is she an OC, or based on an existing character?

    Oh, I *totally* get that, but with Terraria - at least at one's native resolution - it's often hard to see the majority of what you're customising, in particular the eyes and your character's top. You change the colour and barely notice. Also not a fan of the RGB sliders for customisation. I much prefer having a small selection of colours to choose from, as 99.999% of the time it will result in a better look.
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    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Mine, although I haven't done much with her. The original plan was to make a full set of sidescroller-style sprites, maybe I'll finish it one of these days.

    Oddly enough I like color sliders, but that may be the artist in me. I'm confident enough with my own color choices that I think I can get a better result than preselected stuff. As far as changing eyes and stuff... mmm. It's always that balance. Given how small a team Terraria was made by, I can't really blame them for playing it safe.
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    Fair enough. Would be cool to see if you do anything, though.

    Well, if you're artistically minded I'm sure sliders/RGB/hex is fine, but for most of us we end up looking like we have either no talent or some sort of colour blindness! You always end up with these shades that don't look quite right and so on, hence why I tend to stick to more basic colours if I can.

    As for the Terraria team; I totally get that, and I'm not so much criticising them as I am the style in general. I, personally, think that sometimes customisation is misplaced and when it's implemented, it tends to not work too well. I can think of more games where customisation has seemed largely pointless/a little obsolete (e.g. Terraria) or just terrible. I think playing it safer would, in my opinion, be more like GTA IV's multiplayer customisation - a few changeable things that have been designed in-house. It tends to look a lot better, in my opinion.
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    >Make a character with all colors black
    >Wear the familiar outfit
    >Be invisible in the dark

  14. dbaumgart

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    I remember people doing this with custom skins in Quake multiplayer back in the day. I'd go in and replace my local copy of the full-black skin with an incandescent texture that had a "kick me" sign on the back. (Sweet justice.)
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    I also don't think Terraria allows for all black. Very dark, certainly, but I'm sure I was unable to max out the RGB settings.
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    I like giving myself angel wings, and then using the rainbow rod to make the orb constantly hold above my head. It makes me leave sparkles all over the place wherever I go... just like an angel!
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    @Athlea-You could make white, but the minimum amount you could have was 150 (I think...), effectively making a dark gray the only dark color to use by spreading 50 into each slider.
    I'm playing on a netbook, so I've never had a problem seeing my character. I wish sometimes that I could use a higher resolution.
    The mod group on the Terraria boards, I think I mentioned before, is fairly avid. As with any mod I make, I still haven't gotten any to a point where I'd release them, but I'm working on a magic based mod that lets you use magic early on and expands on it a little. I've always wanted a reusable source of potion effects and I've done that with magic rods.
    To be more on topic, yeah, I was a bit disappointed that they never handed it over. Red says he has something better in the works. I hope he's right and I hope it has mod support (which is what I look for in games these days).