1.0 ... seriously? My first v.1.0 experience.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by PeterH, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. PeterH

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    I am quite busy building a house in RL so I haven't sniffed into version 1.0 much. My first foray was on a near impossible map (terrain issues) but I just started a new game.

    1. I have mentioned this at least twice before: it's a cosmetic issue if you will, but, at best, it looks unprofessional. The splash screen/load background screen is too small for my monitor (2560x1600). So I end up with the graphic perched in the top left corner of the screen with a huge black area below and on the right that are not filled. If you can't make that graphic expand to cover the full screen (I've seen some games do this, they display it in a lower screen res), or expand the size of it in the file, then at least center it on the screen. That was fine for a beta version, but it's not fine for a commercial product.

    2. Start location selection: I have unlocked tropical on this computer. So I had quite a number of locations all over the continent to choose from. Out of all the locations open to me, there was 1 (in words: one) location with 'industrious loadout' and 3 'stalwart defenders'. Everything else was 'vanilla'. OK ..... but a little more diversity would not have hurt, assuming that other loadouts still exist? It would in fact be nice to still be able to choose a loadout, or even be able to unlock and then choose a loadout. Otherwise: map scumming ..... <eye roll>

    3. Job assignment. This is what happened - my starting map was a little rough. I set jobs to mine 3 outcroppings of rock, I set jobs to cut down 3 areas of trees, I then set jobs to flatten terrain. Some overseers seemed slow to pick up jobs. Eventually I assigned the working class cits to overseers that were busy and got on with designing a blueprint for a carpentry shop.

    I was flabberghasted by what happened. 2 or 3 overseers picked up flatten terrain jobs. Around 100 'clear terrain jobs' were generated by the grass clumps on the map. Regardless, there were still overseers without an assigned job visible.
    The workshop got built pretty much straight away, but nobody was cutting down trees or chipping away at the rock outcrops.

    4. "this is not off to a good start".

  2. PeterH

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    Forgot to mention that I also set up 3 jobs picking solitary mushrooms in the area, which also got ignored, but that's just fine under the circumstances.

    I get the feeling that this self inflicted overload of grass-grubbing jobs has completely overwhelmed the AI. (or should I call it AM, as in "Artificial Maroon"?)
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  3. Nicholas

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    That is very strange, yes. Okay, making a ticket to clean this up, it certainly shouldn't be firing this way.

    (Congratulations on building a real world house. Exciting!)
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  4. Nicholas

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    Hang on, I'm still trying to figure out what happened here. Peter, do you have a replay?

    EDIT: Oh, I see what's going on - they're somehow getting a message to create Clear Terrain assignments from the flattening. Euuuuuuuuugh. Okay, well, I'm fixing flattening this week anyway so I'll deal with it in this pass. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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  5. PeterH

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    Yupp, that is exactly what happened. Flatten an area with loads of grass on it, and this is what you get. Run-away gross job inflation.
  6. Trygve

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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of the "Clear Terrain" assignments that flattening generates now.

    Also, "Clear Terrain" has a higher priority than levelling assignments, which draws away a lot of manpower. Or at least, that's how it appears.
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  7. Nicholas

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    Yeah, no, they just shouldn't do that. I'm on it.
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