Save DELETED when selecting Just Quit ???

Discussion in 'Dungeons of Dredmor General' started by Zom, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Zom

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    BEWARE, when you click Just Quit while exiting the current game, it will actually DELETE the save, not just quit the current game. This should be fixed or the button should be renamed to "Delete me and go to the main menu".

    Lost my characted today because of this strange behaviour, sad :(
  2. kbe

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  3. Greg72

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    one is quit and save, other is just quit.
  4. kbe

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    Oh Greg is right quit means give up, when permanent death is off though that's not an option you get save & continue instead. Still it should have a confirmation at least in case someone accidentally hits that.
  5. Misery

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    Yes, the "quit" deleting the save is normal.

    If you have Permadeath on, technically, the game is deleting the save the moment it even LOADS it (which is why, if you should crash, you'll find that game save is just gone when you reload). Pretty much all Roguelikes do this. It's to keep the player from exploiting savegames to work around the permadeath, and this game is no different.
  6. Valygar

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    Problem is, the game crashes quite frequently, so the character is at risk of being wiped out. If you have Permadeath off, can you choose to "retire" if you die?
  7. Misery

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    If the game is still crashing alot for you, it indeed is best to play it with Permadeath off, until they fix it, and save REALLY OFTEN (fortunately, saving takes literally just one second, hit escape, click button, done). If it crashes, you can reload.

    But with Permadeath off, if you still want to play as if it's ON, you'd basically have to just manually delete the save if you die.

    Here's hoping they get these bugs worked out though. So far they've been very good about listening to the community and working towards that.