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  1. Nicholas

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    Chris Whitman, one of our Programmers-Who-Is-Not-Me and the main programming force behind Conquest of the Wizardlands, has a solo project called Run that's now available on Desura:

    It's nothing like Dredmor; it's a very clever art game that - if memory serves - also manages to use the word ludologist. You can also try the free version on his website, or buy the soundtrack. Show him some love!
  2. OmniaNigrum

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    Not really my genre of choice, but I will probably buy it next month if the price remains the same or similar. We have to support the Gaslamp Crew. :)
  3. Cerbius

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    I don't currently have Desura installed on my PC, but once I move into my new place and get set up, I'll definitely give it a whirl. I'm always open to new ideas that are bold enough to try something different from the norm.
  4. Daynab

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    I think Desura now lets people download without their client.

    Anyway, just bought the game, haven't tried it yet. Like the soundtrack, though.
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  6. TheJadedMieu

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    I usually don't like artsy games, but I'll take a crack at the free version when I have a chance.
  7. Ruigi

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    looks like an angsty version of canabalt.
  8. Loerwyn

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    How do you have an angsty version of Canabalt? It's already angsty :p
  9. Loerwyn

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    Bought this in the past hour or so, and given it a try.

    It's... pretty interesting, but I'm not sure how I felt about being thrown in to it without even the briefest overview of the controls or even any audio options (I have my system volume set to about 33% as I use headphones, and Run was *loud*, even when I turned my system sound down to about 20-22%). So my first thoughts were "what the hell" and "bloody hell that's loud". Yes, as you can tell, I blaspheme a lot.

    But I eventually got into it and I was intrigued, but the sections running along the text were like audio stories to me. I process it as I see/hear it but I end up focusing on other things (the platforming in this example) which means it doesn't sink in too well. The lack of control explanation made a certain minigame VERY hard (it seemed you could barely just max it), which I found a bit frustrating.

    And unless I've done something wrong, there *wasn't* a visible save feature.

    Edit: Just realised I sounded harsh. This is not intended. I liked what I played, but it seems to me that it needs you to sit down with it and get to the end in one go.
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