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    Hello, all. I finally beat Lord Dredmor on Moderation difficulty/permadeath, and I have to say, floors 11-15 seemed like a bit of a waste of time. I don't know if my game was bugged or anything, but item collection becomes pointless after floor 11, where you find top tier items just laying around on the ground. By this point, crafting is useless, because better items are all over the place. It seemed like there was at least one Flashy Staff of Godwin in every room. Brax is a joke at this point. I was able to kill him so easily, and his Dread Collectors weren't a problem either, and that's assuming there's even anything interesting in the shops that even suits your OP character anyway. I fought through two Monster Zoos (my character had Sword, Dual Wielding, Assassination, Armor Training, Smithing, Hunter, and Crossbow) without breaking a sweat. The biggest challenge I found was the slime trail trap, which could randomly get me down to like 20 HP, or the Blink Curse, just because it lasts for so damn long. The expansion floors made me feel like I was just resting on my laurels.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the new skill trees, items, and monster types. I realize it was only 3 bucks, but the last floors, with their palette swap monsters, broken economy, and neverending supply of mundane items, made me feel like the dev just didn't plan on the player getting that far. I don't think it would get any better if I played on Going Rogue, because the game had a steady increase in fun and difficulty for me all the way up to floor 11, where things quickly dropped off.

    Just my two cents - love the devs and everything they do.
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    I think it's a bit disingenuous to complain about difficulty if you aren't playing on the hardest difficulty.
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    ^ as above. Try Going Rogue/Permadeath. It is hugely different from Dwarven Moderation...i've gained a new respect for the game after finally playing it.
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    Heck, even on Elvish Easy I've had a few spots of trouble with a few fights.
    Try going into a Mysterious portal with 5 AA, with only 60 health, and fighting Arch-Diggles. :)

    Also, I wish I found staffs of Godwin all the time.
    Also, you maniac, why would you kill Brax!?! He just wants some money.
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    The RotDG levels don't actually get hit by the majority of players; ergo, they are a little less balanced than their top counterparts. Fully admitted, and something we're aware of and working on.

    Suggestions are always welcome.