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    Note: If you'd rather not mess around with the forums, you can download it from my dropbox here:

    v0.62 changes:

    -Arcanist has been rolled in to the mod. Enjoy!
    -Due to some complaints, Lady Svetlana now only spawns on floor 14.
    -Some artwork has been updated, primarily with Selzauide shrines.
    -Magebane traps that do minor damage and drain your mana now appear. They come in three flavours: lesser, normal and greater.
    -The nullsword has been re-balanced. It's now practically worthless for actual combat, but the recipe find rate has been increased. Also, moved to tinkering, which needed a buff.
    -A couple of new rooms.
    -Some random blockers and paintings to spice up one's dungeon decor.
    -Critical bugfix: phoenixes should no longer restore your mana.

    All feedback welcome.

    Yes, it's a play on Interior Dredmorating's name. :D

    Hey, all. This mod includes:
    • 100+ new rooms. The main draw of the mod. Although a number of them are variants of each other, there'll be something tying the variants together as you make multiple runs through the dungeon. There are more rooms planned for later, too. Always that.
    • 12 new monsters, attempts at filling niches that haven't been plugged yet and two boss monsters.
    • 100+ crafting recipes, some hidden, others not. They encompass most of the items in the pack, although not all.
    • 100+ new items, encompassing food, drink, weapons, armour, potions, grab bags, bolts, wands, etc, etc.
    • Plenty of flavour text, ichors, insults, titles, adjectives, nouns to make sure you get all sorts of laughable and awkward randomly-generated names.
    • Skills: Radiant Wizard, Blood Knight and Witcher are currently packed in with this version.
    I think that's all I have to say for the moment - please do enjoy, and leave feedback on balance, bugs or anything else that strikes you! Frequent updates are planned.

    Please do note that like Interior Dredmorating, this mod requires all three expansions to function, as it calls upon monsters, icons and other stuff from all of them. Also, best used with a new character.

    This mod should be fully compatiable with Interior Dredmorating and Clockwork Knights. Room mods should always have good compatibility.

    Note: this mod will be borrowing some artwork from the Interior Dredmorating mod, with the author's permission. Thanks for letting me use your work, Bergstrom!

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    FAQS (under construction):

    Q: What's the balance like in this mod?

    I'll fully admit I'm a little bad at balancing perfectly. If you read the forums, most people feel even the base game has balancing issues. Still, compared to the base game, this mod makes things a little more extreme: you'll get more good and wacky stuff, but face more enemies of different varieties. I'll leave it up to you to make that decision.

    Q: Why the heck did Obsidia curse me?

    It's not so much that you took a piece of meat, it's that you stole an offering off an altar. Pissing off gods in any roguelike is a surefire way to get yourself killed or at least crippled in short order. I wanted to throw a spanner into Dredmor's usual works of "kill everything, break everything, loot everything".

    Originally, the curse was on a timer, but after finding that it was walked off too easily I turned it into a brittle debuff. You ought to shake it off within one floor; clever folks might find a way to do it sooner.

    The shrines and groves proper serve the purpose of dispensing special materials for the crafting of high-level equipment. Characters without crafting skills can still obtain said items via fighting boss monsters that only spawn in designated scripted rooms and events.

    Q: Aren't you just making excuses for yourself?

    I guess. Not everyone's going to like every part of my mod, considering the amount of stuff I've put into it, and while I do try to take most suggestions on board there are some things I want to stand my ground on. If it doesn't suit you, that's cool, there are other mods on these forums that might suit your needs better.
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  3. I'm going to try this once the patch comes out, it looks interesting!

    I'd do it now, but I've had issues combining mods that add multiple different things, such as rooms, items, crafting, etc.
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  4. And this is goign to be asked (and imo should be added to the description), is this fully compatable with Interior Dredmorating?
    If so, I'll drop it into my current game now. Or just start it over. New toon and all only hit Dl4. :)
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    very nice mod. Great work!
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  6. Heya. I'm report'in as ordered, Sir! ;) This is going to sound like complaints, they are not. :D

    I'm enjoying it a lot, but I'm not a big fan of Pokemon.
    No biggie, this is the flavor you went after. It works ~*sHuDdEr*~
    The windows.. "the Adventurer" is underground, right? They do seem low. anyway to raise them up?
    Would you consider adding to your food icons a little blue * or something to indicate they have a magical buff when consumed?
    Not at all important, but it will help with the initial lutefisking/selling before the items are actually memorized by the player.

    The Jelly Donut doesn't look like a riceball. Looks more like a snow hut with a door cut out. :)
    Generally, the items/icons look out of place due to being bright and crisp in color. As much as I hate to say it, would you consider browning it down a bit. Lower the tint or make them dirtier looking.

    I've only been through Dl5 and just dipped into Dl6, so I haven't seen much. Really enjoying and appreciating the work you've put into this. Lots of things are giving me chuckles.

    "You Monster! You baby-eating Monster!"
    You make my man-boobs jiggle. ;)
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    Hey, thanks EM.

    I can put something into the description, maybe, but half the fun is eating them and finding out what exactly they do. Everything that has a bad effect is either obviously so (grimy food) or mentioned in the description (soda pop, suicide pill egg, hurricane), so I'm not too worried about that.

    With regards to the art: I'll try fiddling around with PS at school, but I can't make any guarantees. The sprites used are either directly ripped from the game (in the case of the pokemon items) or taken from free sprite sheets I've found on the internets. I'm not an artist (even stick figures give me trouble) but I'll do my best. There's a reason I'd to ask permission to borrow custombreakables art and the like from ID.

    And that's how Japanese rice balls really do look like, as far as google tells me. =P

    Thanks, though! More rooms will be coming soon!
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    I keep getting crashes when I start a new game w/ Roguish Renovation. I am certain that it's this mod, because it's the only new one I've added to what I typically use.

    Here are the others I have running:

    clockwork knights
    interior dredmorating
    aquaman's item shop
    jay's mega phoneme mod
    le mod du zara
    the adventurer's guide

    The crash happens right before loading the dungeon for the first time. I'm on Windows 7, running it through Steam.
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    Hey Skymuffin, I've downloaded all the mods (or at least, those that I don't already have) and fired them up one at a time with RR to try and figure out which one's the culprit. None of the above appear to 100% cause a crash when loaded up with RR alone, so maybe there's some sort of combinatory effect.

    From my testing, though, I think the problem currently is with the 0.3DA version of FAXPAX. It crashes my game on a semi-common basis whether I use it with RR, alone, or with ID or other stuff, and has a number of missing image links for the skills in the XML, at least. I loaded up all the mods you stated (without RR), got a crash on loading the dungeon, then loaded up everything with out FAXPAX or RR, then loaded up everything without FAXPAX - the last two options seemed to work well enough.

    I've looked through the XML, though, and don't really see anything that might be the cause of the crashing. If you have any idea of what exactly might be the conflict or anything further to report, please let me know. I'll continue trying to figure out what's the problem.

    My standard testing runs are made with CK, ID, ESDOD 1 and 2, so I can say with 100% certainty that those mods are compatible.

    Edit: I'm still not sure what 100% causes the crash. Another suggestion is that ID, RR, CK and FAXPAX are all rather heavyweight mods, and combined they may have overloaded the game's ability to take in all that mod data. It's just a guess, though, although I'll see if I can ask the devs when they next come on the chat.

    Ran all my DBs, room, text, etc, through the XML validator, all came up clean.

    Edit 2: I've had a report that the following mods are working fine together: Blood Knight, Essential DoD 1 & 2, Interior Dredmorating, Jays Phoneme, Monster Menagerie, RR and Wild Magic. I'm going to scratch ID and Phoneme off the list for sure, then.

    Edit 3: Went through every room, equipped every item, checked every script. I really suspect it's some sort of wierd combination effect now that involves 3 or more mods. If anyone's currently playing v0.2 with mods, can you please post what mods you're running?

    Edit 4: Spoke with Mr. Vining about the possibility of the mod loader being overloaded. He said it wasn't intended to end up overloaded, but who knows? When given the names of the nine mods to load, he said, "Christ", and promised to try and replicate the issue. Further events to follow.
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    I actually started to get crashes again later, even using the same exact mods as before. I did eventually isolate it to FAXPAX as well (which is a mod i've been using a lot, but only recently added into my list). So I turned it off and it looks like your mod now works perfectly with all of the others!

    Not sure why FAXPAX suddenly started crashing dredmor when it was okay earlier :confused: Perhaps it's a combinatory effect for FAXPAX w/ other mods, since it was pretty nice on its own.

    Thanks for testing all of this out!

    Incidentally, it happened with both DA and no-DA versions of it.

    edit: I just ate the pokemon egg. Woops.
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    Some updating tidbits:

    Trying to move in some early weapons that use more exotic damage types. This sword's supposed to try and take advantage of the jellies on floor 2's weakness to existential, which is pretty much impossible to find in the game at that point (which is why I was a little puzzled. Unless they're supposed to be specifically weak to Nerve Staple). I understand that 4 damage is the baseline for level 3 weapons in the base game, not two, but I also agree with the room comments in the ID mod that by the time you get those weapons they tend not to come soon enough to be useful.


    And of course, as promised:


    Level 15 item, adds 1 to every stat, planned to be only findable in a special room, maybe on floor 13 or 14. Current plan is to have players solve a logic puzzle to be able to get at it, but may also put in a test of strength option. By comparison, Universal Principles (level 10) has 20 stat total and an effect, Dredmorpedia doesn't have an effect (thus far) but is a artifact quality 10 artifact with a base of 28 stats. I'm not sure if the balancing point is all right, or if I ought to think up a fun power for Dredmorpedia (I'm thinking of random resistance buffs from some trigger once 1.0.10 hits, maybe)

    Edit: Fount of Knowledge room is working, should probably be pushed out with v0.3.
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    I fully endorse this mod.
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  13. I fully endorse this endorsement.
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    I fully endorse whatever is fun. XD
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  15. Some quick ideas, haven't thought them through.

    I like the invisible sword icon. :)
    I really like your sense of humor in RR. Where do you come up with this stuff?

    Would you consider letting the Dredmorpedia be found on any DL, to include DL 0?

    Reason.... though a powerful item, it is a tome and seriously powerful.
    Even a powerful tome isn't going to be desired by all play styles. This is a given.
    An early level character is going to feel really stoked that it is found and won't want to give it up no matter what skills are chosen.
    A mid level character is going to like it, but may prefer to go with skill based weaponry. Depends on what they find.
    A high level character 'may' want to use it but probably won't want to give up existing uber gear.

    Ad some negatives to it.. something drastic like God of War. -25/25 h/m regen. -20 rightiousness... somethings that would be right for Dredmore but possibly devastating for a low/mid lvl character. Though a powerful item, a harsh negative attribute(s) 'could' be deadly for a lower level character, where it could be handled better mid/late level. Finding the item of level 1 and not being able to use it until level xx, would suck in a funny way. ;)

    As for location... Dredmore's Office/Bedroom, under his binky? ;)

    What about making it an amulet? Would negate my above weapon concerns. I'm thinking in terms of... Orion, the collar worn by the cat in the Men In Black movie. Size doesn't matter... ;)

    .00001% chance to find the item on a sickly diggle locked in a jail cell..

    Your puzzles. Hate them. Keep 'em coming. :D
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    I generally agree with this-- If I'm on DL 14 and I get this but already have a Universal Principles...i'm keeping the Universal Principles because that chance to stun is a godsend against the blinking slimes and other baddies.

    You'd also have to consider that not every player uses every single crafting stat, so the total stat value on Dredmorpedia is not necessarily as high as 28. I think it needs some kind of special ability, otherwise it can't compete with the other tomes and their effects.
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    Hmm. How about a small % on-attack effect of boosting a random damage type by 20-ish for x rounds, as well as a small % of on-hit for the same amount of a random resistance? It'd be keeping in the flavour of "everything" that the tome currently has.
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  18. @Skymuffin (then 'like' my damn post!) j/k. :)
    Also, by that time the player has probably Kronged the heck out of their UP Tome. .02
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    Step by step solutions to every puzzle will be included in the roomDB of v0.3. If you can't solve a puzzle but really want to find out how it's done later on, feel free to check the roomDB and slap your forehead when the solution is really that simple. :p

    Edit: Been mucking around in Photoshop. The result:

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    Awesome mod! Just finished my first run with it, this thing adds so much fun stuff to the game :)

    Oh and... yeah, I ate that certain egg. Totally worth it!
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