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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Things To Look For

    • Obeliskians (whatever those are)
    • Vastly improved workshop job handling!
    • All jobs work way better, actually!
    Clockwork Empires rev 39B changelog

    • added Obeliskians (in-progress)
    • Workshops: All workshop logic completely rewritten from scratch. Workshops are now evaluated as part of the C++ job loop; we create a workshop assignment when/if we can do the job, and we will now always actually obey the ordering in which jobs are given to the workshop by the user.
    • UI: The job which a workshop is currently doing is now displayed in the workshop panel.
    • UI: The output that the current work party will produce using the current equipment in a workshop is now displayed in the workshop when mousing over the product.
    • animals can make more sounds now
    • butchered humans will now leave a skeleton behind
    • added "fishpeople butchered human" crisis event
    • balance: moved "Make Gunpowder" from Metalworks to Chemist
    • balance: when a module breaks, it should become inoperative immediately rather than having an intermediate broken but still working state.
    • balance: smithing forge now requires iron ingot rather than iron plate
    • balance: Deathwurms on start position are now shoved to the side
    • FIXED: crash in gameRequireToolUses if user not holding a tool
    • FIXED: smoke now consistently turns off when an oven is complete or a module has finished production.
    • FIXED: jobs not correctly removed from assignments in jobs UI window after saving and loading a game; can cause "jobs that are never completed", "multiple people doing the same job", etc.
    • FIXED: a second, totally different issue with oven smoking not finishing; this time after a load and save.
    • FIXED: crash trying to set up a nuked locked job instance
    • FIXED: some character events not firing
    • FIXED: game-side commodity count not being saved and loaded correctly (probably causing standing orders to go berserk)
    • FIXED: allied military soldiers immediately bayonet each other upon arriving in colony
    • FIXED: foreign military will properly retaliate against hostile animals
    • FIXED: some foreign military jobs did not properly interrupt low priority jobs
    • FIXED: fishpeople will no longer be stuck in buildings if you build one around them (but will now path through doors - sorry!)
    • FIXED: lingonberry preserves are now edible again
    • FIXED: various minor typos in events
    • FIXED: scripterror when cult leader died under certain circumstances
    • FIXED: some explosion sounds were only using default sound
  2. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    Absolutely love the workshop revamp, works flawlessly!

    There's a bit of an odd thing with the black Obeliskian?.. things on the ground. If you click on one of them, you can no longer move the screen for a few seconds. Thought the game froze at first, but it always recovers.

    Also, I tried to "activate" them somehow, but all I managed to do was get rid of them with clear terrain. Oh well.
  3. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure that's a perfectly ordinary rock which you should pay no mind.
  4. The new workshop job handling feels buttery smooth. It looked like all kitchen orders were handled like standing orders though because none of my orders incremented in count and the colonists just kept producing whatever was queued up. I also had a string error when trying to move a kitchen job down in the queue.
  5. Kiojan

    Kiojan Member

    Decided to get back into the game after a break.

    Things were coming along pretty smoothly and then this happened:


    Surprisingly enough, the colony survived with only four causalities - due in part to the buggy AI of the invading forces and the fact I was able to call in a squad of redcoats almost immediately afterwards. If it wasn't for this, I'm pretty sure it would have been a TPK.

    Several minutes later, I was hit with two more hostile squads almost simultaneously.

    Moral of the story? As unlucky/unlikely as this was, the invading soldiers event needs to be re-balanced (again, I survived mostly because foreign soldiers aren't aggressive and don't respond to attacks until they reach the center of your colony).
  6. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    The workshops should not be throwing script errors, and this is insufficiently buttery! Insufficiently Buttery, I say!

    I'll take all save games with workshop issues in the bugs forum. Hopefully this is just teething issues.

    Kiojan: nice fort you have there; it's a shame if something happened to it. Right now foreign nations are back to being what fishpeople USED to be (gremlins, or goblins, or whatever); eventually we will also have diplomatic methods and other tools for avoiding military conflict in these situations, and I believe David spent this afternoon making some more improvements to mission control for them.
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  7. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    ...Known issue?
  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    What's the line *above* that in the console.txt?
  9. Wolg

    Wolg Member


    [network] Determinism check: 32767
    [Script] FSM: sweep
    [Script] module name found: Stone Ceramics Kiln
    [MISC] Job Wander Near Home (Bandit) unlocking a target position 649, 793
    [warnings] gameSpatialDictionary: locking grid position(324.0,396.0)[649,793]{0,1} Position not locked.
    [Script] Completing workshop order.
    [MISC] Could not add product to production menu. Window not found.
    [FSM] mine.fsm mining animationTickCount = 146
    [network] Determinism check: 32767
    [Script] module name found: Stone Ceramics Kiln
    [MISC] l_destroyfromjob: called on game Object Handle 18120
    [Script] Timing info taken from job Make Bricks
    [Script] about to hit job timing info loop.
    [Script] Found timing info.
    [Script] Returning from module name query.
    [Script] module name found: Stone Ceramics Kiln
    [Script] found key: Stone Ceramics Kiln
    [Script] found value: oversee_crossarms_selfloop,370
    [Script] Found timing info.
    [Script] found key: Stone Ceramics Kiln
    [Script] found value: oversee_crossarms_selfloop,370
    [Script] building_queue_item_transform: done
    [Script] Donebuilding_queue_item_transform
    [MISC] Blackboard: evaluating 1 jobs
    [MISC] Blackboard: best utility: 19
    [MISC] Job Wander Near Home (Bandit) locking a target position 645, 775
    [MISC] Blackboard: sending job Wander Near Home (Bandit)
    [FSM] mine.fsm mining animationTickCount = 145
    [MISC] deleting static prop ID 12807
    [network] Determinism check: 1506803711
    [ScriptError] XXX: [string "citizen|IncrementSkill"]:2193: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    [ScriptError] [string "citizen|IncrementSkill"]:2193: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    [ScriptError] stack traceback:
    [ScriptError]     [string "citizen|IncrementSkill"]: in function <[string "citizen|IncrementSkill"]:2191>
    [ScriptError] GameObject: 14275
    [ScriptError] Error: [string "citizen|IncrementSkill"]:2193: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value [ scriptMessage | citizen ]
    [FSM] FSM: walk_to
    [FSM] mine.fsm mining animationTickCount = 144
    [network] Determinism check: 32767
    [FSM] mine.fsm mining animationTickCount = 143
    [network] Determinism check: 32767
    [MISC] Job Make Bricks unlocking a tagged object w/ID 18120.
  10. Samut

    Samut Member

    Another thing that would help with foreign attackers/bandits/fish people/deathwurms/[REDACTED] would be starting the colony with some more soldiers. Starting with only one or two NCOs with no soldiers under them seems weird.

    Same goes for overseers with nobody to oversee. The starting game worked a lot better when we were getting more colonists at the beginning. Going from the current setup to, say four overseers and an NCO, each with two workers or soldiers under them, would work a lot better.
  11. Mokkun

    Mokkun Member

    Had a rather boring crash (at least to recreate), I left the game paused before going on a long walk, when I returned, the game had crashed. (good thing I saved before I left).. Should have taken a screen-shot of error message tough.. added last save before I took the walk, a replay and the console, it seems the console last update was Ca 10 Min after the save.

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  12. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Fixed incrementSkill error for 39C; I'm an idiot. Grinding through other crashes and stuff now.
  13. Sethiusdraven

    Sethiusdraven Member

    so this happened.....
    2 bandits raid camp
    1 takes a far off log and wanders away
    1 really brave one runs into camp, snags a musket from the stockpile and starts shooting up the place
    (two thumbs up at this)
    solo NCO ignores things, so I rally him. He runs to, then runs away.
    Time to give our citizens a training lesson!
    Conscripted 3 new overseers, and rallied them to the cause.
    1 took a swipe at him and now I have 4 people running to and from the single bandit
    Conscript em all!!! (and rallied them)
    1 took a swipe at him and now I have 16 people all running to and from the Scariest bandit in existence!
    Canceled all rally point, and finally a couple people shot and killed the bandit.

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