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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Again, lots of new stuff! Please let us know how it goes:

    Consolidated Changelog for 38B (since 38A)

    Engine (kinda)
    Autosaves are in, set to autosave every 10 minutes.
    FIXED: buffer overflow crash in fog of war
    FIXED: crashes when characters are deleted with emotions

    added new sleep system (day 1: sleep in bed, day 2: sleep on floor, day 3: sleep on ground)
    characters can now punch each other and cause tantrum spirals of punching, and this is almost certainly under- or over-tuned
    Social jobs have been rebalanced. (Many more are planned, as there is still a relatively small number of available options to characters until buildings are constructed & economy started.)
    FIXED: minor nerve-stapling bug
    hooked up new 'unskilled reload' animation
    balance: altered calculation of colonists' willingness to take part in cannibalism
    FIXED: an insidious drop_item scripterror
    added new social jobs: "inspect food, inspect body, cower inside building"
    Communists are now upset by upper class sympathy
    Fixed typos in laudanum-themed character history string
    if really hungry, people will attack animals for their meat
    if really hungry and mad/has certain traits, people will attack people for their meat
    frontier justice is now only auto-applied AFTER a murderer hits someone with a weapon, not before
    added terrible memories for very hungry/starving people
    eating raw_meat now requires a higher level of hunger than other raw_foods
    some traits are now restricted to certain social classes
    fixed some cult prefix string typos

    fishpeople weapons now properly delete themselves when dropped

    Options menu is back, but the options which weren't being used/tested properly have been removed. Currently only allows on/off for music and for autosaves.
    emotes for conversations are back, but are now limited based on zoom level. (We'll probably put in a keyboard command to disable all of these for screenshots)
    FIXED: size of work crew portraits in work party UI now has no blank space
    FIXED: selection of trees and other static props is now triangle-accurate
    Clicking a module in the module placer mode now brings up a choice: move the module, or delete it. Modules that are built cannot be moved, and can only be deleted.
    added "need_sleep" and "explosion" icons, redrew "propeller" icon.

    Added deletion of individual models
    FIXED: handful of memory corruption bugs when moving modules
    Moving a module to an invalid location (say, taking a door and dragging it off into space) will now snap the module back to its original location and parent and not move it.
    stacked commodities now respect stockpile filters
    selected objects in an assignment beacon now tint blue, highlight
    FIXED: script error on building demolition (multiple script errors, really)
    balance: greatly reduced gabion construction time
    FIXED painting scripterror

    New Prestige Favor: "Airship overflight"
    Fixed bug with "ominous dreams" event
    fixed typos in Bandit spawn event & tutorial
  2. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    Loading a game from 38A gives me a crash. This may be unavoidable due to large changes I understand, but you might be interested anyways.

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  3. Turbo164

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    Aw, they were handy to "tank" anger smashings :p
  4. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Yeah, not surprised at all.
  5. gmkchicago

    gmkchicago Member

    Crash for 38B temperate biome attached. Accidentally demolished then rebuilt stockpile in same location.

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  6. Ghin

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    Eh what?
  7. AzraelDR

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    The game crashed after I was about to make a metal foundry. Some potential bugs in my game:
    1) Missing textures from some wood logs and berry baskets. I just see a blue mesh instead of the textured items. The frequency is small, about one in 20 of these items would lose their textures.
    2) One of the colonists was supposed to be moving a fishperson corpse to a different location. I did not see if she dumped the corpse, but when I saw her again, she was wandering aimlessly from that point on. I tried moving her to a different workforce with no effect. She was already starving while continuing to wander aimlessly when the game crashed.
    3) At some point, one of the workforces had the laborers change to foresters in uniform (red plaid). They would also accomplish their jobs, but no animations would be displayed. Mining, chopping down trees and sleeping were the jobs I directly observed, where the laborers would simply stand still, the job progress bar would fill, and then the animation would resume with them walking away.

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  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Azrael, what video card are you on and can you get me a screenshot?
  9. ahappydudd

    ahappydudd Member

    Autosaving! Yes!
  10. Mokkun

    Mokkun Member

    Have a minor, more fun than harmfull one.. Had a fishman corpse getting hit by a airdrop getting toughtbuble about getting harmed.
    Guessing that one will be hard to recreate.. ;)
  11. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Not a bug, I don't think. Why wouldn't he be upset about being harmed?
  12. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    (FIXED: Random things turning blue.)
  13. Unforked

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    Very pleasant build, everything feels smoother and more stable.

    I'm really glad the emote icons are back, but I hope there's eventually a way to toggle them on for all zoom levels. I love seeing what everyone is thinking or talking about.
  14. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    I got to play it a bit last night, everything went fairly well except when I deleted the brewery (because I triggered that annoying graphical error with building walls diagonally building and making stuff invisible etc.) the blue floor plan was permanently left behind. Also, I relied completely on autosaves and then it crashed on one of them and apparently there are no save files left behind visible in game, though the autosave .zip is in the regular saves folder.

    Twas good

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  15. Alephred

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    They're, like, berries in potentia. The concept of berries, sort of like the Spirit of Berries Yet to Come.
  16. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    I fixed some more phantom blueprints being left behind this afternoon; t'will be pushed for Rev 38C.

    Autosaves *should* probably be rotational, so that you always have one good autosave. I'll make this change.
  17. AzraelDR

    AzraelDR Member

    Unfortunately I cannot see the Autosave for the game, and apparently, the save I uploaded here was still from 38A. My video card is a GTX 660ti. I hope this helps and I apologize I couldn't upload any screenshots. Will try another game later and will look out for a repeat of the issues I observed earlier.
  18. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Perhaps the memories for witnessing fights could include the names of those involved in their tooltips, like the friend gain and fish kill memories do? The one I saw (upset at witnessing fisticuffs) hid the history somewhat, if I'm recalling it correctly.

    ("She enjoyed watching her enemy, Agamemnon Bronzethatch, get struck by Zelda Ironcog!")
  19. Mokkun

    Mokkun Member

    He should not be upset, as he had been dead for a day and not butchered yet for fish-pies.. he should be more upset of still being a corpse and not pies.. ;)
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  20. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    Some feedback for 38B:

    • I like the daytime / nighttime indicator button - no more scrolling through the text box to see what day I'm on.
    • Colonists sometimes transport the constituent members of a stack individually, and sometimes carry the entire stack.
    • Autosaves are a good thing - perhaps sometime in the future, it might be possible to set the save interval?
    • I tried the aerial flyover / overflight, but I couldn't find the newly revealed area - either it covered an explored area, or it was way off in the dark, and I couldn't see it. I imagine the minimap will eventually help in that regard.
    • Minor oddities remain with the stockpile filters - stacks of bricks still go into food, and stacks of cooked steak are stored with other non-food.