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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by mrclint, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. mrclint

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    I cried a little when I read all the negative reviews talking about things that are broken.
    Of course it is broken! It's in alpha. No one should expect otherwise.

    Well, I didn't at least.
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  2. mailersmate

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    Unfortunately expecting people to behave rationally is like expecting snow at Christmas. It can happen.
  3. Nicholas

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    It is what it is; also, all early access reviews are swept away by Steam once we pull the trigger and people get to write whatever they want (again.) Feel free to leave a review if you'd like, or if you have left a review but it's ancient to update it. I know forum member Lt. Koussaki (sp?) does that, and a number of people have said that it's helpful so...