Retail/Boxed Release?

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Maffia, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Maffia

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    Are there any plans for a CE retail release?

    I realise as a small indie dev it's a bit difficult to do so, but I got Endless Legend retail version a few weeks back, and it came with an art book and a proper game manual full of the games law and a tutorial. Reminded me off the good old days, and would love something similar from Gaslamp with CE.
  2. dbaumgart

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    Easy: no.

    Long answer: nooooooooo. And - The overhead required to release a game via retail is horrible. Amplitude Studios has at least 5x the employees of Gaslamp and appears to be working with a larger publisher to handle this kind of distribution, so I get why it's possible for them to do so. As super cool as it'd be to have all that extra stuff, well, we're actually a studio that has only a fraction of the resources of Endless Legend so this rules out the possibility of retail entirely.

    Could it happen in some strange money-filled future? Who knows! But we're only planning digital distribution now.
  3. Nicholas

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    (I still am sad that Dredmor was never for sale as a boxed release in one of those little jewel case things at London Drugs, mainly because it would make my father and various Aged Relatives happy to see my work in a Real Store and not one of those dadgummit digital Steam Things. Legitimacy!

    But no, never happening. What a terrible idea.)
  4. Maffia

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    Thank you for the replies, not the answer I wanted, but the one I was expecting.
  5. Maybe you could mock up retail type box art as pdf or something that can slip inside a normal DVD box. Those interested could then just print their own box. It would look cool on the game shelf and not cost much - after all your Art is stunningly good and deserves a little hardcopy public viewing.