Windows Vista/7 64-bit repetitive use of Froda's Jump crashes down the game.

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Maumo, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Maumo

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    Hi everybody.

    Fisrt of all,i'm really thankful of gaslamp games for allowing us to discover this game with the humble bundle, if i knew it existed earlier, i'd have played it earlier!

    Anyway, i discovered a bug that i experienced twice, so i'm pretty sure i know where the crash comes from . First of all here is a screenshot :
    i actually wanted to end up on this tile, using repetitively froda's jump skill to end up on it. Here i managed to do it, but twice before, the game crashed down, without any error message, the window just disappeared. hopefully i had an autosave that wasn't long before so i could try again. i zipped the save in a file if you want to try for yourself, just ask and i'll upload it. Since this problem happened twice, i'm pretty sure it comes from the repetitive use of the skill.
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  2. Nicholas

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    Sure, I'll take a look at the save game.

    Anybody else have repro steps for this?
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    This may be that old bug where monsters sometimes spawn in walls, and anything that can hit them, even if it nukes the wall will insta-crash the game. Similar things happened when you teleported all over the area. Presumably the game tried to target the same place as the monster and crashed.
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    I uploaded the save file : if you want to go directly to the point where i took the screenshot, use the teleproter on the top right of the map, there's a baron to kill there.

    since i managed to go there i never had to spam froda's jump anymore, so i never experienced it again since...

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