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    Eskr, how was it changed? I thought hotfix 11 was the latest, and it hasn't really changed since the first version.
    Encrusting Brigadine to remove it's penalty to :nimbleness: was as easy as finding 2 alchemist oozes, which wasn't easy, and two coal pieces.
    I removed it, and then I boosted it to 3 Nimbleness, and then I encrusted it with defensive cheese. :)
    Nothing changed there. It's not even unstable in the slightest yet.
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    New penalties.
    (Also, as of 11b, there was a new message that announced your "horrible new" instability that "might kill you", but it no longer mentioned the instability in the item text (presumably the latter issue was addressed in the final hotfix.)
    They also said they were going to fix the way that encrusts were calculated, though I don't know of anything changing in that regard lately.
    I'm also not sure if you can get an instability on the first encrust or not (anecdotally, I never have, but I don't have a large enough sample size to say...)
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    We should know more in a day. The developers (praise be their children unto the ninth generation, etc) have written that the patch should be available by sometime Tuesday.
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    The new instabilities can be horrible!

    So far I've seen 'evil lich magic' or something similar which gives this permanent debuff sometimes when anything hits you (Since it was on armour):

    Haematic Drain


    Which stacks. I had x3 before I noticed. No idea if there any way to remove it. Since it's the same as the blood magic spell mabye a Haematic Phylactery would work. Now I just need to find one...

    I also had twitchyness, which teleports me at random when I'm hit.
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    Hmm. I guess I should download the final hotfix, and hope it doesn't explode saves.
    Also, I don't blame them for adding different instability penalties.
    Personally, I would have one that randomly scrambled the abilities of your armor. :) That would teach you to stack encrusts. :)
    Enjoy your Embossed Serpentine platemail that now gives 3 to AA, and the remaining 9 in cold damage.
    See, everyone, I can be mean too! I'm not always about not punishing people. I just don't like too normally.

    Somethings though do deserve bad results if you abuse them.
    I bet people are going to be like. "Who are you, and what have you done with David, the hater of mean tricks?"
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    But 1.1.12 isn't out yet, so what you experienced may not be in the final version. Should be out in the next 24 hours, and I hope it does change, because--permanent debuffs? For an encrustation? Man, that's harsh. I can understand the item melting into a pile of goo while leaving you in the center of a necromantic cloud, but at least that's temporary; and if the item's gone, you can find another.
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    That's awesome! :)
    I confess, I just threw away tainted items made new ones and reencrusted them, so I didn't try out the new abilities. :)
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    Done some experimentation. There are a set list of about 10 debuffs that are inflicted upon your character either when being hit (armour) or hitting a foe (weapons).

    If you encrust an item to the extent that it is unstable it will gain a single debuff chance. If you continue encrusting it gains new debuff options in addition to any it already has. The item I tested gained a new instability every encrustment until it had them all and then all the other encrusts are "free". If you get to DANGEROUS levels it can have all of them and they can all trigger at the same time.

    The worst one is the one I mentioned above (because it's permanent and will make the run extremely hard or impossible if it stacks a few times) while all the others are timed or instant and are varying degrees of horrible.

    If you get lucky and only get the minor instabilities and don't go too crazy it doesn't make the item unusable. Get the evil lich instability and you should stop using the item immediately. DANGEROUSLY encrusted items are now simply suicidal and will leave you a crippled mess.

    I suppose you could put everything you find into one devastating, world-ending weapon and only use it at the end of the game to 1-shot dredmor.
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    Yeah, the Foul-Lich instability (the one that gives Haematic Drain) is excrutiating, and it's permanent as far as I can tell, with the only possible way to remove 1 stack of it being to find a phylactery in the dungeon (creating one with blood magic just adds another stack which is removed when you use the phylactery). Also, the debuff procs pretty regularly; going through one wizardland portal with my newly unstable dagger ended with my having 5 stacks of it. Needless to say, I'll just be scrapping anything that gets that debuff from here on out.
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    Good to know what to look out for. It was called "Foul-Lich" instability?
    On the off chance someone has skepticism they can make a free phylacteries (though not reasonably at a rate sufficient to counteract regular debuffing).