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    @Zakalwe I have not played too many wand-characters, but the few i did try didnt have any problem charging any of the rods i found. You may have found some buggy wand. Not sure i have ever found one in a chest before. You can try contacting gaslamp through their email: contact (at) gaslampgames.com and asking them where you should send the save, if you still have it, with steps to reproduce the problem.

    Did you try using any other wand after getting the buggy one, and then charging any of them?
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    @Ratha: I was referring to the fact that, because the bug report forums were getting cluttered with extraneous topics, your solution is to make a new topic - instead of, say, continuing to post in <a href="http://www.gaslampgames.com/forum/discussion/371/bugs-and-issues-still-present-in-1.03/p2">this thread</a>. I find it especially funny because you pre-filled the thread with posts you intend to go back and edit later; unfortunately, editing doesn't bump a thread - so anyone who's read part of your Big List of Bugs will have to go back and read the whole thing again to see what's changed if they want to keep current.

    The actual thing about gorillas comes from the very end of <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bart_the_Mother#Plot">this episode</a> of The Simpsons.
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    @Tacroy - I could have posted all of my original bugs into that thread, yes. And i started to actually, but decided it would be both easier for me to maintain a thread of my own, and would make a more clear and concise list for the developers to read if it was organized to some degree, if they even read these sorts of things.

    I know that editing does not bump the post, but you guys are doing a pretty good job at keeping it on top so im not too worried at the moment of it fading into obscurity. Also, i intended on keeping my thread updated as i can find and reproduce things. Then i can easily mark them as fixed when they are.

    Dont take this the wrong way, but how come you have not hassled generalm13 for creating his own big list of bugs thread? He is doing the exact same thing, except his is significantly more prettied up. http://www.gaslampgames.com/forum/discussion/644/bugs-suggestions-general-m-13s-bugs-and-suggestions-collection

    I do not try to come off as rude, superior, or callous, and am by no means pushing my bugs out there as being the most critical to fix. Im simply putting in my time to find bugs, and making a thread about them so that it eases some of the pressure on the Dev team. Many people report bugs, but they do not or cannot provide all the steps to duplicate. That in turn forces the Dev's to waste time figuring out what went wrong, and then try to fix it. I simply try to eliminate that step with my approach.

    I do have a very direct way of approaching things, maybe some folks just dont care for that? Im simply doing what i can to help out in the best way i know how. Apologies to anyone who is offended by my approach.
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    Oh I just didn't notice his.

    Also, he didn't preface his new thread with "because there's too many new threads, I am going to make a new thread".

    I just thought that was too funny to pass without comment.
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    @Ratha "To respond to your point directly, do i think scumming one anvil is going to make a huge difference in the game? Depends on the character who does it, and how often they do it, but yes i do. Your argument is that scumming weapon upgrades does not have an impact on the game, where i am saying the very opposite. Without good equipment you stand less of a chance of getting further in the game, thus having lower scores.

    With all due respect, im not sure i understand what your side of the argument is exactly. You seem to be arguing that anvil scumming is a 'feature' and that it shouldnt be 'nerfed,' that its not an exploit of the ability to save the game? Do i think its a high priority fix? No probably not, thats why its in my suggestion list instead.

    Yes, It's an exploit to reload the save game to get a better result. See, I'm not stupid. :)
    Yes, it's an exploit, but I don't know how much of one it is. I want all exploits in the game fixed too, believe me, I do, I just don't think this is one that needs to be worked on for a long time.

    No one is going to magically beat this game because they scummed on their weapon every time it got a bad roll.
    Unless they used Doul's Possible sword. Seriously, that is overpowered without enchants. Want to Nerf that too? :)
    Trust me, the combination of enchantments you can get will not make this game that much easier. All the time I've ever gotten good results, they never made my game that much easier. Ever.

    I've never gotten past floor 7 once. On Elvish Easy. Regardless of what crazy enchants I have on my swords/axes/maces.
    If I can't get past floor 7 once even with exploiting the rolls of the Anvil, how can someone say it needs nerfing... Yes, sometimes I get 2 righteous damage and 2 crushing at the same time, or an armor upgrade, but that's not going to make the game easier. Yes, sometimes I get extremely good rolls, especially on my fedora. :)

    If someone exploits a positive roll by rerolling to get an even better one, they are an idiot. And deserve to be beat with sticks. If that's why you think it's exploitable, I don't blame you. I really don't, but they're idiots, and you shouldn't punish people like me for them. :)
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    "Equipping the spectacles will increase the sight radius on the character sheet, but will not actually increase the sight radius of the character as far as i can tell."

    Not actually the case. You might not notice it if you are trying to swap back and forth and see an immediate difference, but if you take a step, the sight radius change will be updated. I just verified in-game that using an item with +1 sight radius does, in fact, increase the number of squares away that I can see.
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    @Bhruic - When i equip spectacles and go from +0 to +1 vision radius, i still see no improvements, i still only see 5 tiles in each direction. How much sight radius do you have on your character with and without the spectacles equipped?

    When i use the spell Radiant Aura which gives +2 to vision, i do indeed get +2 to my vision radius.
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    Hmm, ok, I was mistaken. Well, not mistaken, but you were correct about the spectacles. I had tested with a necklace that gave +1 vision, and assumed it would be the same with the spectacles, but after getting a pair, I see that's not the case. Very strange.
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    @Ratha I want to apologize for sounding kind of crazy. Okay, that's the understatement of the year, but still, I'm sorry.

    I don't mean to come across hostile to anything. I really don't.
    So, again, I apologize if I come across as " I am the Walrus, Cuckoo chachoo,"

    Also, with the way the Tweakdb file can be edited in the data folder, yeah, that's a bigger thing than scumming for good rolls.
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    @DavidB1111 - We all go a little bit crazy sometimes. No worries. :)
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    Love the thread Ratha and I've been following your tracks on the spreadsheet. I like how you lay it all out and explain really well. Hope to make my own submissions as well with documented circumstances as well. Keep up the good work!