Windows Vista/7 64-bit Randomly Teleporting From Being Attacked

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Ichabod, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Ichabod

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    So me and Howling Lotus have a post in the Feedback thread in the General Forum about this, but I figure it belongs here.

    I'm curious what is causing my character to randomly teleport after being attacked now? I am not under the affects of a blink curse trap. Batties, Blobbies, Zombies,Unfriendly AIs, Diggles, and Deaths have all triggered it so far. I am not moving either, so it can't be I'm stepping on a trap I can't see, unless the floor is literally covered with them.

    My build - Axes, dual wielding, berserker rage, master of arms, smithing, tinkering, demonologist. It happens from character level 1. Pretty much any kind of enemy triggers it.

    I uploaded a save file, if it isn't just me it should occur pretty quickly. Almost every fight against 2+ monsters will trigger it once, sometimes it'll happen 4 or 5 attacks in a row.

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  2. lccorp2

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    Are you wearing a time lord scarf or gnomish cap?
  3. DavidB1111

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    Wait, why would they make Time Lord Scarfs randomly teleport you around? That would make them useless.
    And how come I asked why I was teleporting in the 1.10 RC thread, and no one pointed that out to me?
    Oye. No wonder I was teleporting randomly.
  4. Ichabod

    Ichabod Member

    I am not wearing a gnomish cap, however I am wearing the time lord scarf, stolen from a Floor 1 shop. I too am curious why it would now teleport you around. I will try taking it off and seeing if it happens. If that is what is doing it I think I will have to stop wearing it, it's almost killed me several times over.
  5. lccorp2

    lccorp2 Member

    Time lord scarf's always had a 10% on hit of Froda's. It's just that playerhiteffectbuff on equipment just got fixed.
  6. DavidB1111

    DavidB1111 Member

    Why would they have given it a 10% chance to ruin your day?
    Oye. Did they think that made sense? I mean, he has a TARDIS, not a teleporting scarf!
    10 Hyborean resistance doesn't help you when you're dead from teleporting into an enemy horde.

    Seriously, they fixed a bug, and made an item about as useful as a broken clock?
    I've never seen a roguelike that gives you an item that teleports you randomly, without making it obvious that it does teleport you randomly. That's like, beyond even Nethack level meanness.
  7. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    I am wearing neither of those items. Any other ideas what equipment/enemies can cause this effect?

    I did notice something earlier when fighting a monster zoo that could be causing this. I was opening/shutting the door to allow small groups out to fight; rinse and repeat. There was a visible Tentacular Infector trap on the floor and even when I shut the door and couldn't see it there were monsters stepping on it and I was randomly getting the debuff from it. I know this because the door was the only way in/out of this room and after clearing a group I shut the door and allowed them to move around inside. Low and behold I continued to be effected by the trap debuff. There were no other monsters insight and no traps around me on my side of the door.

    From what I understand
    Tentacular Infestation Bolt (the debuff) can be caused from enemies attacking you or using Tentacle items. I was not being attacked nor did I use an item/spell. I wonder is there something in the code that explains this or am I just really unlucky? I was also wondering if this may explain the random teleports or other similar mystery debuffs, etc people are experiencing.
  8. tenticular infestation does not remotely teleport you when you have the debuff
  9. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    No, no, no! You misread what I wrote. The first sentence was in response to my characters randomly teleporting and is a subject mentioned over various topics now. I was simply replying that I wasn't wearing any items that are behind that issue. That and my observation in my prior post has made me conclude that multiple traps (such as teleport ones and infestation ones) can trigger a debuff or effect on you when a monster steps on it.
  10. Ah I see.. are you sure you didnt have a special version IE one thats been turned into something like perfluffle the canadian plum tree or something ridiculous along those lines, as they're just kronged up versions of the ordinary items and hide thier heritage. Or maybe you have transdimentional leap or something of the sort as a power?
  11. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    None of my skill trees have teleport and the only item I Kronged on him was my Hexaxe (which had the ability to sap HP from target). It would make sense though given similar issues with trap debuffs randomly plaguing people. The teleport could maybe be hidden on my axe, but wouldn't the Lap Sap ability be invisible too?
  12. FaxCelestis

    FaxCelestis Will Mod for Digglebucks

    You are wearing a Time Lord Scarf or a Gnomish Cap.
  13. HowlingLotus

    HowlingLotus Member

    I'm wearing a Imperial Boilerplate Helm with 0 anvils applied and a Crownstar Addendum with 0 anvils. Nothing but my Axe has been put on a Krong Anvil and unless I got some freaky corruption on something else none of my items have the ability to random teleport as per J-Factor's wiki. That is why I'm confused.
  14. Wootah

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    It is like the artful dodging ability Transdimensional Dodge.... Obviously you don't have dodging, but maybe it is bugged?
  15. Olivy

    Olivy Member

    I have a similar experience to what HowlingLotus mentioned. I have observed receiving the Blink Curse from a monster walking over a Blink Curse trap.