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    Yes, I saw the table, and before I even asked. Why did I ask, then? Because having worked once for several years doing moderate code and heavy writing for a relatively successful paid MMO, I would never take a reference in text to mean that exactly the thing referenced was being used again, elsewhere in the game. Any number of changes can (and sometimes are) deployed that can alter something. In this case, the reference may be to the general effects, but there may be another table being applied that varies some aspects of it--such as length of effect. We did that alot, and we retained the names of things even after they were changed, under other circumstances. This kind of thing saved us the time of having to rewrite out plenty of code that was already present, and just applied changes on top of that.

    I'm pleased that the curses are identical in length and severity, but I'd never assume that just because the curses are named in an XML-based list that's part of the code. Developers are sneaky. It's one of the reasons we love 'em. :)
  2. That makes sense!
    Unfortunately, Dredmor code doesn't have that kind of flexibility - the duration of the buff is built into the code for the buff itself.
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    I fell obligated to thank you for posting this as I have used it at least 30 times without saying so. I literally has this thread bookmarked in my browser for reference.
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