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    Hey guys, I've been a big fan of this game for quite a few years, and I just started to get back into it after not playing it for about a year. I've been trying a CWK crafting build, since it seemed like it would be fun. I've got a question for all you nice folks here. Do you know whether on-hit effects from multiple encrusts can apply to the same weapon? I ask this because I currently have Rearden crust as well as The Worst Idea Ever with its exploding effect encrusted on my Clockwork Ravagers, but ever since I encrusted them with The Worst Idea Ever, they've only been exploding (from the crust and the Exploder instability effects I got on both of them). I haven't noticed them turn anyone's flesh into zorkmids since then. Now, I'm not sure if that's just because of visual clutter, or if it's because the Rearden crust effect is not working anymore. Do any of you guys know if these sorts of encrusting on-hit effects replace each other?
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    Sadly they do not stack, no.

    What skill build are you using?
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    I believe it's not that they don't stack, but The Worst Idea Ever actually just overrides some different effects because of how its explosions work. I know I've encrusted armor with multiple effects and had them all proc at different times still; I imagine it's the same for weapons. Anyway, the game also seems to have some finicky rules for how certain things proc sometimes; usually the more chaotic a proc'd effect is, the more of a chance it seems to have to suppress other effects that would normally activate at the same time from the same source. I'm not sure exactly what causes it, but I know I've had a lot of issues with several spell effects doing this sort of thing sometimes, and not randomly on-and-off; I mean actually showing a pattern.

    In the end though, I can't give you any specific ideas as to why it does that. Then again, if you have Ravagers (by the plural I assume you mean more than one) I have no idea why you'd need the weakfluff Rearden effect on them in the first place; you should be rolling in cash if you're at the point where you've obtained two bleedin' Ravagers, even if you beelined Tinkering early on! And there's only more shiny gold to come in the future to bury you alive like some sort of living nightmare of Scrooge McDuck, so I wouldn't sweat it, matey :3

    Also I just noticed your question was from the end of April. Wat why is it just being answered now what tomfoolery is this?