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    This was mainly inspired by a desire to have a build which uses potions and wands as primary skills. ie, to be able to chug potions frequently, drunk like a wizard, while wands would be a primary weapon/etc.

    Also, desire to be able to go craft heavy on no-time-to-grind.

    This is a simple three level skill that gives chances on kill to find various ores, gems, and other base reagents (salt, chalk, brimstone, coal, etc)

    Yes, it probably needs significant balancing. Am putting this out there now in part for thoughts and advice on tuning that. It is partly balanced by the fact that it's a whole skill that does _NOTHING_ other than give chances for reagents. ie, no stat boosts or anything. (Other than what comes automatically as a consequence of being a rogue skill)

    Steam workshop page here: and also attached here is the zip.

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  2. Psy-Kosh

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    Is this good, bad, horribly unbalanced, just a tiny bit needing smidge of tuning, other?
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    Sounds like I good concept. May try it if I get the time
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    Its more than a little bit short
  5. Psy-Kosh

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    Yeah. It's my first mod, and is meant to be simple. (Admittedly, the code in it is nasty because I had to use the trick with multiple abilities per skill level because of how I was grouping the probabilities.)

    Or do you mean that it progresses too fast and I ought to make the skill take more steps to get to the end?

    And thanks.
  6. Bohandas

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    I don't really know. The length doesn't seem broken; it just seems out of place since most skills are at least 4 levels (including the first).

    I can't really think of anything appropriately simple to add to pad it out (if you wanted to go unnecessarily complicated though you could add a bunch of throwaway levels after the ones you have followed by a final level with a digging-beam-esque ability and a glib title like "There's gold in them thar walls"; and if you do that you're welcome to borrow content from my demolition charge mod)

    Long story short, it doesn't seem to progress overly fast.
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    It seems pretty good so far, though I've only played floor one with this character.

    No issues with the class itself, although any class with drops (even the vanilla ones) has to contend with interacting with Dredmor's abysmal inventory system.
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  8. Psy-Kosh

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    Thank you. Not sure I want to go complicated. I was worried that this was going to be overpowered since I know it's easy to tend toward that when modding. Glad to hear it's not too much.

    Interesting idea with putting a digging beam ability in, though.

    As far as drops based mod vs inventory? Well, that's an inherent issue in the game. At least with this it means you don't have to pick up every single ingredient you find, since you'll find more soon enough.